Comedian Buckwild Loves His Trash Talking Grandma

this functional family give a round of
applause for my grandmom just turned 97 years of age love my grandmom funny as
hell love my grandmom she just had the operation what’s that thing they get you
in your throat when you get that when you talk to your throat what’s that
called the trait talk trash all the time I popped up on her when she turned
ninety seven they had a family reunion on the 97 birthday I popped up and I’m
not going to do then I open up the door and I came through she got a stream door
with no spring soon as I walk through it she went right retching I said mom I
need you to do something for me I need you to give me a rent-a-car I said you
don’t live your life you and your way out autumn times I don’t went to the
store and got you Newport 25 and cigarettes and box the number 635 for 65
cent too bad I go to sleep so I walked in the house later on and took the smoke
detector battery in the house and stuck it in her machine knowing that when I
get in the argument with it the battery was gonna die well I’ll kick the
argument so I kicked the bed I said mamas are firing how she jumped up mommy some mother oh you’re on the front
row going to hell for laughing at my grandma with the thing in the throat
soon as I went through the airport and Philly they got this deck that they’re
handicapped bathroom how many y’all ever took us smashing the handicapped
bathroom a smash anybody gonna take it Dan to get back from tell the true for
shame the devil nobody overtook a handicapped bathroom I’m in the airport
handicap bathroom love it handicap bathroom is the best bathroom that you
can ever use to take it I’ve been there taking it somebody comes in I know
somebody comes in because the first thing I hear is who I’m like my brain
send the message down to my ass stop all traffic my feet automatically lift it
why do we hide our shoes within the bathroom I’m hiding my shoes whoever it
was he was in the wheelchair and he noticed that I didn’t have a wheelchair
inside of the handicapped bathroom so he was rolling back and forth like I don’t
see no wheelchair in there buddy you know buddy I don’t see no wheelchair in
there buddy your buddy I don’t see nowhere I’m in
there holding my breath I’m going in and out of consciousness like please please
Jesus please they got the automatic flush toilets it was flushing I got shit
all on the back of my neck I said please don’t let me think he would not leave so
I just jumped them down he’s looking at me I’m looking at him through crack we tell my who was you I say you better
roll out roll out soon as he left you know that’s it I got the color paper and
put it right between that crack of the door and sat back down that finish did
not notice five minutes after sitting on the toilet I had nothing await my quit
so I had to hop out there to the next star and there wasn’t no toilet paper I
have to get that hard toilet paper the Browns all the paper and you got a ball
it up in 15 minutes put the liquid soap on there then with it with the water but
they got the stinky water so you can’t catch the water as soon as you wipe your
twig that what happened your finger slip through the crack you got your nails you
in the back trying to feed your girl buffalo fingers she like you’re handsome
I like just smacking your face just found out that my my cousin Leroy is gay
game around applause I mean y’all support gay rights around applause thank
y’all for coming out literally my grandmama I’ll play that don’t play that
game stuff she’s from the old school so he was young he came out and he came
back and said he wasn’t gay no more but this time like I’m like you 57 you
should be able to do what do you want to do in 57 but we was young she never let
leave or he drink out to China and the good dishes another that he always drunk
got the red Dixie Cups I said mom I’ll leave where I got a drink she kicked
about the house two weeks went past I missed my cousin one day knocked on the
door who is it Leroy I’ll lift the window up a lookout
he like open up the door I said I can’t he said why I said mom told me not to
let you win he said open this door I knock you out so I went down steps and I
open up the door over the door he’s like yo you want to go to a furry
with me I’m like yeah my 12 years old I don’t give a fuck took me to the best
parade of my life when I’m just finding out now
it was Gay Pride weekend and Philadelphia and
the time I’m I’m like I’m running around town I got glitter on my face Leroy Lee
went back home is not throwing the throw my grandma you ain’t hear me calling up
like mom I’m sorry when I blink my eyes I had glitter on my eyes from the parade I came I came home one day and caught my
grandmom having sex which was so funny because I’d never thought that at
certain age like old people still should have sex so when I came in the house
she’s having sex so when I busted her room looking for the remote control to
the TV she’s having sex my grandfather is in the throat but she’s trying to
tell me to shut the door he’s trying to tell him to slow down at the same time
she’s trying to tell me books shut the door and swirl down at the same time
that shit was like yo money buck thank y’all for laughing thank you for

59 Replies to “Comedian Buckwild Loves His Trash Talking Grandma”

  1. Please please enough with the clinical bleeping. Find something else for god sake. My little cousin can do better

  2. My granny and I do the same. I know I'm her favorite, no other grandkid can handle her cause she can hurt ya feelings if you're sensitive.

  3. Have a look at my dessert I created in my most recent video and show some support 👊🏼❤️ 22 year old trying to set up a business man it’s hard out here

  4. Lmao I hope to God he wasn’t in the public bathroom running around booty butt naked trying to find something to wipe his butt

  5. Bruh, I'm Asian but I feel u
    Because I have grandma the same as u
    That white ppl they got nothing to laugh bruh, they life is flat they got no hood

  6. Funny material,needs to work on delivery& stage presence. Audience being Dead, dont know how to fix that. Flatlinnnnne________________beeep

  7. Unless this dude is in his late 50s… im starting to see a trend that many young ppl are speaking about their grandparents that is like a 60 year age difference!!! If true, I guess its longevity to keep fucking/producing in your 40s!!!!

  8. He his whack not funny at all I lost 8 minutes of myself watching this. I hate doo doo jokes very disgusting. Comedians who tell real life events are the funniest. His material is made up

  9. He reminds me of an uncle that is always telling jokes and I'll laugh hard at every single one just to make him feel good. This guys jokes were stale and more stale. i didn't laugh or smile once.

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