Christian Comedy Blues

Somebody sent me a link to a website for Christian comedy, which apparently is in big demand in the United States, of all places. And it even has its own association, the Christian Comedy Association, and they run a mentoring service for Christian comedians to ensure that they always use “God-honoring” material. They’ll also monitor the comedians’ private lives to help keep them on the correct Christian happy trail. Isn’t that considerate, and thorough? Christian comedy appears to be a kind of decaf comedy for people who don’t want the real thing because it makes them jumpy and jittery. So, typically, a Christian comedian will only tell the kind of jokes that you could happily tell to Jesus. as if Jesus was some kind of innocent abroad, some delicate sheltered flower who needs protecting, and not in fact one of the most worldly individuals who ever walked the planet, both solid and liquid portions thereof. Surely the joke doesn’t exist that you couldn’t tell Jesus. Isn’t that the whole point of Jesus? He’s supposed to be universal. He’s supposed to be within us all. So he knows all the jokes anyway, and to pretend otherwise is more than a little patronising, wouldn’t you say? Besides, if you told him a sick joke he could probably heal it for you, and then you could witness and testify to his magnificence while you were getting that big laugh. What could be more glorious for a Christian comedian, apart from maybe sex with a nun. Personally, if I wanted to make Jesus laugh, I wouldn’t tell him a joke. I’d just give him an Easter egg. I’d say: “There you go, pal. That’s what it all amounts to. “Enjoy. You’ve earned it.” Not that I would really expect him to laugh at that, because frankly I think any kind of levity would be wasted on Jesus, as he doesn’t appear to have had a sense of humour. You’d think that somebody with his charisma and vitality would have had a healthy sense of humour that would be evident somewhere in the Gospels, but no. We never hear about Jesus laughing, or even smiling. And he had plenty of opportunity. He wasn’t a hermit. We know that he socialised, and drank wine, by all accounts, yet not once do we hear about him laughing or cracking a joke. Not even something as innocuous as: “I wouldn’t say my wife was fat, “because I haven’t got one. I’m celibate, and I’m a virgin “just like my dear old mum”, which is not really a joke at all, of course, but a statement of historical fact, as everyone knows. I’m just playing devil’s advocate here (not that Satan needs me to fight his battles – he’s got organised religion for that) but it seems to me that if the idea of being a Christian is to be more like Jesus, then given Jesus’ marked lack of anything resembling a sense of humour, surely the very idea of Christian comedy is sacrilegious. I’m no biblical scholar, as you can probably tell, but it just seems to me self-evident that to be a Christian comedian you’ve got to be absolutely nothing at all like Jesus, which is the same as actively embracing Satan, I would have thought. So it doesn’t really matter how squeaky clean your material is if you’re dirty because you’re scallywagging around with old Satan. So, my advice to Christian comedians is to cut out the laughter before it’s too late, get back to praising Jesus with a long face, and hope he hasn’t noticed. And I know that’s the last thing you want to hear right now, guys, but I promise you’ll thank me come the rapture.

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  1. Brilliant! Your eloquent and incisive editorials on primitive myth religions are exceptional. It's a pity you don't have a wider audience in Britain, like once a week at the end of the Jeremy Paxman show.

    Thank You for you continuing commentaries. The UK are very lucky to have you.

  2. Sorry, Pat, but you're wrong . Jesus was the original Jewish standup comedian and master of the one-liner ! During tax time in Judea the Pharisees approached Jesus and asked him in front of Roman centurians , " To whom does this coin belong , God or Ceasar ? " It was a Roman coin and the Jewish authorities wanted to trap him. No matter which way he answered , he would either be accused of sedition or submitting to Roman authority. Jesus answered , "Whose picture is on it ?" When they said , "Ceasar's", Jesus replied , "Well, it must be his. Give it back to him !"

  3.  Preach brother, preach! I mean that without sarcasm. Glad to see you spreading the critiques around, you appear to have few prejudices except against ignorance and cowardice. I support you speaking out against the more regressive forms of Islam which appear to represent a disconcerting amount of Muslims worldwide, after all how can you improve on the written word of God?

    I also appreciate you criticising liberals who often do a terrible disservice to society by hand wringing and muddying the waters. I even support you for criticising progressives, even though I would consider myself in general aligned with progressive politics. However progressives can be too quick to Jude and attack people yet too slow at coming up with effective solutions to real problems, we need smart and frank critics like you to keep us honest. After all it's no mere coincidence that often in the fervour during and following a revolution great crime against humanity are committed.

    Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your videos and leave you with one fun fact; Jesus does in fact laugh in the recently rediscovered Gnostic Gospel of Judas. 

  4. Sure, we all have heard about the miracles and parables of Mr. Christ, but that is all we know.  There are other gospels that didn't make it into the NT mainly because these revealed that the younger Jesus was a rapist and thief who molested little children.  Catholic priests are well aware of this and they are following Jesus' pattern of molesting little children.  He was finally caught and had to pay the price.

  5. You know, your logic is hard to argue with in many respects on this subject, especially when you see religion as I do, being a personal journey and all.

    I've said this before, I truly enjoy your command of the English Language, it's refreshing to hear someone speak plainly.  I truly enjoy how you manage to get to the point, your opinions clearly being based of course, upon the information you have at hand.

    With that in mind respectfully, I must digress when you say that Jesus didn't have a sense of humor.  On the contrary, I have come to recognize through my own studies that he actually had a profound sense of humor, and a sarcastic one at that.  In fact I would venture to say his sense of Humor was one that you might truly appreciate considering your point of view of the hypocrisy that you see in the religion of Islam, much of which I completely agree with you on by the way.

    Consider this, though you can sound quite serious when denigrating the Muslim religion, what you say is often actually really funny.

    So in all fairness, I ask you to consider the following example of the Lord's Humor….

    We all know that Jesus liked to teach using simple stories called parables.  He would share his messages by telling stories that could only be understood by those who chose not to mock and ridicule or criticize the man, and by doing so he always left the so-called "Educated and Pious" Pharisees and Sadducees completely befuddled as to what the heck he was talking about.

    Consider the following comment that is clearly sarcasm when talking to these people in Matthew 23:24 "Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel."  When you read the verses before and after this little quip and see it in it's full context, to me it's absolutely hilarious,and this is just one of many examples I could point out.

    Respectfully as always,

    L.R. Waldon

  6. God said in the bible many times to laugh and to give your problems to him to not have your heart to become havey

  7. God said in the bible many times to laugh and to give your problems to him to not have your heart to become havey

  8. The people who posit that everything in the universe, including themselves, exist by accident,  without reason, and without cause, and hold such a view dogmaticly are to me very humorous. And this, in spite of the fact that I find the notion an insult to my intelligence.

  9. Well, my advice for Pat Condell is to shut his big yap about things he doesn't know anything about. Don't quit your day job on criticizing Islam (rightly).

  10. how do you know Jesus never laughed or smiled? were you there with him his entire life? I like when you take down the islamic cult but you better be extremely careful of your words when talking of Jesus……your words WILL HAUNT YOU!

  11. 1) Jesus never laughed? Luke 10:21  In that hour Jesus rejoiced in spirit, and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes: even so, Father; for so it seemed good in thy sight.
     2)He never said anything humorous….that depends on your sense of humor. Take Matthew 7:3-5 for example….Take the beam out of your eye before you worry about your brothers speck (exaggeration) how about throwing pearls before swine ? That must have been a rib tickler before a bunch of Jews.
    3) If you expect to hear fart or other bodily function jokes, I think you're reading the wrong book…

  12. I'm a Christian, I don't watch 'Christian' comedy, but I do think comedy is better when it has a moral backbone, I doubt that is what 'Christian' comedy is about, just being over sensitive. I disagree with your view of Christ ofc, a sense of humour is about something deeper than just laughing, it's about have an alternate or ironic perspective on something, which is what enables you to laugh. Jesus theologically was the embodiment of the thing deep down in us which enables us to have another perspective, laugh, note that animals do not laugh; they may sound like the do but they do not have a conceptualisation of 'humour'. Jesus didn't need to laugh, because he was the Joy itself, and he encouraged people to be as those who laughed most: children. I love to laugh even at jokes poking fun at Christianity but I say again it's always best with a moral backbone, not some oversensitive comedy-decafe, as you say, with this 'Christian' comedy, but something like say South Park or Only Fools and Horses, both different but both having a moral backdrop. Far more Christian 🙂

  13. You really love the sound of your own voice uttering all these "clever" observations, don't you?

    Regardless of whether or not I agree with you, I think it's clear in a general manner that anyone can sense you're not a very nice person. Too much anger behind all your irony.

