Chit Chat YouTube Drama Black Community 😭😰😒

and my point of view how coming who each you know just leave a comment even make their books how amazing I mean
leaving a comment they do not even reply back to you only
replied back to rate comments really don’t know one thing you have to review
all comments just leads reply me you know like I and I and II

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  1. Great video, we do need to support one another more. But self-hate is pervasive. And when you hate yourself, you hate the people who look like you. Breaking the chains of psychological slavery by Naim Akbar is a must read.

  2. You said nothing but the truth. It's not limited to Youtube so it doesn't surprise me that what goes on offline is also being reflected online. So much cliquey behaviour is also another issue. So sad.

  3. You said everything that needed to be said!! So true and so sad! I don't know where this competition and hate comes from in our race!! So sad. It really holds us back as a people πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  4. Can we have a moment of silence for the hair, makeup and that lip combo YEASSSSSSSS lol. You're really touching on a topic that has also been on my heart. You are indeed a great support system for me and a lot of others. Their's not one video on YouTube that I don't see you commenting and supporting. We love you hunny. Ps we need to do a collab l! Xo

  5. I wish this was longer but I totally understand the pain that you have. It shows that you love our community and it is quite sad that we continue to self-hate. Unfortunately we would rather go to an Asian hair shop than to a shop owned by a black person. We need to be delivered from the 'token black girl' syndrome that has plagued us.

  6. u said it sis as a people we've been through so much but we treat each other like trash we need each other by the way your makeup game is sooooooo good you've come along ways so awesome.

  7. Yes you made some real valid points, I love the video and blacks do need to support each other more.

  8. I'm screaming THANK YOU from the top of my lungs when you said they're claiming no one supports you but you don't support anybody!!!! Hahahaha, have a seat!!! Always be skeptical of the people crying no support, no support!! You made so many great points!!

  9. From my own personal experiences as a dark skin vlogger, I sense a serious lack of genuinity among some (not all) bloggers & vloggers. Some will show sporadic "support" once in a while, maybe a comment or two, but their sole reason for doing so is to see these actions reciprocated (their comment could read: "I really like what you did here! Subscribe to my channel too…" etc.). My point is if you're truly supporting someone, whether they reciprocate the action or not shouldn't matter. It's always appreciated if they do but let's not take it to heart if they don't. Isn't it better to focus on doing us and creating the best content we can make? As much as I agree that we must support other vloggers of colour especially, it must be done with a genuine heart. It's not always about 'levels', sometimes our content isn't everyone's cup of tea; therefore our level of interaction with those people will most likely reflect that. Let's also bear in mind that our audience is not limited to people of colour either, so let's be careful not to limit where we think our support should be coming from. Still thanks for sharing this Maureen, you touched on some very true points. It's true that supporting one another is important and there's plenty of room for improvement within the black vlogger/blogger community.

  10. Your words seem so sincere and I see a lot of me in you (hence the reason I am a subbie). BTW you look beautiful!

  11. Your words seem so sincere and I see a lot of me in you (hence the reason I am a subbie). BTW you look beautiful!

  12. Your words seem so sincere and I see a lot of me in you (hence the reason I am a subbie). BTW you look beautiful!

  13. Your words seem so sincere and I see a lot of me in you (hence the reason I am a subbie). BTW you look beautiful!

  14. Your video quality is amazing, and you look stunning, my dear i agree with all you have said, i have had my own fair share of experience

  15. Real talk mami…..happy u made dis video…β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

  16. This is called crab in a barrel mentality Maureen. No one helping each other just pulling each other down. Slavery has done a lot to our race, they have taught us to hate each other. This problem is way beyond YouTube, we can see it in any setting in society. I feel your pain Maureen but just do you and what makes you happy. Forget about the rest.

  17. Completely agree! I've also noticed that some people expect support automatically. Which I think causes a problem as well. People should be allowed to follow/suppport whoever it is they like, everyone is different and given time each person's channel will grow as long as they are putting out good content that they believe in -I think! Great video x

  18. Maureen, Everything you said was the truth, and it doesn't just apply to youtube but to life itself! Well said.. x

  19. Well said Maureen. Tomorrow is promised to no man. And as Bob Marley also said"who the cap fit let them wear it"

  20. Gorgeous!!!πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ pls do a video on this look I love it❀️❀️

  21. I remember when quite a few youtubers made videos on lack of support which became a successful as there were lots of collabs and comments been left by other youtubers ….. Few months down the line it's all forgotten and their back to just minding them. "Just when they were in the movement, they lost track again!"

