Cable Fast News: Director’s Cut – A Dark Comedy (48hfp 2013 Boston)

your children in imminent danger of
being eaten by this part of the older god are you doing all you can to prepare for don’t miss our special tonight at eleven
ten central elder god prep squad verifies that and i’m ship our topic
tonight is the first got to everything a whole
human baby andy’s room right here in massachusetts and later new marketing
challenges for manufacturing giant diladyne as their new line of personal
companions has a bit of a design quirk but first part two of our interview with
controversial inventor brian higgins who’s on contraversial, some say
blasphemous experiments on sea animals because quite a stir in the
oceanographic community so this invention says he really soon is the squid care to explain that to me what it does
is it allows us to use sonar resonance imaging to better study the meeting and
that’s a separate knowledge mister mittens i’d know what it allows you to
do this is the bodies that allows you to watch sea animals engaged in sexual acts well yes what we do is we monitor supple
pod reported reproductive habits so you’re
going to this use it my room watch these animals and lowered
situations and that’s okay with you will a large portion of the research we
can represent it is just a support mister visited please just answer the
question courageous general powerful i hope you are her in a line of duty i’m andrea and with the congress of the year would
sometimes fibronectin five information superhighway c_n_n_’s outcry has the latest avantgo what we’re experiencing is just weekly planned maintenance you’ve heard
it here first folks a plane and means attacked inside
responds archaea brandon has been working for
five minutes to get his squeeze now to load about the again’ what we’re supposed to happen during the
broadcast but it’s not anywhere square speedy with information just flooding and about these devastating
attack in times like these eighty-year-old february’s that make us
laugh anyone wishing to make a donation to cfd
during this trying time is encouraged to do so please give and give generously brawl the good that we do frighteningly palaces pointing out that learning to use your stuff like that anymore extra-large police dog everything you want to know me guitar greatness because you really have long crime lab more on the audio would not allow
bankrupt experts are calling darbar we now taking to louisiana where doctor
crank arms has more on this developing story dr harms yes about adhere dr harness can you give us any more information
about the mister you know i answered vodka billionaire await your sort of a going
down the wire does in fact the single meal waiting of
the great all work both ever allow the interior with his
bare it all with the address of the gateway to the destruction of the entire
dot closed ten of course we always strive uncontrolled sex throughout the school

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