    At the end of your days, you may look back with pride at your sarcastic venom, who knows? I would think if I looked at these videos years after the fact, I might be quite embarrassed at my arrogance. If you haven't gained that perspective by your currently advanced age, you probably never will.

    Sort of like getting a crazy tattoo when you're young, and being stuck with it until you croak. You can regret, but you can't completely erase.

  14. I can't imagine the drudgery of a comedy bit replete with groaners like, "What did Adam & Eve do after leaving the Garden of Eden?" "They raised a littler Cain!" This is what passes for comedy to most Christians I know (aside from the anti-Obama jokes that they seem to find so rib-tickling). Yuk!

  15. By the time the Bible gets to us it's gone from Aramaic to Latin to English. Have you ever tried to translate a joke? Charitably, John 1:45-51 has some humor surviving in it even after a couple of millennia and the efforts of a lot of very serious translators.

    Apparently everyone is a comedian, even Jesus. 

  16. obviously he has never seen thou shalt laugh 1 and 2. Christian comedians can work just like clean comedians, Comedy is a very diverse form of entertainment and not all of it relies on sex jokes and toilet humor. Heck I can give examples of two clean comedians and one of them is christian. Tim conway and Bill cosby, Ol tim boy actually appeared on thou shalt laugh and he was hysterical!

  17. While I, a Christian, am not much of a comedian, here's some humor:

    Q: What is old, fat & angry and peddles unoriginal blasphemy to an unamused audience?
    A: Pat Condell!

    Is my "joke" not funny? Of course not–the funny part is that I wasn't joking.

    Repent, dude.

  18. "These things I have spoken to you so that My joy may be in you, and that your joy may be made full. This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you." John 15:11-12
    You are usually on point, and you made some good points, but you were slightly off on this one. 
    p.s I am an ex atheist turned Christian and I love your channel, don't want you to get the wrong idea. 

  19. Well sir…make fun all you like but even YOU sir will find out for yourself after you take last breath…. To me it is sad that those that rebuke Christ….will only believe in him when they are sent to hell! I pray for your soul.

  20. Your Awesome! is it ok if I photo shop a pic of you, frame it, then mount it in my living room, with a living alter of worship underneath it to you? I will offer your picture daily sacraments, starting off slowly with just wine, but will move on to the blood of small children. Would this appease you as my God? 

  21. I thought this is about Christian comedians and their jokes but Jesus Pat, you sounded angrier at Jesus more than the comedians.  I am a fan of your channel but I think this one is a fail. If you can't agree with what religion stands for, at least respect one uncomplaining decent man that walked the earth even when you believe that he walked only the solid portions thereof. 
    Besides, what is the point? Comedians and stand up comedies are just another trade that people do to eke a living. Some people frequent it but it is just a matter of taste, not for everyone. Are we to disrespect everything we do not like? If they do not harm anyone, why thrash them? What is the point?

  22. I am not a Christian but It was more of rant against Jesus, rather than Christian comedy blues. I wish people like you would stop judging others and so that they can live in peace. You, sir, preach hate by making a mockery out of beliefs other people hold dear. I am sorry I could not finish the video as my IQ level kept dropping with every spiteful word coming out of your mouth. Live and let live. Peace.

  23. Jesus is universal,   but some things we should not laugh at because it hurts them if they are going through it.

  24. Jesus had no sense of humor? Sir: Read the Sermon on the Mount. Can you imagine a man with a log in his eye? Jesus did. Can you imagine a man with a log in his eye telling a man with a speck in his eye to hold still so he could remove it? Jesus did. Can you imagine a man trying so hard to be good enough for God that he plucked out his eye and cut off his own penis? Jesus did. Now I admit: The timing and nuance requisite to comedic delivery has been lost in translation over 2000 years from that language to this culture, but if Shakespeare's humor still comes through, surely you can see it after it's pointed out to you.

  25. Atheists: Attention, you can become Muslims without changing any of your moral standards. Just don't tell them you're an atheist, or they'll cut off your head and feed it to the cat.

  26. A guy walked right into a unisex restroom, since the door was ajar. There's this Muslim man, wiping his butt, with his bare hand. The guy says to him, "GEEZE MAN, you slap your wife with that hand?"

  27. Q) How many Muslims does it take to change a light bulb?
    A) None; after the Muslims take over and declare Shariah law, there won't be any electricity.

