Brown Guys, Grey Skies – Standup Comedy Special – Trailer

It’s not been easy putting this
show together. I say “I’m an Indian” and
they’re like – “Yeah, one Indian guy, great! We
love diverse voices.” “Get on the show!” And then I’m
like – “Ah, no, there’s actually two
Indians.” “Two?” “Oh. Okay, two? Two Indians, too
many Indians.” My name is Deepu, and a few
months ago I moved from India to
Luxembourg. It’s very different from where I
used to live in. Here it is so cold, so dampening and that’s just the people. My name is Sundeep. My wife is from Poland, I’m from
India. She wouldn’t be happy in India,
I wouldn’t be happy in Poland. So we decided to move to a neutral location where we can
both be unhappy together. But last week I told my mom – “You know what, I think I’m
ready to get married.” She was like “Wow! Did you find
the right person?” “No, I’m in the wrong tax
bracket!” Nobody knew how to have a proper
conversation with me because we had nothing in
common. What they had for dinner – “Oh! I went to restaurant Taj
Mahal yesterday” “I had chicken tikka!” And then they would look at me
and go like – I did not make that chicken
tikka! ISIS terrorist just grabs a van and then runs over pedestrians. Have any of you ever heard of an ISIS attack in India? Can’t fucking happen! People walk on the pavement – but they also walk on the road. You can try as much as you want! If I went up to somebody and
said “Hello, how are you” they would just tell me the day
of the week. “Hey, how is it going?” And they’d be like – “Pfff… It’s Monday.” In the afternoon after lunch it
gets better because then you ask somebody how it’s
going – and they tell you the time of
the day. “It’s only 3 o’clock.” “I’m sorry, my English is not
very good.” No, you don’t have to apologize for not speaking English! It’s not your fault that the British decided not to invade your country. The first time I saw a French
guy talking to me he wasn’t even opening his
mouth. He was just doing a “Pffh!” “Errrrrm…” The reason I make fun of
Luxembourg is because I live here now. As a society we need to be able to laugh at ourselves, right? And if you can’t take a joke – I’m sorry to tell you this but that means you are German.

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  1. I saw your show in Bangalore and it was hilarious.. outstanding comedy by Deepu and terrific anecdotes by Sandeep 👍👍
    You guys rock 👏👏

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