Comedian Destroys Heckler At Comedy Club

I used to go for older women when I was
younger. When I was younger I liked older women but what I used to consider older
is now my age. When I was 20 years old I dated a woman who was 40. I was 20 she
was 40 she had a child he was 21. But it was cool he bought me beer. Good kid too
we went to the father-son picnic we won everything. I fell down during the sack
race he put me on his shoulder keep going. Athletic! I loved him he even let me
borrow $40 to take his mom to dinner. He was great! loved him man. That was when I was
20. Then I was 24 and I got married to a woman who was 32. (Heckler: WooHoo!!) Yeah there she is
thought yeah baby thanks thanks baby thanks yeah mama good to see I thought I
wanted you to I told you wait in the car though but that’s cool. Yeah
what wait what’s that (Heckler: I’m an older woman.”) okay that sounds good what wait maybe later what what? What? (Heckler: “I’m ready baby you can meet me at the car.”) well fuck the show let’s go
let me get paid first baby so I can chip you off something. God damn! That’s what I like. It’s
getting hot in Phoenix oh yeah oh yeah just hope that’s not your husband with
you okay let the fuck we got going on here? oh yeah she’s from Ohio? okay. What’s your name mama? (Heckler: “Kelly”) Kelly? Nice to meet you Kelly okay you too yeah we will
do this. You know I’ll write us a script and everything okay? Yeah
that’s what I like man I like crazy women. And you know what I like about you
Kelly? You admit you’re crazy right you just come right out you let 550 people
know hey I’m fuckin crazy one. But I like it more women need to be like Kelly you
know you’re not come right out man. Cuz women who hide the craziness don’t help
us guys man it don’t help us. You date them for like six months a year then you
start seeing that they’re crazy the more you’re with him you see crazy comes out
slowly. I want to know what I’m dealing with like Kelly’s showing me right. I
want to know it no I want start meeting my women at the insane asylum you know.
Excuse me do you got any girls being released today? Well we got Kelly yeah B. Swine

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