Comedy Sucks (with Bassem Youssef) | Hardly Working

(upbeat music) – Bassem, thank you so
much for meeting with us. It’s so awesome to be able to sit down with such a big comedian. – Oh, thank you, guys. It’s really nice to meet all of you. – So, you were essentially
the Egyptian Jon Stewart, and then some scary shit went down, and you were forced to flee, and now you live in Los Angeles? – Yeah, that’s basically what happened. – I heard that you were
also a heart surgeon. Is that true? – Yeah.
– A heart surgeon? – That’s incredible. – Well, I was a heart surgeon. I mean, I was a doctor, but not anymore, because in 2011, I left medicine and I switched to comedy because
it was the Arab Spring and I started my show… – Hang on. You’re saying you gave up
an impressive career in medicine to do comedy? Like how we do comedy? – Um, yeah (chuckles). I guess I did. – Shit. How much do you regret that? – Oh, no, no, no. I don’t regret that. As a matter of fact, I had a very successful career in comedy. I had a huge show. I had 30 million people
watching me every… – Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah. We know all that. But, you were doing something that you could be proud of before that. You were saving lives. – Well in a way comedy still
allows us to save lives. – Bullshit.
– Blah. – Come on. – Bullshit. You know that’s bullshit. – Watch this. Renan! – Yeah? You ever saved a life? – Uh, no. I never even came close. – You ever wanted to save a life? – Every fucking day of my goddamn life. What man would choose to be a clown, if he could be a hero? – That was very morbid. – When we end sketches with Katy shitting her pants
that’s not saving anyone. – Say what now? But, you know. We’re not literally saving lives. Comedy is an incredible tool to spread messages,
(group groans) to promote change. – Jeez!
– Blah, blah, blah. – Do you guys all… hate comedy? – It doesn’t matter. It is our only option. It’s literally the only
thing we’re good at. – We’re not even that good at this. Smash has more subscribers than us. Smash! – Smash! – Smash! – What the fuck is Smash? – Right!
– Exactly! – Look man, I’m gonna be real wichyoo. You fucked up. You gave up something that was good to do something that a
bunch of us idiots can do. – Comedians are not idiots. – Oh barf. We are doing this because we are sad and we are dumb. We are not doing this because we are artists and deep thinkers. – I tell people that I didn’t read the Harry Potter books cause
I don’t like nerd shit. I don’t understand them. They go over my head. – And sometimes, I’m too
sad to even come in to work. I stay in bed all day
and tweet one dumb thing and that has spelling errors. – What would you guys rather do? – You name it. Flight attendant, soldier,
– Make light bulbs, – Have a restaurant, sell my place… – I could make a car… – Flower Garden Manager..
– Get a glass of wine.. – I could do Nascar…
– Landscaper… – Alright okay, okay. You could be any of those things. You could be anything you want. – Are you just a huge dumbass? – Are you? – You seem like a big ol’ dumbass. – Use your brain! – Did you hear what we were saying? We are sad. – Enough! If you three were a little bit less self-obsessed you would
see how fortunate you are. You guys get to make
people laugh for a living. Many people would love
to be in your place, doing what you do. – He’s right. – Yeah. (sniffs) – Did you just, shit your pants? – I did, um, sorry. I should probably go take care of this. – Oh. That’s disgusting. – Okay, you’re a doctor. Get over it. – Was a doctor. – Hi it’s Katy Marovitch
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100 Replies to “Comedy Sucks (with Bassem Youssef) | Hardly Working”

  1. انت زبالة و معندكش مبدأ. عشان و مفيش حد بيشوفك ولا مهتم بالهبل ال بتعمله بعد تاييدك للقتل و الاعتقال ال حصل عشان حصل للناس مختلفين معاك في الرأي كنت مع الانقلاب من الاول و علي اي حال وجودك في طرف مش هيضيف كتير لان ال بتعمله مجرد تفاهات

  2. Anyone would leave medicine and get 4 million dollars per season and bring a country down the way it has. It is easy to choose between saving lives and making money, isn't it?

  3. CH saved my life a few times. Because I could laugh even just a little, I pushed myself to live another day. Thanks College Humor! I’m passed all that thanks to y’all.

  4. الاعلامي العربي الاول و الوحيد الي وصل لي العالميه 🙏🌹فخووو فيك ونحبك من العاصمه الرياض …

  5. I totally disagree I think comedy does saves lives. And it IS a art to make someone laugh. See someone smile and even the most depressed person needs to smile.

  6. Bassem Youssef couldn't be more unoriginal and couldn't be a more fake and a cheap opportunist. He completely copied Jon Stewart's style without adding much of his own creativity. As far as his political stance, he flip flops depending on who pays him more. What a hack job!

  7. Is this supposed to be ironic? Cause it's just all true, being a comedian is undoubtly easier than being a surgeon.

  8. You guys saved my life. For the past week, my anxiety has been a shitshow and a half, the only thing that's been keeping me together is watching your videos.

  9. Bassam yosef in Egypt we called him عرص
    He is one of bitches that any country hate to have man like
    He is reason for killed our democracy that was at beginning

  10. who else ONLY subscribed to smosh for the epic voice guy videos? just realized that not only no new ones are comming, i cant even find the old ones. finally got rid of that crap.

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