Clowns Help Bring Laughter on Mission Trips – The Science of Healing: Medical Mission Clip

the other unique thing about the group
I’m with it’s called Komedyplast and it wasn’t started by me was started by a
different plastic surgeon but we literally bring a professional clowns
with us so there’s a clown group in Seattle Caring Clowns they do mission work all across the world but this is the group
they join that we join forces these two mission groups together and they
literally when the first day we get there is our intake day and so we
convert the gymnasium to a big clinic and we see 50 to 60 kids and and try to
figure out which ones need surgery and are healthy enough to tolerate surgery
in the next five days and that’s a long day just seeing 60 kids hence all the
clowns entertain them during that time and at first I thought what a strange
idea to bring clowns on the trip but these clowns really change I mean it
just makes the family it’s a such an international language of laughter and
the kids love it families love it and it really takes their mind off something
that’s very serious getting really big cranial facial surgeries it really is of
all of the huge range of human emotions no matter what culture what language
what person you are what part of society you are laughter is the universal
connector I think I do care very much about people’s happiness and I do like
seeing people smile and laugh and the very surgical thing I do is restoring

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