– Cop.
– Cop. – Hello, police.
– Po-Po! – Nothing happening here. – It was a po. Almost burped. I have the hiccups. (hiccups) – You have the hiccups? (hiccups) – Oh, that’s not good. (breathes in) – I don’t think holding your
breath is a good idea, dude. (beeps) What’s up, guys, it’s Collins Key. Now I’m missing Devan right
now, so I think he slept in. So give me one second. (Clicks) You good, bro? Today’s the day – Oh, today’s the day. – He is getting his wisdom teeth removed. So he is gonna go out and
do it in just a second… And then, as you guys know, when he gets the wisdom teeth removed, they give him some, something
that makes him all loopy. So we’re gonna just film
it, see what happens. (dramatic music) Ready, Devan? – I’m kind of tired. – I think they’re ready for
you, bro, you should go. – [Narrator] One eternity later. (clock ticking) (clock ticking) – [Collins] So Devan, we’re
gonna do a little interview. right now, all right? I need verbal confirmation, is that cool? – What? – What are you looking at, bro? – Shh, try. – Okay, first question. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? – Wood. – That’s the right answer,
congratulations. Next question. – Nailed it! – Do you have a girlfriend, Devan? – Nah. – You sure? – Nah. – All right, Devan, I want you to name – What’s your favorite food right now? – Favorite food, haaaaands
down, would have to be – Ice creeeeeeaaaaam. – What’s your least favorite food? – Salt. I hate salt. There’s too much salt on everything! – All right, Devan, next
question, you ready? What’s the first thing
you notice about a girl? – First thing I notice about a girl is the girl. (air horns) Hands down!!! – What is your least favorite
video we’ve ever filmed? – Now this one’s tough… – [Narrator] Three hours later. – Bro. – There’s like four trees right there. – Yep, that’s correct. – There’s four trees. Why are there four trees? – Wanna go fight them? – You know what? I do. – Wait, wait, yo yo yo yo yo, bro, I don’t think you can walk. Dude, you like literally
couldn’t walk a second ago. (car door closes) – You’re right, I’d probably lose anyway. – Do you remember anything from like, when you were going into the operation? – Absolutely nothing! The only thing I remember, they asked a lot of questions. – Like what kind of questions? – Just random questions, Just like how old are you?, What’s your name?, I’m like why do you need to
know this about me so personal? – What’s your name? – It’s Mike. Duh! Not a lot of people know
it, and they were asking it. And I’m like, guys! – Just to clarify, right now, you’re saying that Mike is your real name… and Devan is like a stage name? – Devan is a wack name, I don’t know where you came up with that. Mike is my name. – Mike. – Mike, bro! Like Mike and Ike. It just rhymes with so much stuff like, Mike. Ike. Chilling on my bike. Rolling up to the street. You know, it just rhymes
with so much stuff. Out of all names, Mike is my name! – So from now on, you’re sticking with it. You are now to be known as Mike. – Bro, I was always Mike. – So 2017, you now Mike. – My name is Mike. My
brother’s name is Ike. – No, not true. I am Collins, and you
are supposed to be Devan, but I think the drugs took you away. Question I have for you, Devan. – No questions, I don’t take questions anymore. – Are you okay that I’m
filming you in your car? – No! Actually, it’s okay… Oh my gosh. – What? – Choked. – So Devan, I’ve got some really deep, complicated questions for you right now. – Hit me up, dog, in the
DMs get keep popping. – Are you ready for this? – So ready! – Do you think ‘sand’ is called ‘sand’, because it’s between the sea and the land? Next question. If you drop soap on the floor, is the floor clean or is the soap dirty? – I’ve thought about that one. Literally thought about
that one right there. I don’t even know. – Got a question for you, Devan. How come our nose runs but our feet smell? – Our noses run? – Yeah, like a drippy nose or
whatever, when you get sick. – Oh, drippy nose. Should’ve just said that, dude, jeez. Bro, our feet can smell things? – Oh my god. – Nobody every told me this. Do they have like, nostrils on my nose that I never knew about? Bro. – Dude, what the, when did that get there? – That’s a little close to my face. – Do my toes have noses? – I don’t know, but that’s
a little close to my face. – Back off, hater. Back off. – Whoa, look at me for a second? – Nailed it. – You got blood all around your mouth. – Do I really? – And just on cue, it’s your smoothie. – Ah, woohoo! I got the smoothie. I got the smoothie. Which one is mine? – [Mom] No, you can’t drink it yet. – What? – [Mom] Not till we get home. – I can’t drink it yet? – [Mom] Nope. – What, trying to torture me? (rewinds) – There he is. Oh, hey! – Hey guys. – What’s up? – Hey, how are you? – We’re good. – Yeah? – [Collins] How are you
man, how was the surgery? – Lit fam! – It was what? – It was awesome. – [Mom] It was awesome? – Feels great. – You feel good? – I can’t really see right now. This is kinda weird. – Everything’s blurry? – My eyes are like going
from left to right. It feels really weird. Well guys, give this video a thumbs up for me getting my wisdom teeth torn out or turn up, I mean, taken out. Comment, “Keyper Squad” and
subscribe to this channel and turn up push
