Comedy Time TV – The Job Interview

It’s good to finally meet you. I heard you had a bit of trouble getting here today *Oh my god what the hell is that smell* *Ok he wants to know why I’m late
honesty is the best policy, time to be honest* *I’m sure he will understand* Actually I got here 30 minutes extra early but you know I had a terrible diarrhea
from last night’s chicken curry so I had to go to Cafe Nero to use their toilet but I grabbed a muffin on the way out I feel so much better sorry, would you like some? No no I’m good thank you *Ah God now that makes sense* *I need some fresh air our windows are
locked great* I completely forgot would you like any tea or coffee? *why you hesitating, it’s free you idiot* Sure I have some tea please Sure I’ll be right back there you go I guess the first question is… Is what do you really feel like you can bring to this role? *what I really wanna know is did you
brush your teeth this morning* Well I… you know I can bring my
hard workings as well as my cousin and we can all make each other lots of money *I can bring the Kama Sutra book and teach all the white girls something special too* Ok… *Did he just say he’ll bring his cousin’s to work here* *and does this guy even have a visa* It shows here on your on your CV that for the
last three months you’ve had four jobs erm any reason why? *like I honestly give a shit* but I think I should be getting praised for working three jobs in four months. It just shows you how much in demand my skill set and I are in *bloody idiot seems to like being in one place for too long* *clearly he’s knows I’m in demand* Sure…erm… *Ok I need to get rid of this guy and then Febreze this room* You know what I think we have all the information we need here. Thank you very much for coming down really appreciate it and we’ll we’ll keep in touch. *I’d rather be in touch with your fruity receptionist* You sure you don’t need anything further from me? Oh yeah yeah I’m sure we have no need for any further questions. *please get out* *like now* *no further questions he must be impressed* Ok I’ll wait to hear from you…

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