100 Replies to “Brooklyn & Bailey’s ACT Test Drama! | Family Fun | Behind the Braids Ep.15”

  1. Yeah, ACT reading and LA was really easy. Science was written in some different language, it was so hard!!! Glad to know I'm not the only one!!!

  2. Did u realise that if u look at people from a distance their eyes just look like black holes. It's scary. Love you cute girls hairstyles!!!

  3. before I did the think that Rylan looked like Brooklyn bailey and kamri but this time I realised that she had those same eyes!

  4. Did anyone else notice the parts she said it was a 20min drive we were 5 mins late we got there in 10mins how were you late please reply and tell me (i love this channel so much i am not a hater like those other haters)

  5. Is it just me or is Kamri look a girl on one of the seven super girls and the other one I can't remember which chnl it is

  6. They should have seen my family's version of kickball. Everybody was screaming at each other, it was so funny.

  7. I'm going into the 11th grade and I took the act test for the first time today! I seriously don't think I understood one thing on the science part but the rest was ok!

  8. I loved the video and I have already subscribed to Brooklyn and Bailey's channel I have also not the like button😁

  9. I love playing games with family, I didn't Rilyn played volleyball I do too.  Theres a lot of people in that Choir I am in Choir too.

  10. 3:37 and 3:39 and 3:48 Captions say Kamri is talking!! This has happened before but instead of Kamri, they put Camrie or Sean or Bailie! Rilan too! That is not how you spell their names captioner!! And it is only a voiceover if it is separate recording, not a person talking behind the camera!

  11. I miss Bailey’s brown hair….don’t get me wrong pink hair is great and all except hers just looks pretty red to me anyway

  12. Im from and l still live in Wisconsin where Culver’s first started and l love it my family and l eat there alot cuz my brother works there but its still good!

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