Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents: Julio Torres – The Hardest Part About Being Vegan

I am a vegan. And I am so sorry. In my experience, the hardest part
about being vegan is all of the apologizing. People ask me
if I miss meat or dairy. I mean, I miss being liked. I don’t miss cheese, but I do miss
getting asked to do things. I miss my friends
and I miss my family. I went to the doctor
and the doctor told me that I was very underweight. And I was like, “Stop it. Shut up.
You’re underweight.” He wasn’t. He was just, like,
an average-sized doctor. But I figured
he was being so nice that I should just throw him
a little something. I’m sorry if I seem
a little bit… distracted. I just got
my lab results back, and just as every doctor
suspected, I’m simply too much.

37 Replies to “Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents: Julio Torres – The Hardest Part About Being Vegan”

  1. IMHO, people who disliked this video arguing "bad delivery", should be banned from this channel! 😉

    It's obvious that the hesitation, insecurity, low self-esteem, distraction, etc., are part of this specific "persona", so to speak. It's very likely that he's exaggerating some of his own real personality traits in order to come up with this character, but I seriously doubt that he behaves this way in real life.

    Watch the following video, from September 2017, when he was in Jimmy Fallon's show. Hopefully you'll understand what I'm talking about:

  2. If you're into a very specitic comedic niche, then you're not gonna like Julio. That doesn't mean he needs to work on his delivery or anything; neither do leftfield comics like Steven Wright, Nathan Fielder, Demetri Martin, or any of the younger, newer, NYC-based comedians coming out of places like UCB alongside Julio (i.e. Joe Pera or Jo Firestone, two of my favorite rising comics right now). They're doing fine and trying to at least do something new and unique and genuine.

    It actually just means you need to shut up and go back to your basic-ass Tosh.0 and Jimmy Kimmel reruns.

  3. This is literally the most un funny comedian I've ever seen. Its like some fucking homo walked by saw a mic and started telling shit stories about himself in a horrible Un enthusiastic way. I feel like I'm watching someone on stage die from aids. The comments on here are like "his delivery was actually good!" Or the "I like his jokes but not his delivery!" No, not one thing was good about this. If u defend him u like suffering.

  4. I love Julio, the way he delivers his jokes is different than any comedian I've seen and I appreciate that, he's original

  5. i have been going through his videos on youtube and i like him more everytime ! i dont know what others say about the delivery . it is supposed to be like this. thats what makes it funnier. for me at least

  6. I love his work , as a funny person I have a very similar delivery , very dry. Unfortunately I'm not trying to be funny it's my personality. 😑

  7. Hes trying to do a Steven Wright impression with the delivery, but the "jokes" arent even close to be mildly amusing

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