Comedian Ambrose Jones Rising Comic’s Full Documentary (Part 2)

(In August 2007) That following Wednesday I went
onstage you know I called in I signed my name on the list as “Broski”, that’s what my friends used to call me “Broski” so I was like yeah I want to sign my name on the list so I get up there and the host called my name he was like “Yeah y’all, welcome the next comedian coming to the stage I’ve never heard this guy before y’all give it up
for BROSKI! and there was no Broski… yeah but okay
broski going once, broski going twice, okay no broski we’re gonna go on to the
next comedian I couldn’t even get up I was so scared like I couldn’t even get
up so he called the next comedian on stage and I just sat and watch them man
and I went home I pissed off like a DAM, I freaking didn’t get up so you know I know all about fear and then you know letting fear overcome you or whatever… but that following Wednesday I came back I was like, “Okay I’m signing my name AMBROSE this time, this my real name I’m going up this time.” and bam he called
Ambrose up man and I went up cracked my first joke I think it was something about
my son’s momma about she was walking through the airport metal detector and
it went off and the police was like hey you guys have more you you got some
metal on you and I was like yeah it might be a plate inside her head! and that was
my first joke that got my first couple little chuckles and then once I felt that and I heard
them people laugh, THAT’S IT this is what I need to be doing every
day right there so it bit me (AKA THE COMEDY BUG) that day when I was on stage it was already in me
but it’s like kinda like everything just came together like that I dont know no big words….. umm MESH?
Naw, thats small.. everything came together then.. But YUP, been doing it
ever since!

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