Comedian Heather McDonald – You’ll Never Blue Ball In This Town Again

joined today by heather mcdonnell heather welcome
leon for said there is the author of the book you’ll never blue ball in
this town again yes did would you come up with burst the
book or the title of the world well i want to try it buck about that cared about life-sustaining
everything and then went amazon chelsea lately last
time a story in chelsea said if this jury entity group loop blue
balling another back from the nineties mcallen south and then i thought that does kind of time allosaurus
together yeah only four unique and then i artist came up with that title liz i
love all that you’ll never make love in the senate and all those but of course it now it’s a hollywood what is the hollywood
hair barbie hollywood’s herb performer driving range clear-headed heather is a
comedian she is also i a contributor on chelsea lately writer producer over n biology or anderson two she might
also be a writer producer on that show on my phone let her tell you that i
guess on earth it’s but of with their div cannot
vannatter danielle from of course the and that’s why you got to read a
book jack uh… so oscar now your stuart but whatever way away
how old are you when you got married when did that white ten twenty nine
point how he got mad so this is that period between eighteen this is you
you’ve been out of high school and it’s all in here of the at college i went to u_s_c_
arizona sorority and then island unit lived in l_a_ prowl and over
a lot of people a day didn’t want to know what to do a good people in
brentwood debate brentwood types caroline’s second-ranking last factory
have been a rough idea now so i’ll welfare now that i think is best about hard
because i lived like right across the street from the crimes who did you
really satisfaction i’d just gone for a walk that and think about it and ended with the wind would be no kato
kaelin before it was famous understand because now i also after these
investigate as seven senate and now before my brother line new right
and that that i didn’t make up until after the murder because that gets there’s a question
would you have made out with them had he not been part of the o_j_ verdict langley is freaking out kid he’s fun are isn’t necessarily make out in the book
is the cato kaelin make out of the but i don’t think i think it is yes if i get
my icalendar so many and then a couple of not cut but i think that kaelin as yet okay but let me tell you what one
of the one of the descriptions of your notice what only anyone who’s ever who’s
ever been funny and is ever written a book once this step in the rear might be the
reason that they read the book this is heather’s laughed out loud story
great is not an email access right now i really it probably airflow what you
think that’s corning wanted for its not corning it’s
every it said about every funny book is that it’s laughed out loud through a
really great is that that sweater yeah at mcdonnell heather everyone at
mcdonald’s other ivanka but also on the twitter net filament at michael cooke actually in the bud vase into i lucked out and i love sweater i really
i like it better than facebook or anything effectively couldn’t people
really responded expected skits refund so i get a lot of people that it’s read the
book and write to me on twitter and facebook and and on amazon ship and they’ve really do
stat laughed out loud on the plane and that’s great that i’ve been here but
i have no idea right now you know i don’t know what i was happy to hear that
they did right and up cell and they didn’t really like to give
us a you know i read from the from hell and in new york i’m playing in it’s a fast to read it as truly entertaining night couldn’t
stop and that’s exactly what i wanted so it’s i’d like a lot of comedians but they’re not
individual essays there would be really is like you guys are from the beginning inattentive through that and describes
you as an unwilling virgin yes let someone will emerge impact that
party i know what their aswell okay i was not done myself for managers
i think that’s up from a crazy christian ursula and catholic that that’s
completely different thing there is a totally data difficult crazy its ability
to get malika fic lately like that language in
alcohol is link that cell up but i just you know i just wanted a
boyfriend of four at i want that to be cited a steady boyfriend high school in
the new college i thought i’d get a break from but i had one that that really with like
thought it was great as a version that’s kinda creeped out by hand it is likely
to much we have sent out because he thought it
was great viewership going out there a little bit like innate i don’t know if anyway but he really like to be and he is named brian for it’s changes named in the book you came out of him in the book but no
here is a just a little bit button on the radio today aka at the moment i would like to finally some like he was not much like to cam on
monday and i can’t find town brian flynn is a pretty up to dedicate four week of
los angeles times and we had a really hurts like his popular television salad after that like a lot of people got to be really
annoyed by this week with a master and a nearby told unlike look at some sort of
anyone and twenty-two their really freaked out and then we’ll come up with uh… what
what what they do they were just discussing michael and i was like hey that’s that’s fine i totally
