Comedian Paul Tonkinson shares his tips on stand up and running marathons – Scope video

[UPBEAT, SHOW TUNE MUSIC] PAUL TONKINSON (Comedian): Hello, I’m Paul Tonkinson. I’m a stand-up comedian and I’m also a running enthusiast. [SOFT ROMANTIC MUSIC] Sounds odd but I’ve found it useful to apply the lessons I’ve learnt from stand-up to me running “How are you going to do that Paul?” “Why don’t you show us?” I’m going to… First of all, you’ve got to practice so you’re ready for the big event. Hello. I’m Tall P… I’m Plaul T… [COUGHS] Hello I’m Tall… I’m Paul Tonkinson… (YES!) It’s very important to have somebody on hand just to give your energy levels a boost. How many times? I don’t DO green. It’s not rocket science. Just wear something suitable for what you are about to do. [BOOS] I haven’t said anything! Give us a chance! [SIGHS] What’s the point of coming down? It’s always the same. You obviously need to think about nutrition and carb loading? VERY important. [SLOW, SOFT MUSIC] Crucially, don’t forget: you have to stay hydrated. Keep drinking. Keep taking liquids on board. A little and often. [SLURPS] It’s an amazing experience. The crowd really help you through it. [SOUND OF TUMBLEWEED ROLLING PAST] At the end of the day, when you’re running money for a charity like Scope at the end of the race you’ll have made some people very happy. [QUIET ROMANTIC MUSIC] [TA DAH!]

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