Dad: A Dramatic Drama

*get ready to cry bois Dad,Dad? Oh Yeah My Dad left me 10 years ago when I was just a kid 🙁 *knock on door Dad?!? You’re not my dad No I am not I am your childhood friend Tim Hi Tim My trusted childhood best friend *epic high five Sorry for thinking you were my dad But I am your dad *dramatic zoom 😮 -_- *dramatic zoom Just Kidding,that was a joke You know how much of a funny person I am Oh, that was a funny joke *genuine laughter Come on in *Clink *more clinking *the final clinks *refreshing ahhs Wow Andrew, this drink is really refreshing and it quenched my thirst in a satisfying way That’s because it’s COCA-COLA Tim *not sponsored Man am I glad I can share a Coke with my Childhood best friend I know you’ll never let me down Actually, the real reason why I came here today was not to share a drink but to share something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a time I think is too long What is it that you must say…Tim? I killed your DAAAAD *Sad boi moment Noooo How could you? you were my trusted childhood best friend I’m sorry I ought to kill you I poisoned your drink UHHH I’m sorry Andrew TIIIIIM What is it? I…. I’m your dad! UuuUhHhhHH I don’t understand I was told my Dad died! *zoom A letter?!? (Andrew’s Letter) To my childhood best-friend Tim If you are reading this, that means I am dead and you just figured out I’m your father Don’t doubt what I claim, it is true you may be confused right now since you think I was the one looking for my father but that’s alright I never found my father but you found yours and your father is me All I ask is that you keep living life to the fullest and make sure you get milk, eggs, bread, cereal, cookies (Tim reading aloud) Detergent, chicken, ice-cream, paper towels This is starting to become a grocery li- *BANG *not what-a-burger spicy ketchup *he’s dead I was never your dad, but you sure as hell killed mine *breathe I avenged you dad I’m proud of you son *Dope music *Turn on that bell notification! new video every monday at 5

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