Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents: Jenny Zigrino – Plus-Size Lady

– I’m comfortable being
a plus-sized lady. I’m cool with it, but I
live in LA. It sucks, right? ‘Cause I know, in LA,
I’m like a solid six, maybe like a six and a half. I go back home in
Minnesota, I’m a nine. Because I have a
body that’s useful, I can haul wood with this body. If it gets too cold,
I’ll stand in the corner, heat the whole house. Alright? That’s the kind of body I have. But living in LA, I
constantly have to prove to people that I like myself. No one believes
you, so I did it. People was like “Prove
it”, I proved it. I wore a crop top on TV. (audience applauds) and people are like, “Oh,
you’re such an inspiration.” and I was like, “why? It’s
on clearance, that’s it.” “that’s the only reason
I wore this thing.” and they were like,
“Well, aren’t you scared?” “Aren’t you scared
of the trolls?” And I was like, “The trolls?” “No, I’m not scared.” last time I got trolled,
the guy said this, he goes, “Ugh, I can’t
imagine trying to have sex” “with the folds of her fat.” and I’m like, “But
you did, so I win!”

28 Replies to “Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents: Jenny Zigrino – Plus-Size Lady”

  1. The audience clapped because she's wearing a crop top and then she made fun of people who thinks she's an "inspiration" for wearing a crop top.

    Also, crop top jokes.

  2. I'm biased but I enjoyed that. Being from MN and having seen several petite women needing constant help (especially in the winter) I totally understand what Jenny is saying here.

  3. It's funny that she thinks she's a 6 anywhere. Or being obese magically gives you the ability to do manual labor even though that's kind of the opposite effect

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