Chris Hardwick – Mandroid – MySpace & Facebook

I’m sure a lot of you are
on social networks as well. I still have a Myspace page. Wow. I have not been to it
in years. I’m afraid to go back
to Myspace. I think it’s
a bad neighborhood now. I think– I think Myspace
is just abandoned now. It just looks
likeRoboCop’sDetroit. Like, it’s just like… [laughs] I think my profile
has graffiti all over it, and, like,
kids making meth inside. Tom’s profile pic now
is just some guy with scraggly hair,
missing teeth, long fingernails,
and jars of pee everywhere. “I’m in your top eight.” [laughs maniacally] Facebook is puzzling to me. I do have
a Facebook account, but Facebook is just weird. Facebook is just like
a naggy girlfriend who’s constantly trying to make
you hang out with people you don’t wanna hang out with and always making you
tell her where you are. “What are you doing?
What are you listening to? “Where are you eating?
What’s happening? Where are you getting
your dry cleaning?” Like, all the time, nonstop with status updates. And then if you wanna
leave Facebook, if you try to break up
with it, good [bleep] luck. You can’t do it. You try to break up
with Facebook, and it turns into
the most psychotic ex-girlfriend you’ve ever had, constantly asking you
if you’re, like, “Uh, Facebook, this really
isn’t working out. I don’t wanna
do this anymore.” “Are you sure?” “Yeah, I’m sure. “Please, I would really like
to delete this account and not be in this
relationship anymore.” “Really, are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m positive.” “Really?
‘Cause Facebook connects you “to all the coolest people
and friends. Are you sure you
don’t want it anymore?” “Yes, please, Facebook,
this isn’t working out anymore.” “Fine, then I’m gonna keep
all your [bleep] pictures!”

51 Replies to “Chris Hardwick – Mandroid – MySpace & Facebook”

  1. I think Chris is funnier spontaneously rather than when he does planned jokes. I like him, but I don't think stand up is really his strong suit.

  2. They're not critics, it's just this isn't his type of routine, he usually makes jokes on the spot, but I think he'll do fine because his material is on pop culture, many people will agree with what he'll joke about.

  3. He used to work on G4 tv channel, that lame channel. He did electronics reviews, then he was on some Nerd Tech show that interviewed other nerd tech people. I guess it's no longer on if he's "trying" to be funny as a Comedian now. Go figure, they'll do ANYTHING to stay in the public spotlight instead of getting hired at McDonalds.

  4. I remember G4 (AOTS) and him as the announcer on Little Brother's The Minstrel Show album….and now the Talking Dead and Hard & Phirm

  5. Chris Hardwick's been a stand-up for, like, a decade now. His stand-up career precedes G4's existence. He currently hosts "The Talking Dead" on a little channel you may have heard of called AMC. That show regularly receives impressive ratings every week for a cable show that simply involves people chatting about the show The Walking Dead. Hardwick also hosts the massively popular Nerdist Podcast and runs the Nerdist channel on Youtube, which has 100,000s of subs. So yeah, what a loser!

  6. I remember seeing Hardwick thoughout the years hosting/acting etc. in a variety of things. He just seems like the ultimate fun guy to chill with. During interviews he's able to make guests become very comfortable and open up more.

  7. I had that reaction a couple of weeks ago. My two year old is addicted to Back to the Barnyard… that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

  8. I knew him before from web soup. When i saw he was going to be on talking dead, that just made walking dead more awesome to me. And i loved this standup.

  9. Haha. So true about the breaking up with Facebook bit. I don't even use Facebook anymore but I can't delete my account because then I would lose all the pictures and videos. 🙁

  10. 1:45 Some guy double facepalms in the bottom left corner.

    I was so disappointed with this special, I promise he's better on the Nerdist Podcast.

  11. @themadbatter I totally agree. The Nerdist is great and Chris and crew are way better than this special.

  12. This dude works hard but he's just not funny… everything he does is so try-hard. so many idiots made this dude famous

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