understand eloquent you know it’s like okay you know this is great and that he
dumped me like a week later and then another one mom it just was like hank you know that’s fine but i think and it was just like it was like out
there and you couldn’t take it back so that after a certain point i just
didn’t tell anyone and then i’d be like dating someone i
like and that was a kidnapping m into it and he’s not the crips are crazy so that i’d like to start a new birth
control pill to certainly at this point i’m not to have an unwanted pregnancy
the anything stupid now okay so let’s go to that you can get you you know that
you’ve never slept with them yes and you know the herbs not sleeping
with anyone anytime soon right i mean now again when the ok yet and i dot e
yes as i was looking at it and you get out of bill and what was that was the
what might be and that bike a nine c just a thought on mon fri really work
for anyone that’s fairly stairs that lead unwanted things that i
was we have a catholic guilt about the bill now don’t not now the fell i think the
film well now of uh… so if you are always like my dad
liked out of step to be found a piece in san diego that bluster like me were
catholic but not without after i would bless the
dissected yes at that after i was the fifth tuesday so over yes there was that and then com belt then you’d be like a nineteen accountant
and i want to hear from anymore and they get pretty annoyed they take you to like
three to four meals especially about lately appetizers right here in san antonio reluctant
totally and i think i like the full lekha
elected as a valid l_a_ you get the cheese plate at the end and that the
north coming i think that has created an exam like i really like like a chocolate
fondue and i like from the cases like that donald mcclelland and they’re not
putting out now but what’s wrong with that i would
like a really good time period that you are dividing line but don’t you feel the
fifth did that did they have a good time not after a while ago calling after
nineteen days yap yap so it’s a joke so that the old so from the moment you
took your first bill for the moment u had your first met yet what we what alone diplomatic i
would stop and i would like now renewal and stuff because like thirty three
dollars and what was behind taking a personal
because that means that was when i get a kick them at but you know you are going
to sleep with the yeah i thought i think with them i don’t like about when i
start to take it and then they’d baby go away by the wayside and that guy oscar this i want to gain three pounds
and least thirty-three dollars so then i go off and then i get some other people
and then i meet and i like again and then i get all right let me get this
prescription going you are like deed nahi deeply into the
family research cancels nightmare particular everything that is wrong with with with america in a nutshell
according to that but i think really but i think there’s a don’t you think what do you think people like these
these crazy christians and you’re right now with me what kind of crazy christian spending they’re saying i want to read this book
at their thank you anything like that then they’re not
happy that i’m not totally preaching virginity which i’m not which inoperative de-icing not at all and what happened was they wanted
happens only once that happens where you like the battle again we’re going out not to
look at it outrageous flat everyone thinks that was
cuz then i was like i have to be true myself and i’m just not and guess i was
this wafer so long so i’m not going to be that dismantling to do with the phone find that really not at all i can that
my husband was i like really into its old way for a
living i’m provided i can’t sleep a few people
before my husband and uh… which is really awkward and my mom
burning in my mom the book and she’s that comes out of our own she had to be
a ship it looked like lutz has lost a kitty twenty seven and you got married wing worships at wouldn’t no i just don’t lie i’ve given birth to keep people yeah
among young bertha like five magazine displays i’d then like the most perfect
child at our house and you know i’m going to book a dedicated theodore did
it in the dedication i say we don’t need to
read this in the t_v_ deck on they walked away too much to the hood which i don’t know why no in the testing
that saying what how much how many hours of t_v_ all people watch
allocates about your kid ed’s right but i mean provided for all
people what do you think of the way would not really cares about old people
just want to say well phil and watch t_v_ care i think i should be at one of
the robber make it that health a few people of the also dedicated to your dad
how how they feel about all this he likened a_t_f_ scared as each year
when task is it so i think less of a twenty seven enclosure july second stupid and i did
mention of the factory and ended up competent people campaign to have the book dedicated to them but like near heather you’re writing a
book and you have people again agree to the benefit is there any of that now like other lab rat what a dennis
everyone one of the primary karin state for re-education and now that i’m a parent i realize what
a huge sacked by senator than i thought they deserve for school and everyone
thought that was redundant dedicates my husband that he hoped to see the first
thing it was with the last two chapters which she’s featured bo so by i’m i
