100 Replies to “Comedians That MADE SIMON COWELL LAUGH! | Top Talent”

  1. Robert White (41)- “Simon Cowells Facebook
    was around the bout he brought it to me to try to bend,
    it wasn’t broken, he just got no friends”


  2. Second dude was a douche. First guy killed it. This show is why America beat the fuck out of you and then saved your ass twice.

  3. Uh did anyone else have the captions on?


    just slightly terrifying

  4. Lord Farquad……Fiona I think you missed out he’s quite….interesting…… Just kidding the first guys hilarious…

  5. Maybe the first guy would have actually been funny of he actually told jokes, it must feel really horrible to be insulted in front of the whole of America and on worldwide TV

  6. Only People with really fragile ego can’t take being roasted. Roasting is such a funny and quick wit comedy. Those 3 judges and Tyra could have easily laughed them off coz honestly the jokes were not even THAT offensive. Seriously, I kinda lost respect for them for being such sore 🤡

  7. I don’t think people understand the first dudes comedy. Its offensive humor, its an actual thing and a lot of people enjoy it! Its actually funny and died watching him, he’s funny to me!

    calm dOwn pEasAnTs caLm dOwn

  8. Me: * See’s Simon eat the candy bar *

    Also me: *Bursts out into tears for no reason *

    Also the first guy when Simon starts laughing.. I’m not surprised that Simon takes jokes as sarcasm and roasts, because he does roast and maybe he can be sarcastic too, it’s so funny.

  9. The last guy, the one that looks like 'death warmed up', but was funny nonetheless, funnier still that his surname is Graves.

  10. It's funny that the judges laugh at the insults the retarded guy says but not the first guy. Sure he's special but hes just as human as the first guy.

  11. “I just want to inspire the world through happiness positivity and comedy”….

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