Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents: Joel Kim Booster – Growing Up Homeschooled

My family is very,
very Christian. They’re very evangelical
Southern Baptist Christians. They’re so Christian
that they home-schooled me until I was 16 years old because they did not want me
learning about sex or evolution and as like a fun
fringe benefit of that, now I don’t know about states
either, which is pretty cool. Just never knowing
where I am, you know? I recently truthfully
had to ask a friend what is Oklahoma,
you know, because seems sort of unclear. Yeah, so not a lot
of practical knowledge going on
up here in the old noggin, but to sort of offset that,
I am a nationally ranked
Bible quizzer, which is pretty cool.
That’s a thing. Okay, got some weirdos
in the audience too. That’s great. So I know a lot
about that, but sort of on the flip side
of that coin, I’ve never used a condom,
you know, so it is a trade-off,
in the sort of… knowledge you learn. Most of my family
is from the South, actually. Um, yeah, I love the South.
They’re great, they’re great. My mom is a real Southern lady. She’s one of these ladies
who thinks that our generation, well, we got too many
participation trophies, and that’s why we are
the way we are, you know? Gay.
That’s what she pins that on. But weirdly, my mom is also
one of these people who’s like, “Oh, no, no.
You cannot take
that Robert E. Lee statue down from my college campus,
no, ma’am.” And it’s like,
“But, Mom, like, those statues are history’s
greatest participation
trophies,” you know, like,
y’all lost, all right? We let you erect a statue,
so… think about that.

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