Comedian ANT Confronts His Addictions

And needed to be pushed in the gym to tackle his physical health But that was just the start a critical step in his overall health Was working through the pain and that trauma that had contributed to his addictions, and that’s where psychotherapist dr. Mike Dow stepped in I’m already like covering up because I’m already feeling Exposed you’ve been in therapy for 30 years probably for the first 15 years I lied to the therapist so that didn’t work on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 feeling Confident and one feeling I could totally see Where are you today? How I value myself yeah – hmm that makes me sad it Makes you sad. I’m the one crying. I think when you are a young gay kid Society says that there’s something wrong with you huh that you’re dirty That you won’t accomplish anything that you don’t deserve to be here So I think it started then probably there is not a day that goes by that I don’t wish I could be sticking a needle in my arm. Yeah, cuz it shuts this up. I Think my weight is sort of the anchor that I have created in order to keep myself the victim Hmm, that’s interesting. There’s a little voice right now. That’s saying he’s not doing anything to you He’s doing something for you And then there’s a voice over here going you’re fine the way you are you’ve made a mistake you can stop this now Uh-huh shut him down am I a dual personality. No. What happened. What happened to that voice from the time We started – right now did it get loud about me vulnerable And I don’t like that’s what it is. We need to close your eyes for me I want you and your mind’s eye to see yourself under a tree and in front of you, and I want you to see a Stream a river that river actually represents your mind I want you to see all of your thoughts as that River my rivers chocolate right now What thought is coming up is it what you are gonna do later today, or when is this gonna be over? What is thought how can I evade your next question however you see your River right now? I want you to just Radically accept it with an AA that’s how it is, right? There’s also this other part of you right, let’s call it your soul. Let’s call it your spirit What color is that part of you black? What does that part of you feel like? It’s cold Interesting I just had a thought that when I was younger I used to be orange bright orange. Don’t tell me about that I don’t know open your eyes for me That was really interesting, no one’s ever done that before our goal is to get your black Back to Orange I’m starting to have a little faith in you right now. I’m gonna give it a hundred percent with this Yeah, and if it doesn’t work. It’s gonna work. Okay. What’s the saying if you’re going through hell keep going? That’s right. That’s right You You

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