Come From Away vlog: Rachel Tucker chats to Mark Dugdale | Part 3 of 4

Mark: So I’m here outside Rachel Tucker’s room, I’m just gonna see if she’s in. Rachel: Well hello Mark Dugdale!
Mark: How are you Rachel Tucker? Rachel: Very well
Mark: So yesterday they did a wee announcement for you Rachel: Oh just a wee one
Mark: Still do you want to tell the- people already know
Rachel: I’m going to Broadway! Mark: That’s brand new information. Rachel: Very very excited.
Mark: Rachel was I one of the first people
you told? Rachel: You actually were.
Mark: Oops sorry about it! Rachel: Like a Belfast secret wasn’t it
Mark: I’m really good at keeping secrets I know now! Not before, but now. After that I was very
good wasn’t I? No? Rachel: When are you good at keeping secrets?
Mark: No not in general but that one because it was an important one.
Rachel: Sweetie I think you told the whole building. Mark: No I didn’t tell! I swear to God I didn’t tell anyone, but I’m gonna miss you! Rachel: Are ya?
Mark: Well no not really. Rachel: I think she bought it.
Mark: I think she bought it. Mark: No we’ve had a real laugh this year.
Rachel: We’ve had a joy, it’s been a great year, over a yea and I will be very sad to leave this gorgeous London Come From Away family behind.
Mark: But you’re getting a new family. Rachel: I’m getting a new Come From Away family
Mark: And I’m telling you if you get on with them more! Rachel: No I’m very excited but will be very sad to leave the company but we will do lots of Skype! Mark: Skype
Rachel: and lots of comparisons don’t worry And you’ll always be the best. Mark: So what’s the guy in Broadway like is he great, is he better than me? What’s his Gander accent like? But I’m gonna come over and see you, I’m gonna come over. Rachel: I bloomin’ well hope so! Mark: This has been like, ’cause we work together one time properly professionally like when we were in the Lyric years
ago. Before that was all like when we were kids, doing am dram stuff!
Rachel: Very good am dram!
Mark: Brilliant am dram. So Rachel now wants me to ask what? Why don’t you ask the questions! Rachel: Right okay [ laughter ] Mark: Rachel, what is your favourite part of Come From Away?
Rachel: Where, here? Mark: Here, you haven’t done it in Broadway yet.
Rachel: I’ve done it in Dublin! Mark: Okay so Rachel, in the British isles… England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland
which is your favourite part of Come From Away? Rachel: Shall we do this tomorrow?
Mark: No we’re doing it now. Go for it! What’s your favourite part of Come From Away? This year I think has been
honestly without sounding cheesy the show that keeps on giving, honestly the
opportunities that’s come out of this show, you know the
Olivier Awards that was the first time ever being there and
performing and being nominated and people say this is an ensemble show
which it is but actually I heard someone say it’s not an ensemble show
it’s 12 leads leading it and we all have to rely on each other like a lead does and it’s not like your average
ensemble show and so none of us feel-
[Announcement] Rachel: Miss Tucker to the stage please-
so it’s definitely a very very heavy collective show 12 of us and
the band Mark: So your favourite part of the show is the whole show…? Rachel: The whole show Mark: Well this has been fun Rachel so look we’re gonna just follow you down to the stage because you are very good at interviews. You’re very good at them. Rachel: Do you think? Mark: So is this your wee ritual is it? Just check your phone.
Rachel: My phone is going on charge Mark: And I’m being very good about what anyone is saying about your dressing room because it’s a tip! Rachel: Now a sweet, this is my sweet, a little Jakeman’s. Jakeman’s sponsor me! Mark: Is this the queue for the toilets? Just so you all know it is 7:30pm. So the girls toilets are on this side and the boys are on the other! The boys side is very cold So we’re walking down stairs to the stage. It’s Oscar! Stage management Oscar. Oscar: I’m Mark’s favourite stage manager. Mark: Oscar’s ticking everyone off – so who have we got to wait?
Oscar: We’re waiting on Cat, we’re waiting on Helen. Mark: Helen’s here! She’s available, she’s available, she’s
free. Hey Joey, our bass player and there’s Harry having a drink! We’re doing an Official London Theatre video diary.
Joey: Make sure you get me on my good side! Mark: Just so you all know, I’m not actually on tonight so that’s why I can do this. Cat: It’s only cause he’ll steal the show! Mark: Bye Cat it’s been lovely to see you. Rachel: Bye!

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