Candidates Share Personal Mottos During Democratic Debate

-Let’s get to the news. Last night’s Democratic debate aired exclusively on CBS and it included all
of your CBS favorites, including “Survivor,”
“Blue Bloods,” [ Laughter and applause ]
and, of course, “Young Sheldon.” [ Laughter and applause ] Democrats held their latest
primary debate last night and, I have to say,
it was really jarring to see the difference
between Bloomberg in the debate and Bloomberg in every ad break. [ Laughter ]
It was like when you see the TV version of a cheeseburger
from a fast food commercial [ Laughter and applause ]
and then you go there and you get one
and it looks like this. [ Laughter and applause ]
That’s Debate Bloomberg
right there [ Laughter ]
and this, this is Debate Bloomberg after Elizabeth Warren
got ahold of him. [ Laughter and applause ] [ Cheering and applause ]
During last night’s — [ Cheering
and applause ] During last night’s debate, every candidate was asked
to share their personal motto. For example,
Amy Klobuchar’s was, “Politics is about improving
person’s lives,” and Elizabeth Warren’s was, “I will murder Mike Bloomberg [ Laughter and applause ]
with my bare hands.” According to a new report, the FCC received more
than 1,300 complaints about the Super Bowl
halftime performance by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira,
and I have to agree. It was not long enough! [ Laughter ] [ Raucous cheering,
whistling, and applause ] The heiress
to the Hot Pockets fortune was sentenced yesterday
[ Laughter ] to five months in prison
for her role in the college admission scandal and she’ll know
when her sentence is up because she’ll hear this sound. [ Microwave timer dings ] [ Laughter and applause ] According to a new study, men who eat a healthy
and balanced diet are more likely to have
a high sperm count, which explains Applebee’s
new salad. [ Laughter and applause ] That’s right,
a new study says men who eat an unhealthy diet
of sweets are more likely to have
a lower sperm count. Well, now we know why this guy
had to give his factory to someone else’s kid. [ Laughter and applause ] Now, we know! [ Cheering and applause ] A man in Florida was recently
arrested at an IHOP restaurant for allegedly asking customers if they wanted to see
his genitals. He’s being charged
with first-degree flapjacking. [ Laughter and applause ] The owner of a professional
soccer team in Romania recently claimed that his team
lost three games in a row because they were having too much sex
with their girlfriends, which angered the players
almost as much as it angered their wives. [ Laughter and applause ] [ Fresh laughter ] A man in Wisconsin
was arrested last week for allegedly stealing chicken
wings and condoms from Walmart. His crime? Planning the best night, ever! [ Cheering and applause ] Heinz will reportedly release
a new condiment this year, called mayoracha, which combines
mayonnaise and sriracha. So, if you like mayonnaise
and you like sriracha, you’re gonna love toilet paper. [ Laughter and applause ]

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  1. As much as Warren wants to strangle Bloomberg, I think New Yorkers want to straight up kill him. Bloomberg’s trying to buy everyone and everything, but he can’t buy US. #Bernie2020

  2. Wait. The title of the clip is: "Candidates Share Personal Mottos During Democratic Debate." He didn't talk about or show any of the Candidates' personal mottos during the debate at all.

  3. Jim Gaffigan just sighed heavily, and steadied himself for a resurgence of random people shouting "Hot Pocket!" at him from across the street.

  4. Please make sure you have a plan to vote in your state's democratic primary. has good info – enter your address to see what's on your specific ballot. Make a plan, mark your calendar and go!

  5. I guarantee it u the women that complain to the fcc r ugly, fat brods and the ones that r not r green of envy. Dream on ladies to look like that

  6. No joke that mayo Sriracha blend sounds good. I usually make a dipping sauce for fries with mayo and ketchup and Ive added Tabasco and franks red hot too a few times, but Im gonna try that next time.

  7. I watched the an ad twice so i could cone back and like and comment.
    Does ANYONE have that kind of commitment?! Cone.

