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From the capital city news studios in Berlin
The LATELY SHOW with Florian Strzeletz – Welcome to the LATELY SHOW with me Florian
Strzeletz Let’s move on to our topic tonight and
take a look at China Or as Vladimir Ilyich Lenin also said
would: “Fucking hell. We’re the thing with communism back then
in Soviet Russia all wrong. Sure, the odd cleanup or two was
something wrong now. Just the cleanup, where we have a
A bunch of scientists have been executed and only then did we realize that we were exactly
who would have been good for our space program …to use. That’s only happened to us three or 300 times. China already knows what I’m talking about, right? But we could have what China is doing
…for a while. Letting American companies into the country that
but only operate with a Soviet Partner. Then we could even have the Race to the Moon
we could have gotten this from Coca-Cola sponsorship. Because Coca-Cola would also be a great advantage
because, as you know, Coke is one of the best rocket fuel is when you put a package
Mentos in! Then it wouldn’t have been us that broke in 1990, but
the United States. Because then the Russians would have been fatter
than the capitalist fucking pigs. So, the Yanks. Not the one in China.” And before we get started. There’s a tremendous chance that
also this SHOW will not be shown in China may. Not because she’s anti-communist, “Viva
la revolution”, or even expresses criticism. but only because in this
SHOW sometime, very, very hidden, Winnie the Pooh is shown. Not now, that came as a surprise, because
could be found in the Chinese editorial office of YouTube not reacting fast enough, after all
is there just night. And, since the alarm bells just went off
which, by the way, is what happens when you click on the bell during subscription, YouTube
China then probably the following video in the SHOW: – Hey, no more boring than a video
from Bibi’s Beauty Palace. Probably even more advertising-friendly! There are an awful lot of things
could address the issue of China. However, we only have a little more than 10
Minutes time. So I could talk about the one-child policy
speak. And what fatal consequences this policy will have in the end
had. Because the one-child policy had the result,
that many more boys were born than girls. And as a result, there are now hundreds
there are millions of Chinese who don’t have a woman can find more, because there are many more men
than there are women in China. And thanks to Internet censorship, these
Men do not even masturbate. Not even to Winnie the Pooh!!! Or I could join the vast army of
Chinese migrant workers, who have been hauled around the world for decades,
in order to, under inhuman conditions. among other things the sports facilities for all
Sports events of the last decades to build. Be it the football stadiums in Brazil
for the World Cup and the Olympic Games there. Or the football stadiums in the world-famous
Football stronghold: Qatar. Shit, too much ad space again. If they’d gotten these for the BER, which would be
probably already in operation since 2006. And you could have saved on concrete because
the one or other migrant worker stops in of the wall. As the Chinese government…
Winnie the Pooh can definitely dispose of better. Now, when Japanese businessmen
dancing in an opium den in Beijing. True story! Because there is a roller coaster of this at Disneyworld! At least that used to be advertising-friendly! Either for Disney or for the Japanese
Sex tourism. Which is actually one and the same thing. Today, however, the focus will be on China
in all of us. Not our food or our clothes, but,
how China censors opinions not only in China, but also with us, as here
for example: – And it’s even possible that this video
by the ZDF was blocked, and therefore again once there was only a placeholder from the SHOW. Because even ZDF is afraid of China or
the mediocrity of Arsenal London. — And I never thought I would, but I can
Mesut Özil in the first instance only right give. It’s perfectly correct to also or just
as a footballer against an autocracy and the oppression of a single population group
to denounce. Because presumably a soccer player can achieve
more people than a dumb journalist, who reports it. Be it in the mirror or the New York Times. This is why it is all the more important that
footballers also have their say. Also on Instagram. And especially if it doesn’t involve
about the little autocrat Erdogan. Who is presumably responsible for the reports of the repression
of the Chinese Uighurs through China already got a wet panty and that now gladly
also use it against the Turkish Kurds would. Okay, so that no Nobel Peace Prize
for Mesut, but rather the Greta memorial poster. Hey, it’s worth more as an Arsenal player
than any trophy that the Arsenal has made in 10 years has won! But this example shows
two things. On the one hand, the Uighurs are oppressed in China,
monitored and millions of them in re-education camps …in the door. And all this no longer in secret, but
For years, journalists have been reporting on it without that something has changed. And on the other hand, this example around Mesut
Özil also, how little a club cares about violation of human rights, if
it’s a pile of gravel in China for Arsenal. Because Arsenal doesn’t just want children
in Bangladesh selling sewn jerseys, but is planning a major restaurant chain in China. So, if eating is as bland
like the games of Arsenal, then shiver Burger King for its market share in China. And that brings us to the Chinese
Public enemy number one. Not Mesut or the IS, but… Winnie
Pooh: –
And you have to imagine that when
with us at once all pictures of bridge rollers would be censored just because they have
humorous similarity to our next green chancellor, Jens Spahn. Jens, sorry, but you know
my opinion of you! What an outcry that would be. And the Young Union would be forced to oppose that
and even more videos of their events where they once again sing old Wehrmacht songs
would sing. Same as before, only 10 times more. Or maybe they need to have someone young as
chairperson and not someone who is over 30 years old and looks like
on his face for 10 years Alexander Gauland. So someone like Tilman Kuban, who apparently
like here selfies from the toilet sent In China, all this would be a piece of cake. And we’re standing by the fence and we’re just looking at
go ahead. So let’s recap. China is one of the most important economic partners
Germany. And because it’s so important, and because we like
want to sell more, we all overlook Human rights violations in China. Not just yesterday, but since
over 30 years. China is no longer the low-wage country
from back then, but has become a world power. a world power that has established itself in southern China
sea and test there how far she can go. A world power investing billions in Africa,
as well as in South America. But not because otherwise the migrant work
would eventually run out of work, but also to consolidate their power there. Today an employee of an international
Company worry about losing their job if he admits to Hong Kong. Because the company wants to make money in China. Just, what’s tomorrow? Or the day after tomorrow? If we’re not careful, we’re gonna end up
everyone just ends up doing this: – And that would suck. But that brings us finally to
a different but similar theme. Namely, Sunday is the international
Women’s Day. Best transition in 2020!! Of course, International Women’s Day
here in Berlin a holiday, because we know that women are much better
than anyone else. And, of course, this holiday falls this
year in an employer-friendly manner to a Sunday. However, it is not enough to have a
day to be nice to women, because women are the greatest gift of humanity. Except maybe Alice Weidel and Eva Braun. Okay, one of them has got bigger balls than
Donald Trump, but I’d rather not say which of those two. [Both loosely!] Women are still discriminated against on a daily basis. In her work and in her private life. We still tell little girls today that
Mathematics is not so important, cooking for it all the more. Only it’s bullshit. And even if only on the 8th the international
and which is only officially celebrated once a year. here is a note to all those who are
at least think you have something in your pants: This one day should also be a day for every man
every other goddamn day of the year. Because women are definitely the better men
are. That’s it from the SHOW again for today. A wonderful international women’s day on
8. But don’t worry, I’ll see you back at the
Friday with the LATELY NEWS. Until then…
Good night and… good luck out there… – The LATELY SHOW with Florian Strzeletz
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