Bronze Cowboy’s way of spreading laughter 75

A Special Thank you to my VERY FIRST Patreon supporters Shirlene Brydie Wilcox
Guruprasath C Keep the fun coming by becoming a Bronze Cowboy supporter at LAUGHTER! “roll video” “no video?” “ROLL VIDEO!” “OK” “no video…” “ROLL!” “roll video” I’ll sit right here! got it? ok I just want a picture of you two by this statue wait just a second take a picture aah I love it!! oh my gosh is that a robot? no its a person! that was great! alright I love it! nice job! thank you, I love it I did not know they have a lot of these old statues oh that scared me! why don’t you guys sit down and rest a while I know all about it well, that scared the crap out of me! oh my God Oh my God laughter laughter what? I don’t know? sit over there! sit down what he do? take a picture by him laughter He’s been there the whole time! we didn’t know tha is amazing I didn’t know I know he moved thank you did you get your picture taken with the guy? yeah, let me take yours oh! oh my God!

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  1. 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

  2. Yes indeed I hope most understand this is performance art because your mail bag should be running over😘but you're building a Stairway to Heaven #love

  3. It's so funny when family members setup their family members. Another great video. Especially, people who sit by you in absolute unawares of what is about to transpire. Have a great day Keith. 😁

  4. And that lady thought she could just sit down and start filming……….. WRONG!!!!!! No Doctor, in his right mind, would have a video taken of him while he is "operating." The Doctor of Statueology was passing out the screams and hollers today. People jump'n, scream'n and running from the guy who has a minor degree in Statueology from the University of Mime. Oh, before I forget, Happy Thanksgiving to you too BC!!!!!

  5. Hiya Bronze love the videos! I have to say the double scare with the bonus hand in the bag great!! The kid interaction after the high fives having them help you up. They like that.

  6. BC creating laughter and memories one victim (or more) at a time.

    Right from the get-go BC gets an unsuspecting person.

    3:34 "Is that a robot?" 😁 You know you're doing it right if they're pondering man or machine?


  7. THANKS fer me Saturday mornin giggles !!! Where to start !! Well @ the beginnin of course !!! Tis ALL GREAT !!! LOADS of giggles thar !!! In FACT !! I'll let ya do an ENCORE !!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  8. I 💖 the ones that jump out of reflex and then laugh because you just gave them that coming too Jesus moment!
    Thought I had subscribed, but definitely am now! 👍👀🤣

  9. ▓▒░   Today  is  the  last  day  of   November  2019.

    I  can't  believe  I've  been  watching

    this  Bronze  Cowboy  channel  since  

    January  2018.

    And  to  think  that  I  don't  need  to  Subscribe

    given  the fact  that  YouTube  shows  these

    videos  in  the  Recommended  section

    pretty  often.   

    How  wonderful  is  that.    ✔   ░▒▓


  10. Sera Que o cara deste áudio não tá vendo que está uma porcaria as imagens não está aparecendo
    É um toupeira mesmo da licença ficar assistindo um porcaria desta. Vou até cancelar .

  11. its nice to see people laugh and happy and surprised and amazed. But we don't see that in fullness. You missed the many good ones.

  12. "Is That A Robot" @3:35…..That Is A Wonderful Compliment! To this day I STILL jump once in awhile even while "knowing" …..That Is How Good The Bronze Cowboy Is At His Craft Of Sharing Laughter and Fun With Us All….The Comradery among The Fans on This Channel ALSO make it so obvious how much we ALL Appreciate Keith and his undying love to makes others around him happy and comfortable! I would say that EVEN the Debbie Downers and Bobby BooHoo's that get upset eventually end up laughing a bit later in the shower! Cheers From Ohio

  13. The lady at 5:00 thinking she had lost her sunglasses as she was searching through her belongings all the while they were on top of her head. LOL 😂

  14. I sure would like to see Keith personally. I'm hoping I can get there early next summer. 👍🇨🇦💞😇 Happy Thanksgiving to you Keith.

  15. It's a cold and rainy day here in northern Kentucky, so it's nice to bundle up in bed and watch the latest Bronze Cowboy video.

  16. Hey, mister 🤠, I didn’t know you were going to live in 🇬🇷 Greece. That’s a wonderful story, for me. Now it’s only a 1.5-8 thousand miles. I look forward to seeing you one of the coming few years. Great news indeed. Have a wonderful time there and you doing well. Gün. 🇧🇪

  17. The guys had the best reactions this time around!! Laughing so much tears came out!!!! Thank you for another amazing video to begin an amazing day!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  18. Anyone else think "Get out of the way! I can't see!" when someone backs up to the camera and all you see is a large ass on the screen?

  19. Ya debes hacer más profesionales los videos y editarlos, son repetitivos y cansa escuchar a la gente, estás mal enfocado y termina aburriendo, así que te doy unfollow 👎🏻

  20. Keith you should start hosting auditions for people that want to become butt models, you definitely get a lot of them.

  21. May I make a recommendation or suggestion on what type of camera to use to improve your video coverage? With permission or not here goes. Travel vlogger named Dada Koo from the Philippine uses only a Samsung Galaxy S10 (old model, not the latest) in his video blogs. Its a phone video camera with high resolution, good battery and large storage. Just watch Dada Koo's travel vlog on YouTube and see for yourself the quality. His camera is set on landscape view for large coverage area.

  22. @0:13, @0:39, @2:25, @2:54, @3:21, @4:12, @5:23, @5:46, @9:38, @11:11 and finally @11:41 were, all unrequited reactions, to his chosen trade.
    Each one Now becomes a snapshot or moment In the life of those, lucky enough to be caught in his trap And those of us, lucky enough to witness it
    God bless you, Keith aka-The Bronze Cowboy Thank you, for taking the time to make us laugh at ourselves

  23. Folks! He needs our support! Head to Patreon and please pledge! The lowest amount is ONLY $1 per month! That's about a quarter a week! Look under your couch cushions and find some change and sign up today!!

  24. I love your work! I think it would be fun if you were to make a video of putting on your makeup, etc. and show everyone what is involved in your craft.

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