Dandiya Aur Marathi Ladke | Stand Up Comedy | Sahil Horane

Disclaimer: 18 plus content.The video is meant for entertainment purposes only and we do not intend to hurt the sentiments of any individual, community, sect or religion. This film is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

45 Replies to “Dandiya Aur Marathi Ladke | Stand Up Comedy | Sahil Horane”

  1. Haan, Thor wala joke maine churaya hai. Apne khud ke video se. If you don't believe, checkout the video 'India ki azaadi aur Kashmir' on the same channel.
    Sawaal ye hai ki ek joke do baar do alag video me kyu kiya? Jawaab ye hai ki uske bina transition abrupt lag raha tha.

    Also, regarding offence takers, I don't understand why people are taking offence on stupid jokes. So sad ki ye comment karke batana pad raha hai. Achcha nahi laga to chhod de na bhai. Ya dislike ka button daba multiple times. But in even number. Like 2,4,6 etc.

    P.S. Arnab ke roots Bengali hai ya Assamese ispe poora quora thread hai. And the conclusion was ambiguous. So, I took artistic liberties with it for the sake of that joke. As for Barkha Dutt, I agreed I fucked up that one. She is indeed Punjabi and not Bengali. Original joke me Sagarika Ghose tha. But I often get confused between the two aur us din stage pe wo bol diya. Us ke liye kshama chahte hai. Agli baar research better hoga ye waada karta hu. Baaki, ye Wikipedia article to hai nahi. .To ek -adh fact idhar udhar ho gaya par hansi aa gayi to is kalakriti ka uddeshya safal hua aisa main maanta hu. Aage aap log tay kare. Over and out.

    -Yours Truly
    Sahil Horane

    P.P.S. – Mere memes aur isi prakarke wahiyat jokes padhne ke liye follow me on instagram. Waha pe mujhe zyada bakchodi karne ki azaadi mil jaati hai…


  2. Just because of piece of shit like you… Our most scientific and most civilized religion is being tainted
    You suck
    If you really have that guts comment on other religions
    Chutiya Sala

  3. I enjoyed the stand up but i have to say that Marathi Girls are more beautiful and I would prefer them over any one else anyday…

  4. हिंदू भगवान के बारे मैं जुबान सांभाल के

  5. Harami bhadwa ..tu gandha dikhta hai..chutiye aur yaha religion par bol Raha hai….najayaj aulad..

  6. Comedy kr bhagwan bich m ku lara h tri dadi tu koi kuch bhi kre or tuj jse gandu ko peda kr rkha h jisne wo kudka khana manage kr skta h chutiye

  7. Well he can make jokes on Hindu God. Because we can take it as a joke…. That's beauty of being Hindu. Proud of it guys. Other religion don't have that.

  8. bro you r right about ppl behaviour about god… here it on your face all overdevotional psycho aliens.
    all devotional aliens, know that you too do same thing and you are unable to digest the fact.

  9. View kamavlaa but respect ghalavlis Mitra. Otherwise I appreciate art. Now just because of you, my perspective will be different towards stand up comedy. You've disrespected our culture. You'll repay this one day.

  10. Ha ala didshahana.. Kuthe pn garal okun swatachi layki dakhvaych Kam chalu ast Asha lokanch.. You are very less mature and not sense

  11. I'm a non Marathi guy and mark my words Marathi people are by far the best people I have seen for everything. Or Marathi Ladkia Marathi Saree me look beautiful af. Maharashtra is my favorite state❤

  12. First and last time watching ur video…salya nit bolat ja…comedy chya nava khali ..kahihi nai bolayacha…je kay bolaycha na tuzya aai bapala bol…

  13. निघ लवड्या तु भारतातुन तुझी लायकी नाय भडव्या

  14. Dont b smart with ur comedy… Not using hinduism to be famous… I pitty people like … Make ur self uselesss… Uve jus made urself useless….

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