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Georgy, get up… you’re late! No breakfast,if you’re not up now! That is it! No breakfast! Don’t be cruel mom, I’m up!! George Patrao, you’re getting on my nerves!
Move it! But mommy my stomach hurts! That’s because you eat so much!
Stop being a glut from now on and Hurry up! Hi, my name is George, and as you heard,
she’s my mom, an excellent cook and I want to be like her when I grow up!
However, she just doesn’t understand me! Georgggyyyyyyy!!!! See, this is exactly what I’m saying! What is this? Toast! I know its toast.
But I don’t only eat toast for breakfast. I eat it with my sunny side up
and six cocktail sausages! When people have upset stomachs,
this is what they eat! But what does having an upset stomach, got
to do with me, having my routine breakfast? Mom, Mom, Mom? Like I told you before,
I have no respect in this house, no one
takes me seriously. How can I have something
so insipid for breakfast? Sometimes I’m just waiting
on the world to change! Yes!!! My Life Ends Today!!!! You’re not only a glut, you’re a clumsy
glut, junior patrao! Mark my wo.. Now tell me one thing, did I
deliberately drop the nutella? Did I? But still she won’t listen. Her day starts with the yelling and
ends with the yelling. It’s Yell ’o’ mania in here! Heaven! Help Me! Why don’t we start afresh,
Hi, my name is George Patrao. People call me Georgy, actually,
Georgy Porgy. Have you heard the nursery rhyme,
Georgy Porgy pudding and pie? Kissed the girls and made them cry? When the boys came out to play
Georgy Porgy ran away. Have you heard it? No? Never mind. At least I know my poem. Good Morning Uncle! There! They are late again! And she thought I’d be late! Women I tell you! My mommy and daddy asked me yesterday,
what would I become when I grow up? And you know what I said? No prizes for guessing, A chef! Thats correct, Eddy my boy! Don’t you do that ever again! Ha Ha Ha…
What will you do if I touch you? Ummm!! Ha Ha Ha! Anyway so Eddy’s right!
I want to become a chef when I grow up. I love everything about food. Hot corn on the cob, An oozing soft-boiled
egg, A freshly baked chocolate cake. Ummm I’m in food heaven!!! And I want to cook all of this,
and much much more! Yes!!! Oh no, here comes jumbo the elephant! Oh my god, there won’t be
any place for us now! I’m changing my car pool from tomorrow, I
will die of suffocation when fatso enters. Eweeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Ha Ha Ha…Good one Georgy!
Serves them right! We could have worked with
a little lesser stench, but all in all, it was a cracker!
Ha Ha Ha Ha…. How was my day at school, right?
Terrible!!! I hate school. You know, I’m planning to quit school
and go to catering college. I’m fed up of being called
names all the time. First those irritating
friends at school, and here this mommy. Do you know why I came
running into the room? Wait and Watch. George Patrao, are you a child who went
to school or a pig who went to a sty? Because I personally think,
you are the latter. And pigs are so fat
they do not need to eat anything. So because of this state of yours, no
dinner for you tonight and that is final! How can a mother compare her child
to an animal, moreover a pig! Do I look like a pig. Do I? Never mind I’m just going to leave everyone
and live by myself when I become a famous chef. And when they all come to say sorry to me,
I’ll think about it! But I love Eddy, he’s my bestest
and sweetest friend. I’m thinking to make him my partner when
I open my restaurant, in mom’s words, “ And that is final.” Gerogy, I hope you have changed?! That side,if you please. Homework! I hate it.
Haven’t we done enough work in school? No, but they want us to come home
and work all over again. They are just mean, I say! Calm down Georgy,calm down
calm down. With today’s remark of the dirty uniform,
I can afford two more… before mom and daddy are called to school. I’m pretty ok! Eddie my boy have I ever told you,
what good timing you have! God please tell me, who shall be the den
in this very very game. A,E,I,O,U and that spells you! Oh man! What was that! Well I just know it, it’s
not for the lowly you know! But never mind that, why is
it always my den, oh man! Ha Ha Ha…Yes! Colour Colour, which colour do you want? I want the colour…. fuchsia pink! You’re out! I said You’re out! That is cheating; I’m never going to play
this game, if you continue to… wear those stupid multi colored pajamas. Ooo I’m so scared, for
your kind information, these are not pajama’s
