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  1. "I watched this film and it was okay,but it was a European film in the cast it had Three Big Name actors:Warren Oates(a great american character actor of many films & many,many TV guest roles),Jenny Agutter(a very good & beautiful British actress of films,&TV shows in the U.K.,as well as international appearances),& Fabio Testi(a top Italian actor in films,&TV shows),they were actors that I had seen before in movies and on television over the years,the rest of the cast however I recognize Sidney Lassick(a veteran supporting player on a lot of TV shows,&films),& Sam Peckinpah(the Great Western Director in a supprting role),the others I've not heard of before,this film was less of a real shoot em up western,it had drama,&,comedy,it just wasnt how can I put it….not western enough for me,it needed more to the story,but the main cast did the best they could."-🤔.🌐🏜🌐.

  2. Everything about the movie was great, except for the story, the plot, the script, the dialog, the acting, the direction, the camera work, and the time I wasted watching it.
    Oates and Agutter have both done so much better elsewhere.

  3. After getting stabbed in the back he put a blanket on hers this is the difference between a man & a woman & this is the moral of this story.

  4. Jenny Agutter was ridiculously appealing.Never got anywhere near the recognition she deserved.She should've been a major star.I think I could binge for days on Jenny Agutter scenes.But outside of that I got no use for her whatsoever.

  5. Don't forget that Sam pecking away went on to make some helacious westerns…considered too graphic at the time,,,imagine that

  6. Lee van Cliff ,Franco Nero ,John Wayne ,Dean Martin ,Clean Eastwood …only the best western movies . Thanks for posting.mucho gracias .(soluu huong)

  7. Great movie. Gets better every time I watch it. Lots of nuances of character and even the shootouts have implications for integrity and the humanity of all involved. The settings are well selected too, cradling the movie perfectly without being overly scenic or dramatic. No life in this barren landscape except for the characters who inhabit it.

  8. It's not a spaghetti western – it's a gourmet pasta film. The storyline is superb and this must be where great westerns like Unforgiven had its paradigm. Warren Oates has always been a good actor. But the title is a little bizarre for its intents and purposes.

  9. 30 minutes remaining. I predict he will get shot in the back and will die in her arms s she cries. Oops I was wrong. This was a ride off in the sunset looking for a male donkey westerns.
    The end didn't make sense.

  10. Aposto q ñ e em português! Ai ñ tenho cm ver so falo em português! Se tiver cm coloca por favor!!obg! Adoro filmex d cowboy!! Mas so assim ñ tenho cm assiste ñ entendo nadakk

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