Britain’s Got Talent 2018 Martin Westgate Comedian Full Audition S12E03

You’re looking good you’re looking marvelous. We are looking absolutely fantastic. I love She does deep makeup I’m Martin. I’m 25, and I’m a stand-up comedian Looking to impress David because obviously as a comedian as well, so I think to get thumbs up on him with me a lot But also Simon because he’s the head on the trone What’s your name, and I’m Martin hello Martin, how old are you? I’m 25 yes too old for you is that all right? What do you do for a living and I used to be the Merchant Navy and now working in retail How did you find being on the boat with all those sales? I didn’t enjoy it as much as I’d imagine. You’d enjoy You’ll measure I like you Barton. Okay, let’s let’s move on with the apps Show business this is great. It’s going well for me shut your face, and I had dinner at Ashley recently – me – Lee I Say Rick nicely. He pawn me off and his manager. He did a lap around the restaurant and then he flew cake in my face Apparently will give you up He will let you down. He will run around that he won’t desert you Pay for much and that one’s out the way, and I dare fuckin Palace the other day as well. I’ve a lot of dinners It’ll say is a roast dinner with the soldiers at Buckingham Palace, so it was a household Calvary you could say So I travel around quite a lot, and I was recently in the capital of Sweden I fell in love with the place I didn’t leave you could say it Stockholm Syndrome Martin I was so rooting for you as well Thing is it’s never a good sign is it when people are laughing because the jokes so bad Martin how many Christmas crackers? Did you have as a child not enough not? Otherwise you go out a lot? Terrible jokes that last terrible

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  1. don't lose hope… still young…you can try again…tho act needs to be improved/the way you do it… comedy is all about timing…some basing on audience… well you'll get it eventually 👍😎

  2. When the first joke goes bad? Then the rest get worse it's like falling down a flight of stairs! Poor guy.

  3. Am i too sleepy or his accent is one i cant understand. As soon as his act began, i was asking 'what did he say'

  4. Yeah, the jokes were really good in terms of dry humor. The delivery just needs to be touched up on a bit.

  5. 1:44 notice the 2 girls face being disgusted and gutted, while the guy is giving this pity eyes to the performer. In conclusion, we men back each other up even when strangers, in contrast women don’t.


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