BRZYDCY i WŚCIEKLI – “Fast and Furious” parody (subtitles CC)

Important in life is to have a drink with someone without a chaser. Helo? I’ve stolen your tractor it’s mine now . Who did this? Do you remember Janush? It has to be him. He steals Tractors for a scrap. We have to get my tractor back. I don’t have a driving licence. Tractor is just the beginning. Your family is fucked. I don’t have family, I have buddies. This Trabant doesn’t have any brakes. Can somebody push me? We’re gonna get that sucker. Get him here! I’ll shove this stick up in him. UGLY AND FURIOUS ORANGE WEDNESDAYS

100 Replies to “BRZYDCY i WŚCIEKLI – “Fast and Furious” parody (subtitles CC)”

  1. To jest dla takich idiotów którzy nie umieją angielskiego na takich głupich to przejdzie sle nie u mnie

  2. zrób przeróbke gucci gang np że tak idziesz i obok ciebie zamiast tygrysa to mysz xdd i zamiast workuw marichułany to klopsy w słojiku xddd kto za niech da lika ;P

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