Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents: Solomon Georgio – Life After the 2016 Election – Uncensored

2017. I’m having a great year. A lot of people are having
a hard year. 2017 has been a very difficult
year for some people. Not for me. Because for the first time
in my life, I got to witness white people
fuck over white people. ♪ Finally it has
happened to me ♪ ♪ Right in front of my face ♪ And ever– it’s been, like,
it’s weird because since
the election happened, a lot of my white liberal
friends have come up to me and have been apologizing. And I want to say right now
from the bottom of my heart, apology not accepted. Not accepted.
Never requested.
It’s like a Discover card. I only accept cash here. But I know what’s happening. They want to be
the cool white person. They want to be that person
that’s like, “Hey, man. I get it.
Other white people suck. You suck too. You didn’t fix shit. We’re in this together.” And here’s the thing,
you can’t be the cool
white person. That option’s available.
There’s only one thing
you gotta do. You bring me the head
of your racist uncle, I’ll let you say the N-word
in a song. Go for it. I don’t even care
which song. “Achy Breaky Heart,”
“We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” Let it out.
You’re one of the good ones. ( laughter and applause )

15 Replies to “Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents: Solomon Georgio – Life After the 2016 Election – Uncensored”

  1. I'm doing great…Hillary lost…stock market is booming and I'm getting richer every day. ….shit I may be that one % liberals make believe they hate…maga

  2. lol. no white person has ever cheated/fucked over any other white person before the 2016 election that he knows of.

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