Comedians Try To Make Kids Laugh

– You’re. (chuckles) I’m laughing. (gentle music) My usual comedy routine is bad, it’s not good. – A lot of self-deprecation,
a lot about dating. – It’s usually deadpan. – It’s topical, it’s personal. And a little dirty. – [Interviewer] Could
you do something funny? Okay, maybe you guys could just start off getting to know each other. – Have you been to a standup show before? Have you ever done this to yourself? – Sebastian, tell me
what you think is funny. – Doggies, they’re just funny in general? – Are you ready.
(laughs) I think they’re gonna be able
to hear that pretty well. – What’s it like being so.
(laughs) What’s it like being so much
smaller than everyone else? Is it weird? – What’s your favorite color crayon? – Red!
– Red? – Yeah.
– You know what’s crazy because the color red is the same thing as when you read a book and
it’s like the English language, am I right? – Wanna hear a knock knock joke? – I know it already. – You know it already? (laughs) – You know what’s funny about this, is I signed up for this,
I was like, oh great, I’ll be the comedian, turns
out, I think maybe it’s you. – What!
– Yeah! Oh no is that not what, I was
supposed to be the funny one? I’m failing miserably. – Isn’t it crazy when the teacher’s like, hey stop that, she sounds like. (blows raspberry) – Hey I’m Peppa Pig. (blows raspberry) (laughs) – Ahh, oh my god. Do you like farts?
No? – You like apple juice? – Yeah. – You ever think about how
there’s no strawberry juice, right?
It’s like, what’s that about? – What if I sat in my chair
all funny like this maybe? Or something, is this doing it for you? – If you sit here, you
can have fruit snacks. – I can do it for 10 minutes. – You can do it for 10 minutes? – I can do 10. – One, two, three. – What can I do that’s funny? – Pirate ship.
– What was that? – Pirate ship.
– A pirate ship. – Yeah, arr. – Okay, so pirate humor. – Now listen, I feel like
that’s a new form of heckling. You just show me your shoes, I’ll take it. – Aye, here come the ships. Set the sails.
(laughs) Bring up the barge, ship stuff. You gotta walk the plank, argh matey. Argh argh argh. – Nothing will make me laugh. – Nothing will make you laugh. Yeah I know, I know, I’m aware. – [Interviewer] So how did it go? – Terribly. But you know, what are you
gonna do when you’re not funny? – Well he gave me some
notes, I might wanna focus on pirate content. Maybe some focus on doggies, just nothing in general about,
just doggies in general. (groans) – Please, please, please please no! Please, oh god, please no, no.

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  2. You laugh when someone tickles you in the neck, right? How about if somebody chokes you? Your laughing while your dying.

    Murderer: What's your last words?

    Me: Hahahahahaha!!

  3. I feel like the kids parents told them not to laugh before they went in! 😂 clearly, the boy who laughed the most didn't follow their advice! Lol

  4. Uhg…..
    comedians thier 1st pilots then bankers then …… then comedianssss
    There legit the buzzfeed actors

  5. Person: poop
    Preschooler: Now what?
    Person: What about dog poop?
    Preschooler: pees pants HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


    i haven't seen the video yet,but i'm so scared that those guys are going to tell dirty jokes to those pure children 😭

    Edit: Ok,no dirty jokes but p u r e a k w a r d


  7. Video title: Comedians try to make kids laugh

    Video title in intro: Stand-Up Comedians Try To Make Preschoolers Laugh

    Me: These are confusing times

  8. "Do you like apple juice? Have you ever thought about strawberry juice? I mean, whats wrong with that?"
    I dont care if those preschoolers wheren't laughing because I know I am XD

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