Cocomelon fun with Sparkle and Daddy

– [Child] Whizzaroo. – Hey guys, we’re
coloring Cocomelon today. – Coloring Cocomelon is so much fun. Let’s get started. (playful music) What color are you starting with? – Blue. – I wish I had blue. I’m gonna start with purple. This is gonna be fun. – Mm hmm. – So what color will you be using next? – Pink. – Pink, okay. So what are you coloring
with the blue marker? – The ladybug. – The ladybug, I’m gonna color mine red, and maybe put purple polka dots on it. – Cool. I wanna try that purple. – So have you been watching
Cocomelon here lately? – Mm hmm. – Which one is your favorite one now? – The one where they caught the fish. – Where they caught the fish? – Mm hmm. – Okay. On Cocomelon? – Mm hmm. – They caught a fish on Cocomelon? – Mm hmm. – Cool. – I wish I can go fishing. – Yeah, fishing sounds like fun. – But not now. – You know when you go fishing, you have to be very, very quiet. – Mm hmm. – It’s the only way to catch a fish. If you make a lot of noise, it scares the fish away. – Mm hmm. – Can you be very, very quiet? – Mm hmm. – Lets try, one, two, three. Shh. (guitar music) Oh, I gotta color, arg, I said something. Lets try again, you count. One… Two… Three. Shh. (guitar music) Okay I think we can talk now. (giggles) So what are you coloring now? – Pink. – Pink, so you’re coloring the face pink? – Mm hmm. – Okay, that seems cool. – And my buggy is gray. – Gray? – For the head. – Okay. I’m still coloring the ladybug. – That’s cool. – So yeah, I’m gonna use yellow
now for the first time. – I wish I were you. – You wish you were me? – Mm hmm. – Why me? – Cause I just want the red color. – You want the red color? – Mm hmm. – Well I can trade ya. I’ll tell you what, if you trade me the blue, I’ll trade you the red. All right. Or do you wanna trade me the pink? – Mm hmm. – I don’t need it right now, I just wanted to see
if you would trade me. Pink is your favorite color right? – No. – Which color is your favorite? – Mm, (groans) – The red and the gray? I thought pink was your favorite color. Okay, maybe in a few, I’ll
borrow it in a few okay? – Okay. – Let’s color some more. So I’m gonna color the watermelon blue. – This looks like a perfect. – Okay, now the Cocomelon watermelon, is a very cool looking watermelon, kinda. – Yeah, look. – It’s kinda like a square shape. – Mine’s looking beautiful. – Yeah, it’s pretty cool. Most watermelons are
green and this one is… – Red. – Blue, and then most
watermelons are round and this one is more square. So this is a very neat watermelon. – Mm hmm. – Guys at home, hit the thumbs up button if you like this video. (playful music) We have a blue watermelon. This is cool and yours is red and pink. – Uh huh, and blue. – And blue. So my watermelon is
gonna be blue and yellow. – Mm hm. – Uh-oh, there’s your marker. – Thank you.
– You got it? You’re welcome. Okay. Almost finished with the blue. – And the giant Cocomelon. – Yes, a giant Cocomelon watermelon. – Don’t matter what I’m
drawing on the back. – No, you can’t draw on the back. – It’s fine – (giggles) – Nobody can see the back. – You’re not gonna show them the back? – No, I’m not done. – Ahhh. – I forgot one more eye
and the nose and the mouth. – I see, so now I’m
doing the yellow stripes. – And the hair. Now let’s do the nose, there’s a pointy nose on there. – A pointy nose. Wow, that’s a cool face. – And then I’m gonna make another one. This is a woman next time. – So are you gonna draw me? – Yeah. – You think you can draw me? – This is you, I’m just drawing the part of your legs. – Well, lets see.
– Red. – That’s me? – Mm hmm, that’s what you look like. – No way. – You look like mommy. – I look like that? – Mm hmm. Oh. (playful music) Guys at home, do I look like that? (playful music) I don’t think I look like that, do I? Oh no, oh no, that’s not me is it? (laughs) You sure that’s me? Then what’s that on top my head. What is that? What are you drawing now? – Your hat. – No, I got, oh its a hat. – Mm hmm. – Oh. Okay, am I a chef? Am I cooking? – Yeah. – Is that what the hat is for? – Uh huh. – Oh. – Wait, just forgot your hands. – You forgot my hands? – Uh huh, and your legs. – Ahhh, I see. – Now how do you look? – Okay, that’s pretty cool. (energetic music) So your favorite Cocomelon episode, is the one where they caught fish? – Yes. – Okay.
– And they didn’t be quiet. – And they didn’t be quiet? – Nope, they were just talking and stuff. – Ahhh. Okay. (cheerful music) I don’t remember if I seen that one. I have to go watch more Cocomelon. Can you show me yours? I’m almost done. Okay, I guess I am done. Now you show yours, I’ll show mine. What do you think guys? It’s cool Cocomelon pictures. (fun, playful music) – [Girl] For more awesome
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