don’t know if he’s read the entire about that he doesn’t want to be believe
there’s a two year gap that we were talking about now that i could to get
their leaders of knowing about the book is called the never aloof all in this
town again we’re with heather mcdonald uh… heather is than is on the chelsea
it lately showtime confess i’m not old enough to sit and watch television the
of a lawyer so i don’t want a lot of filthy but actually i didn’t know that she’s
been somewhat controversial lately but she went on a rampage against someone
recently didn’t fit she always done everything like really
kind of mean rampaging out i know we did something on michael
jackson that like murder i don’t know what anyway deal so do i do
enjoy working on a show of course you yeah what’s your least favorite or just
a half-day go to an office every day right and i live in the valley so it’s
up to me uh… would you want to show at those around the artfully actually find
love that it’s like looks like your show you know it’s a
different everyday but yet you know how to do it so i really do enjoy it you know i do
really i mean its ever like i can’t think of something today coyotes bicycle some things i like it and heather and i were talking that we
have got a little bit of history even though we do a lot of miller earlier and
now i’m not one of the hanging out on twenty twenty seven by doing actually
remember you’re completely remember you really remember behind you know we are
ready was a long one have and but we were at with that kind of with the
ground wings theater here los angeles and and along time ago and when she was
doing comedy successfully in life was doing successfully and black and white when
ordering with some of the programming and plus our distribution and financing one about what i did between twenty
seven twenty nine uh… nobody the uh… the the the whole idea
of doing comedy and you want to continue with it as a performer or determines
that the new idly stand up out as if it’s at the big breakthrough
stand-up like between like getting married and i think as i
didn’t do it for like seven years i just started doing it just about four years ago i think the
first time i got up together like written a whole new act dot the road mom
and being married but in acted also do impressions and a lot of pop culture stuffing uh… and writing a book as to what give
you a ton of new material as we have actually stamp doesn’t really reflect
the books though which is also good so i can tell people if you’d like me fat the book will not alexa repeat history comics for that book and it’s
basically like the last ten years of their standard that’s not right so downside at my place and i just did
headline clubs tonight open for self defense opus crit gap of and it’s it’s really fun you know it’s great
going to do shows where you know at least half the crowd museo and then you get my daughter cloudy
outside gardening and then also likely most the time they watch that that
reality shows that i’m watching so they know what i’m talking about right even if they don’t still do it because
he director when you’re traveling to spring the book with you and read it to
the other people that they won’t know that
if you love your cover the benefit for doing i’d only thing i did i watch the
show an airport and they didn’t have that and i said i i feel that i felt
really ugly associates courses not recognizing coming up opm day after the killing one the bombs to identify only on the also added yeah i got i think it’s a out and i was
like ok loves my book and can you make sure you guys are more of its nice donna
ironic considering their considering you know your long virginity that you are now the lady
on the balls and added it’s like winners are
oftentimes the title has like attention so they say we can’t say the title and they told me i would never be in
walmart threat and effect as for target shipping really
wasn’t absolutely bizarre target isn’t as crazy as yeah i love the ending thank you know whatever arafat doing
later in the show someone who is running for congress and you diana minnesota
which is break were targeted for rain is higher i’m going to make sure make sure that
you guys this is a big campaign promise that he will have you’ll never homeless down again i would really my
dreams on israel atmosphere well i predict i’m glad you came and it was
great to see you again and i don’t know where you are another book there’s
people is there do you like to go back to becoming so that again and
now i have his parent of a family annex through my life in this more funny
stories of it will bring it on the telus aliso heather
mcdonald douglas called you’ll never blue ball in this town again buy it from the and independent
booksellers near you order at tell the or amazon our hearts of iron is honored barnes and
noble those are big independent news you know bookstores you can go to powells dot com
of the tattered cover dot com catechal desire to tell them to go shopping
amazon the it to the senator see what they have to say yes i had ever attended
matter gallery in denver this week look at well if you can go to out in
denver what when ill be there to do this weekend at thursday tristan at the
comedy work and then i’ll be at the type of our friday great so in your own watching in denver
carelessly denver does he have agreed on the book looks very funny weather is
very funny and uh… come on the phone all right i will be that the more the unprofor