  28. Laughter is often considered to be a release of nervous tension brought about by previous cognitive dissonance.  Cognitive dissonance is the state of the mind trying to resolve contradictory mindsets or emotions. The laughter occurs when the dissonance is resolved, or perhaps just temporarily relieved.  Setting aside the fact that Christian humor is intended for Christians, imperfect and struggling who are mere mortals and like all humans, to be healthy, need to laugh at themselves and the world, I think it fits with the definition of an omniscient being that cognitive dissonance would not apply.  The Christian comedians I've seen are laughing at their own imperfections and those of fellow Christians and are not trying to "make God laugh". I think this entails not that Jesus was incapable of laughter so much as that we wouldn't understand his jokes.  Our humor may endear us to him in the same way a child's not very funny joke endears them to us.  Jesus was accused of being too joyous when he instructed his disciples that a certain point in time was not a time for mourning.  Jesus did speak much about joy and rejoicing and encouraged it.  Maybe those are just old school ways of saying "laugh".  I don't know.  What I do know is that the level of vitriol and nervous humor directed at Christians is a better indicator of cognitive dissonance within detractors than any fault with the concept that we have a relationship with the infinite and eternal whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. I'm tolerant enough to remain subscribed, it would be cool if others were tolerant in return.  None of us are omniscient and to insist that those who seek a relationship with the infinite are fools is to claim omniscience.  There are far more open questions than answers, but one thing is clear, the answers are ultimately far beyond our capacity to fully grasp.  Agnosticism describes most self-described atheists better than "atheism". The most atheism can logically claim is a lack of evidence (from their view) that God exists, when atheism goes beyond and denies the possibility of God existing, it becomes as superstition-oriented as any belief system atheism decries.  It devolves into cerebral nervous laughter over what it can never fully understand.   I wonder if it is this cognitive dissonance that fuels a lot of the vitriol.  One might also consider that people will always have an urge to relate to the infinite.  Perhaps tolerance would guide us to look instead at the outward behavior and tenets of various religions and at least acknowledge that Jesus taught non-coercively and the modern church follows that spectacularly when compared to most coercive political systems in the world today and that perfect example of theocratic coercion, Islam, which hasn't changed since the 10th century in its willingness to coerce to the point of beheadings and stonings.  The number of slaves in the world today is far larger than the number that ever existed in the US and all of them are in the Muslim world.    The Christian church has a checkered past, but it has grown, in a positive way, and this positive growth has been to be closer to the teachings of Jesus.  There is something important in that fact to be mined.  It wasn't Jesus' message that was off, it was us.  The western world has benefited immensely from this progress as have many other places.  Meanwhile, the prophet of the Moon God Allah only ever taught pedophilia, intolerance, war-mongering, hate, and murder with a sugar coating of "purity".  The Christian church failed humanity historically when it diverged from Jesus' teachings.  Islam fails humanity when it obeys its prophet.  Thinking required.  The point?  Don't sucker punch allies?  Anyway, God bless all of ya, one and all.  Have a great day.

  29. Here's a good one: Atheists think atheism should replace Christianity despite the fact that atheism has never produced anything but communism, fascism and misery.

  30. Pat surely realizes that mocking Christians is as easy and safe as taunting a teddy bear.  Not so with the Religion of Peace (R)

  31. wait, so none of the four Gospels say what Jesus looked like, they leave out almost 30 years of His life, and they don't really give an example of Him showing much emotion anyway, but you think that they should have recorded Him laughing?

    here's the thing, ancient biographies don't normally record that sort of thing, ancient people would look at our biographies today and say "too many details"

    The funny thing about Jesus is that how come if he had the ability to calm the storms while out sailing then why did he not sail round the world with his fishermen disciples in their little boat telling the Americans and the Australians his gospel. Instead he left it for 1500 years until the Europeans discovered the Americas and started telling them Bible stories.  Jesus used his talents to perform party tricks but sailing the seven seas would have used them to full effect. If he ran out of water he could just have turned salt water into wine or fresh water even. If the ship got damaged he could just repair it, being a carpenter and all, if his disciples died enroute he could have just brought them back to life and if all else failed he could have just got out and walked. So to me it looks like he was in no hurry for his gospel to go to all nations. Also its funny how Jesus didn't spend his carpentry career building a proper ocean going ship but instead used his super human powers to make tables and chairs. It is even funnier how nobody thought to keep his chairs for posterity after he got famous or why they didn't try to sell them for a lot of money to his fans with the slogan, " Sit where Jesus sat " or for the wooden toilet seats, " Shit where Jesus shat "

  33. Pat, please stop posting brilliant videos, especially the ones about islam…I was supposed to be doing something useful all afternoon, not watching you for the last 2 hours!

