Celebs Who Insulted Ellen On Her Show

Thanks to her eponymous afternoon chat show,
Ellen DeGeneres is now the Madonna of daytime TV, the Cher of giving away free stuff, and
the Bono of awkward dancing. But that coveted status doesn’t shield her
from getting the occasional jab from a guest. It’s usually all in good fun, but there have
been several big-name celebs who came for her hard and left the veteran interviewer
scrambling for a retort. So break out your cringe-o-meters because
we’re about to reveal some times that The Ellen DeGeneres Show got a little tense behind
the tree trunk coffee table. Giada De Laurentiis In a now-classic 2017 cooking segment that
went viral for all the wrong reasons, celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis decided to start
the whole thing with some innuendo about rice balls, then quickly pivoted to insulting DeGeneres’
apparent lack of culinary skills. “Be delicate because Ellen, that looks like
dog food now. Ellen, it’s balls! Balls! that’s not a ball.” De Laurentiis also took aim at fellow guest
Nicole Kidman, when she marveled at the actress’ ball-shaping aptitude. “Oh my god! The woman who can’t cook made the the perfect
ball!” From there, everything slid steadily, hilariously
downhill as DeLaurentiis doubled down on the shade until finally, DeGeneres and Kidman
struck back. After taking a bite out of De Laurentiis’
clementine and fennel focaccia bread, DeGeneres mugged for the camera while struggling to
chew it, and then Kidman chimed in. “I know you’re not meant to criticize but…
it’s a little tough” Sean Hayes In a conversation DeGeneres dubbed “The Battle
of the Gays,” DeGeneres and Sean Hayes for some reason decided to one-up each other with
pointed barbs about each other’s careers. It played out like this: Hayes first swiped
at DeGeneres’ inability to smoothly transition from question to question. She counter-punched by mentioning the original
cancellation of Will & Grace. He returned fire, but then she went in for
the kill. “I think it was longer than your sitcom – yeah
that’s right I had to come out first for y’ll to do that sitcom GO AHEAD!” The two of them, of course, fell out laughing
after the whole exchange, but Hayes still learned the hard way that you do not come
for DeGeneres on her home field, because she doesn’t have a mercy rule. Caitlyn Jenner Most of these moments are lighthearted in
nature, but there was genuine tension when Caitlyn Jenner appeared. The interview started out great, with DeGeneres
heaping praise on Jenner for her work with transgender rights activism. But things got a little hairy when DeGeneres
asked Jenner to explain her past opposition to same-sex marriage. “I’m a traditionalist I’m older than most
people in the audience you know I mean I kinda like tradition and uh you know it’s always
a man and a woman.” Though Jenner did say that she’d since come
around to the idea, DeGeneres sensed that perhaps that wasn’t entirely true. “It’s funny because you’re still a little
not on board with it No, I’m on board” The awkwardness continued off the air when
Degeneres promoted the interview on Howard Stern. “She still has a judgment about gay marriage
and I said you’re wanting people to understand and accept you. This is, like, really confusing to people” Jenner later slammed both her appearance on
Ellen and DeGeneres’ interview on Stern, saying, “The discussion further alienated me from
members of the LGBTQ community.” Katy Perry This particular insult may have been the most
justified of all of these, because it came courtesy of Katy Perry when DeGeneres forgot
about her marriage to Russell Brand. Yep, you heard that right, DeGeneres completely
spaced on the fact that one of the most famous pop stars in the world married the weird guy
from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Even Perry couldn’t believe it when DeGeneres
asked her if she had been married. “His name was Russell Brand Oh yeah I forgot
about Russel! Remember you gave me some wedding gifts on
this show! Yes, I do. That’ll be cut out.” Wendy Williams Fellow talk show queen Wendy Williams has
a natural professional rivalry with DeGeneres. Perhaps that’s why there have been a few slightly
uncomfortable moments between the first ladies of talk in two different segments on Ellen. First, in a 2013 interview, DeGeneres barely
hid her disdain for the not-so-subtle shade Williams threw at Kim Kardashian and Kanye
West, who at the time were expecting their first child. Moments later, Williams plugged her PETA ad
by acknowledging DeGeneres’ veganism. “That’s Okay. How do you live without bacon? Well, because I think pigs are smart animals.” Three years later, Williams came back and
played “Heads Up!,” the game where guests make DeGeneres guess the name of a celebrity. As a clue for Justin Bieber, Williams said, “And some people say he looks like you. You’ve heard that? You’ve heard that? “They say it in a good way!” “I don’t mind that. He’s cute! He’s adorable! Yeah! I’m just saying… I know” Justin Timberlake Pop star Justin Timberlake is one of DeGeneres’
favorite guests, so it made for an especially popcorn-worthy moment when he insulted her
for not knowing the lyrics to one of his songs. While telling the story about how DeGeneres
sent him a tequila-inspired sing-along of his jam, “Can’t Stop The Feeling,” Timberlake
got onto her for repeatedly singing the lyrics incorrectly. The lesson here? If booze is your karaoke partner, maybe don’t
send a video of your duet to the original recording artist.

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