49 Replies to “Comedian Heather McDonald – You’ll Never Blue Ball In This Town Again”

  1. I'm Brian Flinn, and there's a reason you can't find me! You're a B•tch!

    This is the most unfunny comedian interview EVER! 16:13?

  2. I think she's hot,I'm surprised she was virgin till 27,she's funny too she'd be an awsome co-host with Ana.

  3. That's one long tall drink of water. Great hair, Heather. I liked Mike's interview with her. As for Twitter / Facebook, I've never figured out the appeal. Nineteen days? I went out with my girlfriend for 3 months before we finally hooked up – but now we're inseparable. Don't go back to celibacy!

  4. How can you be freaked out by a virgin?!?!?!?!? DAMN guys are retarded… Virgins are the best man…. clean!!! CLEAN CLEAN.. I never understood how guys couldn't fuck a girl that their friend fucked or a girl that fucks everyone… I mean you wouldn't jerk off with a condom and then share that condom with your friend….. or would you???

  5. @upplsuckimcool16 Your view of women equated to a condom is… Fucking retarded and offensive. Fucking pig.

  6. @kuunami

    correction typical * female

    and yes if someone is obsessive and possessive then yes that would justify breaking up with them.

  7. @upplsuckimcool16

    your probably a virgin yourself the reason a lot of guys don't want to have sex with virgins is because they're afraid they are gonna get extremely emotionally attracted.

    and in closing PEOPLE AREN'T FUCKING CONDOMS do you shake hands well every guy has touched his penis and most women have fingered themselves soz.

  8. @Leadman1989
    You're right, if some is obessive and possessive, that would justify breaking up with them. But that wasn't the case here. At 4:30, she says he liked the fact that she was a virgin and she thought that was weird, and she was creeped out because she thought he liked her too much. She said NOTHING about him being possessive or obsessive. She then goes on to say that she would like him to find her now. If he was possessive and obsessive, I"m sure she wouldn't have said that.

  9. @kuunami

    right but my main point of contention was the *american* part i think we can agree that it's all of them right? (and i was using the possessive and obsessive as an example) and the part about wanting him back if he was non-violent she might be looking back on his obsession as cute

    and even at that it is a little creepy that he gets excited about her being a virgin… you don't have to be like the other guys and flee but it should be like just another fact about her

  10. @Leadman1989
    I agree. I don't see it as creepy unless the guy goes overboard with enthusiasm but she didn't really say enough for us to know if that was the case. About the American part, I'm basing this on a group of older American guys I used to work with who eventually married non-American women. They say that the "nice guys finish last" axiom exists to a much lesser degree with non American women they've dated.

  11. @KBeno3000
    Right, I know it does happen the other way too but my issue that women who reject guys for the reasons that she stated are often the same women turn around and claim that men are dogs, cheaters and that there are no good guys who appreciate them. That's the part of it that bothers me. They like the bad boys because they like the challenge of having to chase those guys, but then they complain when a bad boy behaves like a bad boy. It makes no sense.

  12. @kuunami Your right. Women don't make sense. That type of woman isn't attracted to a "good guy" (define that). That is why she constantly dates, "bad guys", guys that beat/use her, whatever. Maybe she will find a "good guy", or not.
    That's what turns her on.
    That's her shit. Why chase or care about women that want that anyways? If that's not you, who cares?
    It seems more like there's animosity toward her. The complaints seems like jealousy, because people feel like they arent that. Just saying.

  13. @KBeno3000
    No animosity at all. And I agree, why would I be jealous towards a female that I don't know and will never meet? I don't care if a chick thinks bad guys are sexy. But when they get screwed over I don't wanna hear them complain about it when they knew what kind of guy he was to begin with and then act as if all men are like that. People like that do the most complaining about their dating situation when the majority of their problems are brought on by their own poor choices.

  14. Of course nobody wants a clingy boyfriend but I don't think that saying "he liked me too much" 4:30 necessarily means that he was a clingy guy. Some young girls, particularly younger ones are just into the whole aloof "badboy" persona where the guy acts like he doesn't care or has better things to do.

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