  22. Unfortunately, you described corporate America and those that are attempting to climb that ladder. As you know, being prayerful and seeking God for our own lives and putting His direction forth is what will help us to attain our promises.

  23. Keep doing what you are doing love. promotion neither comes from East or West …., but from God. your book of remembrance has been opened. Hang in there love. All the best.

  24. I have so much to say but I'm not going to hop on my soap box. I wish folks would support one another but so many don't.

  25. You've said it. YouTube isn't fun as it use to be. It's smears been a hobby and roll continue, but on my time. Great video Maureen.

  26. I totally agree with your video
    This is part of the reason why in not really doing youtube anymore. Also youtube has changed as people just focused on getting sponsers or money no big black you tubers give shout outs. I love you channel

  27. Maureen, I'm glad that you spoke on this topic because it's very necessary. I've watched YouTube drama then and now unfold right before my very eyes and truthfully (as a former Tuber myself) we are/were all trying to reach the highest platform that we could. This made me very teary-eyed because I'd love to see people of color working together and helping each other. This isn't to say that it's not being done , but I do feel that it can be done more because everyone is afforded the same opportunities. Blessings and love.

  28. i don't know what else to add , like what else can i said to top this video sister Maureen? you say it all. i remembered one day i made a video asking for people support, that making videos is a passion of mine, you answered to that video by telling me that "you got my support". since that day you never failed to support me my love and at the time i was just learning about youtube , editing and bad english because i speak french and so on. you believed in me and continue too and i will never forget that, i will never forget you. is because of you that I'm trying to get better and better at each upload, like i don't want to let you down. You are such an inspiration to me and i love you so so much. Thank you much.πŸ™β™₯️

  29. Loved the video. Hate to see you sadden I feel the same way I've gotten to the point where I don't dwell on it anymore I just try and do my part and hopefully someone will pay it forward. 😊

  30. i know exactly how u feel.. i definitely believe u give support to get it. my channel is still growing and if i wanted to rely on the support i get id have little to none.. as blacks we need to learn to stand up and support each other, and we can only get the recognition we want when 'they' see 'us' supporting each other.

  31. the whole black white green pink yellow nonsense. its ridiculous and sour Maureen.
    I support popular content creators here and they are black. Infact Nigerians but that dosnt mean thesame support is reciprocated in form of whether collab or shoutouts etc unless perhaps some sort of relationship is built at some point somehow. It almost seem normal i guess. you dont expect it. I just hope some will stop making videos to talk about it when actually they never support anyone. its hypocritical and laughable really.

    I watched a black popular youtuber maker this sort of video and she didnt make it in form of your context Maureen, She was actually talking about how blacks to support each other and how they dont get enough support for themselves from there subscribers.
    My jaw dropped watching because this is someone with over 200,000 subs and looking through what seem like almost 600 videos, she has only collabed with about 4 other youtubers who also happen to have over 50-100,000 subs.

    it was almost as if shes saying she needs more support from other blacks when she already has 300K subbies and dont support other creators that are smaller. however she wants more and more support from blacks not how she can support others lol.

    I couldnt stop laughing from the comfort of my warm couch :)))))
    I watched the video till the end though just cos although its all ridiculous , I just like watching these and their videos and others in general and support a good content when I see one because I know the amount of effort that goes into creating one.

  32. Great video I totally agree. We as Black Vlogger and viewers need to maintain a united front for each other to strengthen our channels. That ladder reference was so true. I have watched other groups of people blindly support each other to the bitter end, but we do not and it is a shame!

  33. ok doll, now that im done ranting, can i just say that your teeth look incredible. I was starring at them the whole time lol. Very random right. Also you look great physical even though youve always done, maybe going through some changes ? I see differences xxx

  34. Girlllll!!!! You are sooo in my head!!! This has been an ongoing conversation and I have wanted to film a video on this exact topic for the longest!! That ladder analogy is soooo true!!! OMGGGG!!!! And when you said "…the upcoming vloggers that support you and you know they have good content." EXACTLY!!
    Quote on quote youtube success/fame has literally changed people! And it is extremely sad to me and sooo unnecessary. But like you said you can't rule someone out just because they are not on your "level" because you don't know what God has in store for them. GREAT VIDEO SIS AND YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!! xoxo

