Comedians React to Serayah vs. Rotimi w/ Joel Kim Booster & More | Lip Sync Battle Breakdown

(lively music) – Don’t worry about a thing because we have
Suraya versus Rotimi and they are going to work it. (latin music) Alright, that was creepy, yeah. – Suraya kicks it old
school with Cool it Down from New Edition, then
Ratimi turns up the heat, steaming up the joint with
Usher’s Nice and Slow. Suraya cools it and works it,
while Rotimi lights it up. – You know what I’m sayin? (laughs) They smoke weed. – It is so hard. I can barely move and
speak at the same time, let alone dance and lip sync. And she’s giving us
like the full thing. – I don’t think people
really acknowledge how hard it is to squat
and bounce like that, and immediately switching
from being cutesy tootsy, to just fierce, fierce, fierce! I mean, you have to
have some serious thigh and butt control to handle that. – Suraya, this is her job. This is what she does every
single week on Empire. – She’s dropping to her
knees, her hair is on point, she’s got sensual
x’s on her pants. What more do you people want?! – Put your hands
together for Rotimi! – I’m gonna predict right now, he’s either gonna hump the
ground or tear his shirt off. And I’m on board for either/or. There it is! I love this show. – There’s not a lot of concrete choreography in
this performance. – There is no choregraphy. – It’s a little free-form. – We got a double whammy. Here comes the grind. That was kinda weird. – All he has to do on
his show is like be mad and hold a gun, like that’s it. – Have you ever tried it? – I’ve held a gun once
and it was really scary. They’re heavier than they look. – That was a steaming
hot performance. He hit all my marks. Tear the shirt off,
hump the stage. That’s all I ask for. – Imagine the
production people like, “Oh, guys, we’re doing full
life-size blunts today.” – Are they setiva’s or indica’s? No one knows. – Hi mom, I booked the job. I’m gonna be a blunt! – Everyone’s so
done up in costumes and that guy is just in
like a hoodie and a tank. I can’t tell if he’s
part of the performance or if he just snuck on
stage from the crowd. He’s got fries, a
cookie and a hot dog. Bobby would be proud. – I don’t appreciate
this cookie at all. Everyone else has a human face and for some reason the
cookie’s the only one that has its own
independent face. And that, for some
reason, really bugs me. – But he gave the hot dog a hug. That’s the kinda healing
this country needs right now. – He’s playing bongs. – Yeah, those are bongs. – You hear, those are bongs. I appreciate the fact that
he told the full story of what it is to be high. – Yeah, that’s true. – [Woman] You
smoke, it feels good and then you have
massive munchies. – But, it looks like this
cookie is about to eat him. – This is the first
time I’ve ever watched Lip Sync Battle and
caught a contact. – Legalized. – Missy would be proud of this. It’s her flipper nipple
flan yet, come on. It’s her flipper
nipple flan yet. – [Man] Rotimi
literally put on a hat that you can get in truly any- – Gift shop? – Gift shop, basically. And now we’re here. And this is a full
transformation. – Nothing better than
a child just fiercely looking you eye in the
camera and twerking. Is it even regulation to
feature a child in gold lame? – You get scared every
time booties pop. – I don’t approve. (laughs) – And a human centipede? I’m all for it but that’s an odd position to be in, you don’t wanna be behind
someone gassy in that situation. That was very in sync. It was like as weird as your
flipper nipple flan yet. None of it made sense,
yet it was beautiful. – A little bit don’t
understand thematically what Chrissy’s doing
in this giant chair? I don’t know how it connects. Why are they in the future
and she’s in school? – Is it possible Suraya inhaled
during Rotimi’s performance and that’s what brought us here? (pop music) I feel like Rotimi
brought the smoke but Suraya brought the fire. (bong noise) And that’s the dumbest
thing I’ll say all day. – It’s like watching a
professional basketball player go one-on-one with me. They’re not on the same
level but they’re having fun. – The Lip Sync
Battle champion is Suraya! (audience cheers and applause) – That was a well-earned belt. She twerked, she became Missy. She was cute, she was sexy. She did it all, she
didn’t miss a single word. Rotimi, I mean no
reason to be distraught. You put on one hell
of a performance. You get to go home
with all that weed. And all those abs. (pop music)

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  1. One time I was getting high with my best friend and we called del taco and ordered 50 soft tacos they were like are you serious I said yes and we got there and we had to take it out in a box cuz why do you need 100 bags to go lmap

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