  34. Ummm Jesus isn't in us all! Don't know where you got that from – oh yes you haven't read the Bible! Not got any Muslims to attack 😉 Christians do have a sense of humour – heck you have a skewed view of Christianity! I know, I know, you will say that most Christians are po-faced and you may cite Oliver Cromwell as an example but you can't know many because I don't know many Christians who would ban Christmas, not go to the cinema or go dancing etc – I even know some who go to pubs – me for one (although, not often and not to get drunk). Come on man – keep knocking the Muslims and Palestine, but leave us Christians alone or we might start sulking! 😉

  35. Oh ya I forgot, he's English, so he's used to the Oliver Cromwell variety of Christianity.  Oliver banned pie and Christmas.  The Brits voted him one of the Greatest Englishmen… Seems like maybe wait for it, Christopher Marlowe would have been a better choice but Oh Christopher was a crypto Catholic. Princess Diana is number 3 REALLY. Well she was dumb as a box of rocks (she was dating a Muslim man)   Come to think of it Atheist comedy is kindof an oxymoron  Don't forget Stalin and state atheism, Pat, having killed millions he had a lot to laugh about.

  36. Hi Pat.

     I would really like to hear what you think about creationists. Especially creationist websites like "answers in genesis".

    I am having a great deal of trouble persuading people that these "liars for Jesus" are not telling the truth.
    I thought that as you are far more eloquent then me, you might be able to help.

  37. well in the gospels it mentions how he was at a wedding in cana and he was said to be having a good time there, we can safely assume he was smiling and even enjoying a few jokes too

  38. Love this one. Poor Muslim bashing is getting tedious, but this one – to Jesus "here's an egg, You earned it" is a masterpiece.

  39. If you don't think God has a sense of humor it is only because you don't know the Bible. There are, for instance, lots of one liners in the book of Proverbs. A couple examples:

    "Like a gold ring in a pig's snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion."
    "Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife"

    And God Himself is said to laugh, though that isn't a pleasant thing: in Psalm 37 we read of God laughing at the wicked. It is sadly comical for a man to shake his fist at God.

    Then there is 1 Kings 18 where Elijah takes on the priests of Baal. They are calling on their god to send fire but no fire is coming, so…

    "Elijah mocked them, saying, 'Cry louder, for he is a god. Either he is musing, or he is relieving himself, or he is on a journey, or perhaps he is asleep and must be awakened.' And they cried aloud and cut themselves after their custom with swords and lances, until the blood gushed out upon them. And as midday passed, they raved on until the time of the offering of the oblation, but there was no voice. No one answered; no one paid attention."

    So you're right Pat….you're no biblical scholar.

  40. Wot you talkin' about, Willis?

    Pat, you wouldn't know the truth about, the Divine Pantocrator, if He kissed you on your fevered brow. Oy!

  41. I don't get it. What harm is it to follow Jesus? All your other videos are so inspirational and important. What the heck was that?

  42. I honestly think you are so confused in every way when it comes to Anything you believe….I've never and I mean ever seem someone contradict themselves so many times in such a few videos. You really are like a frog In a pond full of Lily pads and you have not a clue which side of the pond to get out on….I really do pity you…and hope that one day you find peace in your own mind.

  43. From one vile heathen to another:

    An atheist is walking through the woods (for some reason; God knows that they don't appreciate nature's beauty). Suddenly, he hears a roar and turns to see a large bear coming straight for him. He turns and runs as fast as he can, but the bear keeps gaining on him.

    Finally, the atheist stumbles and falls to the ground. He rolls onto his back just in time to see the bear's open jaws coming right at him, and screams, "OH MY GOD!!"

    At those words, the bear stops moving. The birds stop singing. The breeze stops blowing. Nothing moves. The clouds part, and a beam of light comes down. The world turns dark outside of the beam of light, which shines right on the atheist. He hears a voice come down from the Heavens:

    "You have spent your life denying My existence, and ignoring My teachings. You have taught others that I do not exist, and belittled those who have had faith in Me. You have always rejected Me, and yet now, in your moment of dire need, you call out to Me. Do you expect Me to help you?"

