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– So this movie, “Between
Two Ferns: The Movie” it’s got a lot of action,
interviews with a lot of celebrity types. Just watch this. (upbeat music) Hi, welcome to another
edition of “Between Two Ferns” I’m your host Zach Galifianakis. My guest today is Brie Larson. People often get you and
Alison Brie confused, I’m speaking from experience
because I told my producer that I wanted to interview Alison Brie, yet you’re here, so, here we are. You won best actress,
have you ever thought of aiming higher and
trying to win best actor? – Yeah.
– Good question. – It is good, it’s thought provoking. – ‘Cause the people
that have won best actor are like Pacino, Robert De Niro. – No.
– Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, men. I heard that Brie Larson
isn’t your real name, that you changed it for show business. Is your real name Gorgonzola Larson? Do you understand the humor there? – I do, it’s just, it’s not– – But you understand the humor. The humor there is that
your first name is a cheese and that what I’ve one is I– – Okay, I don’t need you to explain it. – Your super hero character
is called Captain Marvel. – Yes. – Well they really have
stopped trying, haven’t they? I mean, why don’t they just
call it Captain Comic book or Captain We Can’t
Think of Anything Else. – And what would your superhero name be? Captain Crunch? The Bulk? – Like the Incredible Bulk? – Yes. – Well, all of those you just said are much better than Captain Marvel. I read online that you’re very
private and decline to answer questions that make
you feel uncomfortable. This is a two-parter. Is that true and how old were you when you got your first period? What’s weird about that is that it, that sentence with a
period and a question mark. That’s funny. You were homeschooled, are you
high school reunions lonely? Did you go to the prom with anyone? I was homeschooled. – Oh were you?
– Yes. – And did you go to a homeschool prom? – Yeah, I went with my teacher/mom. It was uncomfortable
the first, but you know, once we got some booze in us it was fine. Did I ask you about Gorgonzola? Did I ask you– – You did ask me about the Gorgonzola. – What do you do in
your spare time for fun? – I like to play video games, I read. – I can talk books with you if that’s out of your comfort zone. – Okay, yeah, let’s talk about books. What are you reading right now? – “As Bad as I Wanna Be” by Dennis Rodman. It’s a New York Post best seller. Do you have a sizzle reel? – I don’t think I do. – For those watching
at home, a sizzle reel is a highlight of an
actors, or actresses, work. Check out my sizzle reel on YouTube, that’s,
YouTube, /sizzzle, S-I-Z-Z-Z-L-E reel, R-E-E-L, /zachg/, I don’t know what this mean,
/4h1694=then percentage mark and then there’s a
period, remember when we were talking about periods. Yeah, that’s it. And then if you need me to repeat that– – No, please don’t repeat it. – We’ll put it up on chyron,
do you know what a chyron is? – No. – A chyron is a superimposed,
when we put your name up here– – I would actually prefer
to just like look it up on my own then hear you explain. – Well, let me tell you how it’s spelled, ’cause it’s a tricky spelling. It’s spelled C-H-Y ron. Did I ask you about the Gorgonzola? – Yes, you asked me about the Gorgonzola! – Just ’cause you get
it a lot doesn’t mean the audience at home has
not thought about it. – That was like the cornerstone
of the whole interview was you just thought, “Oh, I’ll
just mention other cheeses?” Like that was it, that
was as far as it went? It was just like oh, uh,
you thought Gorgonzola and then you just like, that’s good. – No, no, some of the art
of interviewing people is to make them feel comfortable. – If I’m doing–
– I don’t feel comfortable. I still don’t feel comfortable. – Because of the cheese questions? – It wasn’t a question! It was not a question. – Okay, we’re gonna wrap it up. – Great.
– I’d like to thank my guest, Brie Larson. If you ever see her out in public, don’t call her Gorgonzola,
she’ll flip the fuck out. – Okay, that’s. – [Zack] “Between Two Ferns: The Movie” it’s streaming now on Netflix.

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  1. Well, that was underwhelming. Just like so much potential to be a funny interview but just completely wasting the time. I remember Between Two Ferns being funnier like 10 years ago?

  2. This woman's reactions from
    zach's question's are so accurate, there dull and ugly impression's which really bring out her own self.
    It's good for my book's is all i'm saying.

  3. Brie Larson is a limp wristed prideful idiot. And here career is going down before it could even get up. I'm happy to say it. Garbage will be praised one day. But not today.

  4. That was the first time I could laugh out loud about a comedic performance of Brie Larson. Not like the cringy lines in Captain Marvel…they were awful.

  5. I can't believe some people think these are real, they're all staged, he's not actually offending anyone. they edit it so much because both Zack and the guest always burst out laughing.

  6. Brie Larson is a horrible actress whose winning an Oscar made the Oscar's more of a joke than they had already become.

  7. To Brie Larson:


  8. She was using the same character she played in Captain Marvel and Skull Island. She never leaves character?? Next time tell her to smile more.

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