Comedian Louie Anderson on His ‘Abusive Alcoholic Father’

Louie Anderson has kept audiences laughing for decades and his latest character, Christine, could be the mother of them all. Don’t open your eyes. They’re closed. OK. Alright, here we go. Open them up. Wow! What do ya think? Yeah, my little rodeo gal. You like it? I love it. (loud rips)
Bang, bang, huh! Oh that’s great, oh. (loud rip)
Oh my god, my sleeve. Oh. That’s pretty. I love the little– You do? (loud rip)
Love the frill. Yeah, it’s beautiful. Aww. (audience applause) Please welcome legendary comedian, Louie Anderson to the show. (audience cheering) Thank you. Welcome. Thank you so much. Welcome. Do they love you or what. Thank you. You know I’m so blessed and grateful and humble by all these wonderful things. I’ve had a great career making people laugh and that character is so much fun to play. It’s my mom, really. How’s the transition to wearing women’s clothing and lipstick? (loud laughter) Well you know I get there at 5:30 in the morning. It’s the only job I ever had that I was ever happy to get there in 5:30 in the morning. I put the clothes on and then I go in and get the makeup then they put the wig on and then they put lipstick on you. If you’re a man and they put lipstick on you, I don’t care who you are, as soon as they’re done you’ll look in the mirror and go. (loud laughter and applause) You’ve gotten good at that.
I love that. You have. You’re a good looking woman.
I look pretty good. Yeah you’re a good looking woman. And then you do this and that there. You’ve got it down. I mean this, you really based this character on your mom who I know you were very close to. I was. A wonderful lady. Ora Zella-Anderson. I think she would have been an actress or something in show business had she not raised 11 children. Well with that many kids around the household, siblings, there had have been a lot of laughing and pranks and good times.
Yeah. You know it’s like growing up in almost like having a baseball team. You did have your own baseball team. Yeah or two basketball teams. In your book, Hey Mom, you open up about eating problems. Right. And dealing with that. What was your gateway to food addiction? Well my dad was an alcoholic and whenever there was trouble, after the fact, my mom would feed us. You just mentioned your dad
Yeah. and alcoholism so when we see you now, we see this successful, smart, funny guy but when you were growing up you went through a lot. Can you tell us a little bit about that journey? Well if you grow up in a household with alcoholism your whole life revolves around the alcoholism. The dad. It just is a fact. It’s a fact. When you walk in the house, you feel, is he drinking/is he not drinking. That’s almost like a psychic thing you develop. You’re like on eggshells. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. What are we gonna see today? Yeah and so just with eye contact, your brothers and sisters would say, or he’s okay today. I’ve done a lot of work to make myself work through those things and to work on them and to make myself so I don’t become that person. And he wasn’t particularly kind to you in regards to your weight, is that correct? No, he would just kick the door in to my bedroom when he was drunk and go, “get up lard ass, get up, do some exercise”. So it was a very difficult thing but whatever you have to deal with in life, what’s your choice? Do you rise up and make something out of your life or do you lay in a ball and not let that person continue to control you? You have to make a choice. You have to get help. I always say to people, find somebody who you can believe in and be a confidante to.

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  1. Doesn’t his real family just ask him for money for drugs I heard that about him I heard him say that

  2. Louie's a legend and a great person. Growing up like that is hard. He had the strength to overcome a harsh childhood and succeed.

  3. He made my childhood beautiful but in romanian language I was watching in my birth country Romania at life with louie and now I am 24 years old and I still watch life with louie in romanian language in YouTube but sad I do not live anymore in Romani but I still love it thank u louie Anderson and one last thing did your father really fraught in the second world war?

  4. Louie – I come from Wisonsin people and grew uo in the Twin Cities/Saint Paul. One night at a gay club In SP I ran into your sister who infirmed me you are a pedophle. She said your father was such a drunk and that your family was so fucked up, and that your schtick was not even exaggerated. Your sister said you were funny, but that there was no way that you could not end up fucked up coming from whee you came from. She said you were a raging pedophile, that if there were two things you were addicted to but was donuts and under aged boys. At the time, you apparentky had gotten ahokd of a fifteen year old boy whom you had shacked up with you. I saw you in Las Vegas and had a busted gut for days after your show. Unfortunately, as a victim of adult predators it has taken me a natural liffetime to face the facts that no matter how entertaining, charming, innocent, and unassuming a person can be one can never know if they are one of the worst deviants that ever walkec the face of the Earth. Based on my own experience I believe what your sister said and have these two things to say to yiu – how dare you lure me just to burst my bubble and SHAME ON YOU, LOUIE!!!!!!!

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