    The atheist, unmoved, replies back with atheistic contempt (because atheists know that God exists, they just hate Him), and says, "Why do you only reveal yourself to me now? Why haven't you given me any evidence of your existence? I always hear your followers ask what Jesus would do…well, if you're going to reveal yourself now, why not reveal yourself to the bear? Tell the bear to think about what Jesus would do!"

    "…Very well. It is done."

    With those words, the beam of light vanishes, and time starts again. The bear immediately ceases its attack, and climbs off of the atheist. As the atheist scrambles to his feet and dusts himself off, the bear kneels before him, bows its head, and clasps its claws together respectfully.

    "Dear Lord, please bless this meal that I am about to receive…"

  44. Most of your videos are intriguing and poignant but this was just a needless attack on Christians. You go on about religions making themselves look bad but I think you're at risk of making yourself and atheism look bad. Why are Christians even a target? Too many unprovoked attacks like this and you'll only be popular with the nasty, bitter and angry atheists out there.

  45. I don't think I've ever commented on your videos, but I have to say, Jesus is not "in us all." Where'd you hear that? And although Isaiah calls Jesus a "man of sorrows," he was far from being glum and boring. Examples:

    1. There was a time when he socialised so much, going to weddings and dining with different types of people, he was criticized for enjoying food & wine too much.
    2. He told his disciples it wasn't the time to mourn or fast while he was with them.
    3. You have to have a sense of humour to say things like "remove the log from your own eye before pointing at the splinter…" and "it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle…"
    4. When the most respected and powerful men ask you something important, you don't squat and draw in the sand with your finger, ignoring them for a while, unless you have a sense of humour. 
    5. He was LOVED. Loved so much that people deeply mourned him and then died for remaining loyal to him — after his death. He must have been the most gentle, loving, happy, sincere, wise . . . That's not glum and boring. 
    6. He "took the children into his arms." I can't imagine anyone doing that without [at least] smiling!
    7. Merely looking at creation, it's obvious the creator has a great sense of humour (John 1:3).

    I now distrust all your videos on Islam and politics. If you're so erroneous and biased on something I know well, you must be just as erroneous and biased on the things I don't know so well.

  46. So many angry, stupid Christians who are offended. Good! I think his point was to offend and piss all of you off and looks like it worked because I'm LOLing at the comments.

  47. Well spoken, Pat. When we tolerate the destruction of civil society, we're doomed, it seems to me. The inability of elected officials in multiple countries to distinguish an invasion when they see it is astounding and their reactions seem quite depressing for the future of humanity. Wouldn't it be great if religion were taken out of the equation? People might find they get along, after all. And yes, "peace" is a universal and something to strive for. May we all have some in our lives.

  48. Comedy is based on someone's or something's expense. These comedians are the ones that Duckman talked about in one of his episodes.

  49. LOL…all the butt hurt Christians who have no problem with the attacks on other religions but are now offended.

  50. Yes you are no biblical scholar self admitted your own words. Because your ignorance is bliss, at least if your going to talk so boldly know the subject matter. Maybe you can entertain Satan with jokes for eternity. Here is verse for you :
    Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
    You have been warned Pat, your will and your choice. It's like insulting someone who you never met, never knew and then telling everyone about the encounter than didnt occur. Your very a damaged man laughing away, to your cover your pain of the need for some form acceptance.

  51. I'm ambivalent about "christian comedians" but not Christian theology. You know not of which you speak Mr Condell. The bible does not teach that Jesus is "within us all", but rather that he is near. A confessing mouth with a believing heart are required for him to inhabit the human spirit. Arrogance is no substitute for knowledge and in this matter you are lacking. I do enjoy your commentary on politics and civil liberties.

  52. The American Declaration of Independence, part of the documents called America's Founding Documents, establishes that all human rights are of a Creator/God. Therefore unalienable. When one denies the existence of a benevolent Creator/God, as does Mr Condell, they then are denying the source of unalienable human rights. Leaving only government given rights. What the government gives, the government can and eventually will take away. No doubt the reason for the UK being such a less freer country than the US.

    So whereas Mr. Condell champions human rights, he opposes their only source, a Creator/God. A foolish contradiction.

    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. …

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