these are bermuda’s! Kids! Ok ok, sorry,
but you know how much I hate this game! Can we please play something more fun?
Pleaseeeee. See, I listened to you for Colour Colour.
Now it’s my turn. I know you’re always fair Edgar, Right? That is correct! I’m always fair! Hello everyone! Welcome to “I love to Eat”. I George Patrao and along with me my
assistant Edgar Viscount welcome you. Like I always say, I love to eat,
and so should you. If you eat what I tell you to,
happiness will come to you. That? He assures you! That is correct Eddy! You know what, I’m thinking to make
some yummerlicious mushrooms… which are so
buttery and cheesey! Ummmm! Oh how exciting! I love how Eddy is always so happy. Nevermind, you know what we are
cooking today is my favorite, its called
‘Mushroom and Cheese, Yes Please’. Shall we start! I said, shall we start? Actions speak louder than words,
for your kind information! You’re reply should be ‘Yes Chef’!! Yes Chef! That’s much better, we shall finally start! Georgy are you sure you’re
allowed to do that? Or do you even know how to? Would you ask Ms Phoebe if she
knows how to teach! Ha Ha..Of course not, how foolish! Ummm… Ok I get the point! Yes!!! Butter please! Here we put in some sunshine yellow butter and hear it crackle. Ummm… Eddy my boy, now these mushrooms
are in your court. Haa! Thank you George, I mean chef. What we have here are mushrooms Do you know, mushrooms have
very less calories and contain approximately
80 to 90 percent water. At the same time, they have low sodium,
carbohydrate, fat content and high fiber. This is the reason why
mushrooms are considered good for those aiming at weight loss. Thank you for the non-sensical
information overload! Georgy, If you stir it
at that rate, they’ll be more of ‘Mash’ rooms than mushrooms! And here we put some pepper and salt. How I wish I were a mushroom. Ok Eddy g..o.. No no no…we do not
have time to listen to your full bed time
story on cheese. Georgy, I’m never going to play
this idiotic girly game ever again.. where you wish you were a mushroom! How Foolish… Stop being a winger and hand me the grater. Will you play again? Bowl Please… This is what I get for
doing something I love! Why mommy and daddy think cooking
is only for girls? I don’t think so. This small wonder, has helped
so many people when they are sad. Imagine making something
yum with it, all the time, so that people are always
smiling and happy! Wow, Wouldn’t that be lovely! No matter what mom and
dad say, I know I want to be a chef when I grow up. And I will! Can I show you something? Just one minute! This is what I call my treasure chest. Let me tell you a secret,
it has all the recipes which I’ve been collecting for many years. Please, don’t tell anyone,
it is just between you and me ok? Thankyou. On that note, I’ll take your leave. But remember to tune into, I love to eat,
same time, same place, primetime. Thank you and good night. Are you back? Are you? Yes, you are! Just one more thing, follow your dreams,
no matter what anyone says, and eat what you love,
and love what you eat. Actually that is, actually
that’s three things. So let’s meet soon, ok bye,
and remember, primetime!! Ummm, Georgy my boy, you
indeed have a talent. Wow, option number one,
air force pilot option number two, Yes Chef!!

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  1. Georgy my boy soo cute ..this short film always make me happy whenever m off ..I had watched this clip for many times …

  2. Cute actor…young talents will take us far …far away from our olden days of controlling kids emotions n let them achieve their dreams….very nice work ..🤩🤩

  3. Ya! Georgy is right because boys also do cooking I'm also 12 years I'm also cooking in the kitchen

  4. Very beautiful story, most of the parents creates pressure because they want a extraordinary marksheet with a good grade like A+,,,,thats why the childrens committing suicide,thats happen only for the huge aspiration of parents to their children,, but i wish every children should be like George,,&will do whatever they actually want to do

  5. The tough critique in me says: Adorable Kids, good acting – the video was entertaining and funny and the kids were realllllly cute, kept me watching to the very end – BUT …… Awww Maaan – Kids, that age DON'T belong in the kitchen, OR play in the kitchen – especially when it comes to lighting a stove!! The dialogues were outrageous and unrealistic at times – But did keep me giggling, so I gave it a reluctant thumbs up!?

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