notifications in five seconds. Five. Four. I can’t feel my tongue. Like I literally can’t feel my tongue. – [Mom] That’s normal. – It’s normal? – It’s normal. – This is normal? I’m like, there’s like, two
light switches over there. Are there really two light switches? Or is this my imagination? – [Collins] I can confirm there are actually three light switches, Devan. – There’s three light switches? – No, there’s only two. There’s only two. – No, there’s four now! – Like your little blanket, by the way. You look really comfortable. – Like, what is happening right now? Whoa. – What are you looking at? – The thing. – The ceiling? – Yo, Bar! – Yo. – My man! Thank you, bro. Love you. – Got a lot of chapstick on right now. – I have chapstick on? Do I look good? – Ha. Ha. – [Mom] Those are your teeth. – These are my teeth? Oh. (laughs) – [Collins] How many
fingers am I holding up? – Seven. Ha, nailed it. Yo but I’m back, guys, this is super cool. I like this. Hey, mom. – Hi. – I can’t focus on you,
but I see you. Hey. – Hi. – Hi. There’s two exit to the lobby signs. – Devan, Devan you’re pretty loud, bro. – Devan, you’re getting really loud. – I’m getting really loud? – You’re like yelling, bro. – I’m yelling? – Bring it down just a little. – Just a little bit. Like this quiet. Wait, there’s only two light switches? – [Collins] Yep, there’s only two. – I thought there’s four light switches. – Devan, Devan, you’re yelling
again. You’re yelling again. – And now there’s, the
sign levitated again. – Shh. Are you Snapchatting? – No. – [Mom] You know you Snapchatted
when you first came out? – I Snapchatted when I first came out? For reals? – We don’t know where it went. It might’ve gone out, it
might not have gone out. – Well I can check right now. Yo! – [Collins] You Snapchatted
a lot, bro. Dude! – Oh my god! – We’re gonna stand straight up. – Okay, cool. Whoa. Can’t really stand. Whoa, hey, ho. Oh, whoa. She told me not to talk. – [Mom] Yeah, no. – But I’m gonna talk. – Shh. No. – Breaking the rules. – Take this in this hand, and now I want you to put
this against that cheek. – Okay. (burps) I burp. Is this a ride in a wheelchair? – [Collins] Shh, Devan,
remember, inside voice. – We do it awesome. Whoo! I’m like the light of speed, man. There’s, speed of light? Light speed? I don’t know. Whoo! – Okay, here comes a bump (yells) – Yo! I have never traveled
this fast in my life. Oh! It’s a ramp! Whoo! Okay, this is tough. – I know. – All right. All right,
all right, all right. I’m gonna lock my knees, and I’m gonna like put
some muscle into this. (yells) Yeah! Whoo! (fast forwards) Oh, thanks. Oh, thanks. Oh, thank you. – Come on, Devan, do a
little more strength, okay? (fast forwards) – Whoa. – Okay, no, no. One, two, three, come up. – [Collins] All right,
Devan, so give me the update. We are now in the car. What’s going on in the world of Devan? – Oh my god, that’s what I look like? Oh my god. I look beautiful. I look beautiful. (laughs) – Okay, so, Devan. Devan? – Huh? – We can go home, and you
can have the food at home, or I can stop by and get
you a smoothie somewhere. – Y’all, let’s get a smoothie. Is that a turtle? I see a turtle. Bro, the turtle’s flying. Yo, it’s a fast car. – I think they were trying to race us. – [Collins] Oop, we lost him. – Ha ha, I’m back. I feel like curling up in this position. This feels most natural to me. – That’s the most natural
position you can think of? – Bro, you’re just a hater. Okay? – Ooh. – Back off. – [Mom] All right, sit up. Use your arm to lift yourself up. (yells) – Got it. Yo, yo, yo. I’m bleeding. – [Collins] Tell me,
Devan, would you be down to do a carpool karaoke? – Carpool karaoke (vocalizes) Yes, I hit all the notes. – What song would you wanna sing? – I would wanna sing some yodeling song. Doesn’t even have to be
a specific song, just (yodels) – All right, well, let’s do it. – Let’s do it! – Jeez. All right, Devan, so right now, we are about to do the carpool karaoke. Mom’s about to hit a car. All right, so right now, Devan, you ready to do some carpool karaoke? – Am I about to be James Corden? – So you said you wanted
to do some yodeling, right? (yodels) So I’ll let you kick it off, go for it. (yodels) – Did I kill it? – That was kill it. You killed it. (yodels) (beat boxes) (yodels) – I just, I just nailed it. – Wow. That was pretty
impressive, not gonna lie. (vocalizes) – I got blood! I blood my lip. – [Collins] Did you get it? – Nope. But listen. – Yes? – That car look funky. – Prius? – Perhaps so. – What? – Oh, good. – Yo, I have an idea. Right now, you wanna do
a little yeeting contest? – Yeet! – We’ll start off quiet. Yeet. – Yeet. – Yeet. – Yeet. – Yeet. – Yeet. – Yeet. – Yeet. – Yeet. – Yeet! – Yeah I can’t top that, that’s the ultimate yeet for the day. – Yeet! Well today’s a good day. – Why? – Because I’m rolling with my friends. – Am I your friend? – Nah, except my mom. – Roasted! – Dude, your breath is rancid, bro. – Bro. – No! Oh, dude, that’s horrible. – Okay, I’ll stop, I’ll stop. – Okay, thank you. (breaths) Dude, dude, it’s so bad! Where like you smell something terrible, you can like, taste it? That’s what’s happening right now. Thank you for turning the air on, Mom. I appreciate that. – Whoa, that’s a lot of air! Whoo! – Cop.
