Brown Love Podcast I Julissa Calderon On Auditioning While Afro-Latina I Con Todo

I was getting called in for like, African American girl next door,
things like that. And then as soon as I opened my mouth,
they’d be like, “Oh, where you from?” And I’m like, “Oh, I’m from Miami.” Because I knew the question, right? But I’m going to let you ask me
the correct question. I’m going to make you real uncomfortable
and make you say it. “So, where? Where, um, uh…” It was like that. You’re like, “Come on, get it out.” And it was, “Oh, well, where…
uh, your background?” And I’d be like,
“Oh, my parents are Dominican.” “Oh, so you speak Spanish?” “Yes.” “Oh, okay. Thank you so much.” And it was like,
“Well, damn, should I have not said that? Would I have gotten it if you felt?” You know what I mean? It was that. And I felt like when
I did go in for Latina roles, nobody in the room looked like me. -No.
-Oh, girl. -They still don’t.
-What! -You right.
-Girl. There’ll be one kind of little brown girl,
and you’re like, “Okay, bueno.” -I guess.
-Yeah. But that was my thing. It was either I go in for
these African American roles, but my accent was a problem. Or I went in for these Latina roles, and I’m the only real brown girl -with some kink in my hair.
-Yeah. And that’s a problem too.

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