So I was on Facebook and I started opening random profiles and then Get BLOCKED …. But then one day I took Mataji’s blessings and Started flirting on Facebook So in that, first we should check the Intelligence level of the other person So I asked … that … Hey, Did you read about Kiran Bedi? She: HeHe! LOL! What LOL? If you don’t know then just say NO… Then i thought that i should Flirt in a different way So i read the whole Oxford Dictionary … Gathered all the english from the book and then i wrote “Hi” So …. I got her reply … Seen “Seen” means she has read the message, Right? So I thought let’s go ahead … I asked, “Did your mom told you that don’t talk to strangers?” She said Ya. She BLOCKED me Then I tried for the final time .. The moment she got online i messaged her I Love You! She replied “Hmmm” Me: What do you mean? She said “What?” I messaged you something scroll up and see it … Oh! That … … Hmmm. I am like “are you an Idiot … or Dumbf**k?” REPORT ABUSE AND BLOCKED


  1. This footprints show was really amazing.I was waiting for so long for it. Of course it's not the entire show but it is amazing.loved it. Love your work +TheComedyFactory

  2. Superb, true comedian in today's 'logic serving' comedians.. Keep up the good work. Looking forward for many more from

  3. sallu amara jamana ma aava functions thata hot!! ๐Ÿ™ … tyare to FB e y no'tu ne concert to michael jackson na mumbai ma thata ..

  4. wait a sec!!!!!, did you just like pull off biswa's punch?
    *my dad's friend has cool kids who speak shit in english i don't understand,complicated sentences that don't make sense to me,"hi" *
    not expected from you chirayu, you thought you will be able to slip just because you twisted it in gujarati!!

  5. Please make more Vichitrahar videos. I have friends who don't even understand Gujarati still they love your videos so much. everytime we meet they ask about your new vids. Kudos to the team of comedy factory. Manan and ojas you both are my favourite. ๐Ÿ˜˜

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