  8. I stopped shopping at Walmart: <<<<< A MUST READ >>>>>>
    Clothes and electronics: There are many used and refurbished stuff packaged and sold to us as brand new. Clothes and shoes that have been worn before.
    Food – All unlabeled genetically modified food with cancer causing preservatives.

    Bought ground beef there once, brought it home and tried to cook it, it was so hard to cook and smell bad, didn't test like beef at all, someone mentioned to me that it was cut with dog meet, then I threw it away. I think with the kind of the profit Walmart makes each year, It wouldn't surprise me if they imported dog and cow meet mixed together from china. Chines eat anything including fried insects on sticks. Look it up.

    Another time, bought Honey suckle ground white turkey there, it didn't smell or taste or looked right. It was hard to cook and tasted terrible I threw it all out, and gave up meet all together

    I bought an organic carrot juice from walmart that turned out to be filtered palm oil flavored with carrots, but it said on the label: Bolthouse Organics100% carrot juice, no artificial flavor, no sugar, no preservatives, however it lasted more than 3 weeks in the refrigerator and never went bad, how organic is that? Every thing on the label turned out to be blatant lie.

    Breads made out of flour substitute. The list goes on, feel free to add to this.

    Walmart made $52 billions in earning, paid zero taxes, and pay starving wages, many of their employees are on government assistant programs.

  9. honestly, if you get sushi, mayoracha is basically spicy mayo in your favorite rolls. so that joke kind lands flat with me…

  10. People complained about the Superbowl halftime show because it was too sexual.Meanwhile they were watching a bunch of grown men sweating and grunting and jumping on top of each other.

  11. Bloomberg is a walking talking advertising for campaign finance laws. For all the influence Russia may have – campaign finance reform is more influential and needs to be reformed immediately

  12. Democrats? Don't you mean Socialists? Here's the deal, I gotta plan we pay off student loan debt and make America Socialist.
    Sorry you liberal idiots watching this clown hand feed you his personal opinion. I'll pass on all this insanity from the moron party.

  13. Another example of the rich getting off easy. Don't worry marble head Trump will pardon her. He pardons everybody else that goes to that dump called Mar a Lago.

  14. You could just see the utter and completely satisfied look on Seth's face when he hit the punch line for Applebees new salad lmao you can usually tell the ones he wrote by the giddy look on his face afterwards

  15. I love watching this. I don't care much for politics but everytime I watch this I'm always laughing by the end. Not to mention all I hear are facts.

  16. Disasters are often the result of cumulative collective wrong actions, because of the negative energy that builds up, though it is invisible. To counteract, only another more powerful energy will work, though equally invisible, called love. That's why collective positive thoughts and kind actions constitute the solution – as in group prayer. Please join this world prayer every Sunday regardless of faith, race, beliefs, and where you are…we're all children of God, in this together. For the planet and our children…: pass it on:

  17. I'm watching this from Romania and this is the first time I heard the news about the Romanian football club manager's too much sex statements… Either the writers on The Late Night Show are even more well-informed than I thought, or the Romanian football world is THAT ridiculous. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  18. Seth, PLEASE do a bit on Bloomberg “petting” a dog recently.  He was on camera approaching some people with a dog, so he was gonna do the
    "politician petting a dog thing." He walks up to the dog…grabs it around the top half of its snout… and shakes it like it’s a hand (facepalm). What
    was that???? Is the man THAT out of touch?? He's like an alien pretending to be human!!

  19. Okay, what where those complaints about the half time show ? I mean, this is the USA, land of prude bigotry, so i think i can make a pretty well educated guess, but hey, surprise me !

  20. This guy talked about the debate for a minute and then talked garbage for the rest of the videos.
    Late night talk shows are really on the decline 🙄

  21. "Who Loves Dictators? Bernie or His Rivals?"

  22. 1300 complaints is pretty much nothing. FCC got about 500 000 complaints about Janet Jackson's boob and CBS got sued over it for a lot of money. Stores that put up signs which say Happy Holidays probably get more complaints from christians lol

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