  35. Girlllll!!!! You are sooo in my head!!! This has been an ongoing conversation and I have wanted to film a video on this exact topic for the longest!! That ladder analogy is soooo true!!! OMGGGG!!!! And when you said "…the upcoming vloggers that support you and you know they have good content." EXACTLY!!
    Quote on quote youtube success/fame has literally changed people! And it is extremely sad to me and sooo unnecessary. But like you said you can't rule someone out just because they are not on your "level" because you don't know what God has in store for them. GREAT VIDEO SIS AND YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!! xoxo

  36. You are very right… It's such a pity that these youtubers think YouTube life is a competition… We r all here cuz we have a passion for it… They tend to look down on others feeling they can only associate with only those on top forgetting a million miles starts with a step… We all started from the bottom… Support each other young or old, beginner or not… God will help us and open our eyes to see that life is more than social mediaπŸ™πŸ½ thanks Maureen

  37. I agree with everything you said. In general we need to do better supporting each other. You are so right. Preach! Love your channel.

  38. hey there hun loved your video ive subscribed to your channel im new to youtube if you dont mind checking out my channel and maybe subscribe thankyou xxxx

  39. I'm sorry to say this is nothing new so I'm shocked you never knew this about black people! this attitude we see it in our presidents that's why Africa is the way it is cause people work for their own belly, we it in friends and at times even families so it nothing new sorry

  40. you know you are so corrective where I am from we call that the black crab syndrome in which so many people suffer from,the fact being that many black you tubers don't get much support because of the content of their videos and they come of being fake,look at the you tubers that are successful they introduce things that they are truly passionate about then they have now become a brand into themselves many of us follow other you tubers and do what they do and this is wrong we need to do only what we feel passion for and we will have success take me for example I have about 4 subscribers but I don't complain because I am still trying to find what I can be most passionate about so that is it in a but shell oh also look at the comments many you tubers are offensive in our comments how many of us take the time to encourage we do the opposite we bash and discourage take a look everyone and see how you yourself has added to this misconception

  41. no u misunderstood what I wrote I am better at expressing myself face to face I was agreeing with you totally and I was expressing how we suffer as black people in my country we call it black crab syndrome as you had talked about the ladder seem thing expressed differently I live your sincerity in this video was really touching because it was honest I love the fact that your passion is seen in your videos I think sometimes we get caught up with the numbers of subscribers that one has but to ask your self and I don't mean u but generalizing on the question or comment your husband made how many of us are happy in that which we do and point like u said some you tubers have grown so big that they don't answer unless negative that was so true

  42. You are the most supportive YouTuber I have seen (black or white) I see your messages of support and encouragement on the majority of YouTube videos I watch. Unfortunately I agree with the ladder example as you see it in all aspects of the black community. Yes one particular black British YouTuber only replies to negative comment. She only does videos with people that she thinks have gain a following very fast and she thinks they are the next big thing. She only comments on the youtubers that are in her inner cycle. The comments are more like "I have that top or I need to buy that…" I guess some of us were brought up differently.

  43. Girl!you are so on point.blacks are bad..even your own family will not support you.i have a family that would rather support or value outsider than me.she even Hates if any good thing happens to me rather than herself,hell let loose.thats life my beautiful sister.

  44. Great video……I agree we should all show organic support to each other….Life is short….and you never know what situation you will be in and/or who will be willing to help you when you need it the most…

  45. Yes, everything that you said is very very true. As minorities WE have to appreciate each and show love and support. If it wasn't for Martin Luther King and those that fought and lost their lives so that WE could have a better future and opportunities then where would we be today. Black people have gone through to much to act this way. Why can't we see that! Even though Black people have come a long way and managed to do well for themselves they are still not being received well by others so let's Love and appreciate one another instead of knocking others down.

  46. You are one of my favourite beauty guru's.. you are so down to earth and say it how it is.. you made some extremely valid points. much love god bless πŸ™‚

  47. You have a great channel. As black people, we do not like to see each other succeed at all, unlike the other races who are proud to help each other. We are supportive of everyone else, hence the reason we are at the bottom of the food chain and everyone else on top of us be it in the physical world or here on youtube. I liked and subbed

  48. You are so right about the comments. At least reply to the first few comments that are posted right after you post the video. Some (like you) do but definitely not the majority

  49. I know this video is old but I just watched it for the first time. You are so correct. I just found your channel and I hope you have more new content. We have to be positive towards one another and support each other. Great video.

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