Creepy Real life MEN IN BLACK!

the number of UFO sightings in Canada is
soaring tenfold over the past 25 years late great astro physicist Stephen
Hawking believed with more than a hundred billion stars in our galaxy the
odds are pretty good that aliens exist since the survey began nearly 30 years
ago where the 19,000 Canadians have reported seeing something strange in
sky UFOS, aliens and whole Galactic
Civilizations as you can see in the men black movies our government has a
contact with extraterrestrial lives from decades and they are trying to hide this
from general population and whichever way it can possible to hide sounds odd you
know and unrealistic also but at depth of this reel-life and fiction there is a
truth hidden and well secured and you won’t believe until you even hear and
see those claims and facts that has power to challenge the whole reality and
potential to break your beliefs so let’s accept this challenge folks and
lose it with pride first of all I want to make clear some
facts about human beings and their so-called reality so I guess you all
know about the actual size of the universe and if you don’t then it’s
simple to understand that our galaxy Milky Way has about 35,000 crores stars
and there are about 10,000 crores galaxies in just observable universe and
most of them are larger than our Milky Way and the whole stuff just makes all
4% to 5% in universe though we don’t understand it completely but this
is nothing compared to string theory which tells us there are 10 raise to
power 500 numbers of universes and after all of this let’s talk about the
electromagnetic spectrum in which humans just observes about 0.0035% of all the
spectrum and that’s all tiny frictions compared
to the existed or the real reality which is not considered as fact or point of
perception by this mass population because they are being programmed for
centuries now so after making the vision wider let’s study the mj-12 the
real-life men black or perhaps more than that
so this MJ 12 or the majestic twelve actually former in 1947 by an executive order of us president harry s truman so the question rises if there is no
evidence about this so-called secret organization as per the FBI how this
became famous actually as for the facts in 1984 one UFOLOGIST received an
envelope from unknown sources with address Albuquerque New Mexico and in that post there was a negative photographic rolls and it was top-secret
document giving details about this MJ 12 and how it was formed in the
United States when it was converted into positive copies there are so many
details given about how it works how many persons involved in this top-secret
organization and many of the things related to the extra-terrestrial
technologies and contracts with other beings
and after that other UFO community received these organizations other
documents in 1990s from same type unknown sources you know the roots of this
secret organization actually goes to the rosewell incident the famous or considered
as the milestone in the alien phenomena till today
actually when the crash happened there are so many eyewitnesses and evidence
about the crash and also on the next day there was a headlines in the newspaper
about the UFO crash but the military spreaded misinformation other day that
it was just a weather balloon that was crashed in the desert but there are so many people
claiming about the UFO crash and alien bodies being found on the crash side so
that government made an inquiry commission which will give a report after
finding the truth but the most important thing about this is that when the report
is out after two years they burned all the documents and testimonies and other
stuffs so basically you can’t have any kind of evidence about the crash so why they made the secret organization we can answer the question by simply two facts first if they are saying that it’s not what you believe and these documents
are false about the MJ12 then why they burned up all documents
and dislocate other stuff related to this incident second if it’s never
happened then why there are so many mysterious deaths and missing happened
with the people involved in this incident either in the organization now if
you believe that governments can’t hide the secrets then my friend you should
think about the Manhattan Project or as we know as the atomic bomb project
in that project there were nearly 1 lakh and 35,000 plus people in involved for a
decade but none of them came out and
No one knew till they succeeded in making atomic bomb the same thing goes
to area 51 no one came out except some persons in this case and after
considering that suppose you were born after World War 1 and I told you about
atomic bomb are you gonna believe me you will question the reality and maybe tell
me that I should go to mental checkups you know there are so many encounters of
this real man in black organization that you can read about and
see it on the Internet the lost journals of the nikola tesla by
Tim Swartz in his book the writer claimed that when he was writing the
secret book about the great Nikola Tesla’s ideas and theories which he had
written with scientific methods and patents involved in his last life which he
found in the boxes of his basements one day a group of three men come to his
door and told him to stop this and when he returned to his workplace basement
everything was gone and after that he rushed to his door and there is no one you
know this man was lucky because they can go to any limit to hide their secrets
because in case of the ex defense secretary James Forestell they made his
fake suicide because as per the documents in James Forestell was one of
the members of mj-12 organization and he was also involved for searching the Nazis
secret technologies about flying saucers and other bombs and also he went to the
Antarctica but after one year he was trying to go public about this things
and this organization and for that he paid with his life
there is also another case of one ufologist who was so much active in
doing a search and making people more aware about these things in late 50s but
after one decade he suddenly stopped and doing these things after some years
asked by an interviewer that why his sudden stop doing this research in
making people more aware he answered that they warned him about his son and
family and he didn’t wanted to take that risk
some theorists even believe that it’s the same organization involved in the
assassination of John F Kennedy yes folks you heard it right the United
States of America’s president and also there was the documents about it with
some coded message in mj-12 pre-release documents found in 1990s by the UFO
community group for decades so many people who believed in this
secret organizations and working to get more info about it and spreading more
awareness about it too and there are all also some groups which thinks that it’s
just a hoax and nothing more but you know I personally believe that
there must be a secret organization which is doing its work for decades now
to hide these kinds of information from the general public and I bet that there
are always some events and things whom we can’t understand and call it just a
natural phenomenon now just think about this folks kinds of secret
informations are known to the very less people then how much actual informations
and secrets they’re hiding from you even the Navy claimed sometimes ago that
there are three real UFO footage is out there but you know one thing
the majority of us never gonna believe this because they are being programmed
for decades to not believe which changes their reality which questions their reality
so it’s up to you which side to choose I’m here to make you aware about it. till next time folks

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  1. See that tiny puff of red vapor that vanish into thin air without a trace?
    That was from just a frog that was in his throat that hop up to JFKs head ornament for safety it knew he was being shot at like the container invisible approximately a half a thimble of blood caused all that horrible puff. Can you imagine the enormous amount of blood if JFK was human!

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