– Cop. – Hello, police.
– Po-Po! – Nothing happening here. – It was a Po. Almost burped. I have the hiccups. (hiccups) – You have the hiccups? (hiccups) – That’s not good. (breathes in) – I don’t think holding your
breath is a good idea, dude. (exhales) Okay, all better. Give me a hug, man. – Okay. Don’t breathe on me, bro. I appreciate the love, Devan. Nope, that’s great, okay, yep, no, okay. – You got a soft hair. – Thanks. – Whoa, hey, bunny ears. (vocalizes) – Oh, do a suh dude. – Suh dude. – Yeah, that’ll work. That’ll work. Give us like a, just a
normal Devan suh dude. – Suh dude! – This stuff makes him
like absolutely wild. That is for sure. – This is normal Devan. – This is normal Devan? – This is normal Devan. – This is the new normal? – This is the, nope. Just normal Devan. Yes. Closer, closer, closer. – So we’re gonna put him in this chair. – That chair? I hate that chair. – Oh my gosh. – That chair’s terrible! I won’t touch my butt to it. – Dude, you must touch your butt to it. – My butt will evade it. – I’m actually dying here, fam! – I’m just trying to feel love. Thank you guys. – Get some attention,
was that what it was? – I feel loved. – Bro, you good, fam? – Get him in the chair. – Okay. What are you doing, dude? Okay, Devan. Dude, pick his butt up. Get his butt off the chair. Okay, there you go. I need like a giant like, rubber band to just wrap around him right now. – Y’all are cool. Y’all are cool. Are you having fun with this, Mom? – Yes, I am. – Having a good time? That’s too big a spoon. – Too big a spoon? – You need a smaller spoon. – I don’t know if I have a smaller spoon. – You better get one. She’s getting me a spoon. Is it gonna hurt? – No. – All right. – Okay. Drink it down. (impact sound) – Okay, you get to hold on to this. And here, you just get to
touch any card you want, okay? Whoa. – That one. – The four or the 10? The four? Okay, take it out. – Okay. – Okay, I’ll take it out for you. And just if you can uncap the sharpie, ’cause I’m gonna have
you sign the card, okay? No no no no no no no! Dude, don’t use your mouth! What are you doing? Okay, just touch it with your mouth. Okay, here. So I want you to just take the sharpie, and just sign your card, your four. Oh my gosh, dude. Dude, really? No, now you got my finger, bro! Okay, so we’ll recap the sharpie. – Is it me, or did I nail that signature? – Yeah, that was the Devan
original signature right there. – Nailed it! – It’s getting a little
bit violent at the moment. – Woohoo! – Here, watch, we’ll try this. – Yeah? – Check this out, you ready? – Oh my, you got sharpie on me, bro! How did you do that? – You ready? Watch right here, watch. We’re gonna go one, two, three like this. (laughs) And then here, hold
onto the marker for me. Pinch on the marker now,
pinch on the marker. – But how? – Pinch on the marker,
pinch on the marker. Dude, just pinch the marker. Here we go, watch, we go
one, two, three like that. And then we can take it right off, right? – What? No, get that away. (tapping) I don’t know how you do it, bro. I really don’t know how you do it. – All right, well guys, I think that’s about it for this video. So Devan, I think you get the honors of doing the outro right now, so. – We’re giving away this card. – Yeah, we are giving away
this card on our Instagram. So if you wanna win
it, all you have to do, just follow both of us on Instagram and turn on both of our
Instagram post notifications and you must like the most
recent photo we posted and comment on it, “Keyper Squard.” If you do that, you’ll
automatically be entered in to win this one of a kind, let me, let me. – Mine.
– Let me show them. – No.
– Then show them. This one of a kind, signed card. I don’t think Devan has ever
signed anything like that in his entire life just that way. I haven’t either, actually,
you know what, hold on. I’m gonna add my own
signature to it, here we go. – You took my card. – I’m sorry, I’ll give it back. – He took my card. – Now we got my signature on it. So yeah, if you wanna win
this, go and do that right now. – My card. – Yeet!

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