Darr Khuda Say – EP 39 || English Subtitles || 3rd Mar 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

Okay child, I am so happy to see you.
Okay. Okay mom. Come I will drop you. Wait. Where are the mother and son going? I have to talk to you. I don’t have time, I have to go to the office. Office? You are talking about the same place, that is an empire I setup. Even if you want,
you cannot take over it. That business was my uncle’s, that you took over, the real owner of the
business is my mother. Not you. Your mom was. Your mom was the owner of that business. Not anymore. That woman signed the
documents herself, tell him. He cunningly got me to
sign the documents, or else why would I give my ancestors
wealth to this cheat. Cheat, liar, what can be done now? Now you don’t agree or not I am your
husband Mrs. Gul Shahvaiz. Husband! The sole owner of this business and home. If I want , I can drag you
two out of that office and this home too. Tell me, what do you want to do? Sir, police is here. Police? Why has the police come here? To take your husband and
my step father, Mr. Shahvaiz. Who doesn’t like being respected. What nonsense is this? It’s the same nonsense that
you started Mr. Shahvaiz. First you used my grandfather
and married my mother, you should have loved and respected her, but how could you give respect, you yourself are not respectable. Stop this nonsense. Leave him. You are a sinner, just a sinner, who wanted to ruin every woman’s
respect with your thinking. If the one gets caught in your schemes, then fine or else you find someone else. Come on Mr. Shahvaiz, the police is waiting for you. I will see you mother and son. I will see you. Come on, please. Here you go inspector. Afreen, here is your criminal. What do you say sir? Why are you people here? There is a complaint filed against you
for harassment by your employee Afreen Siddiqui. All the proof is there, Ms. Afreen Siddiqui and Kashif has
come as witness themselves. This FIR has been filed
by Afreen Siddiqui. Sir, she is lying, you will not believe me, an innocent man, you will believe this girl,
who is cheap and characterless. No lies of yours will work. Mr. Kashif has recorded his statement. Inspector, this is a lie,
they are trying to get me in trouble. Will you come by yourself, or should we put on the handcuffs? What are you doing? I won’t go anywhere,
I won’t go anywhere. Let me go. Afreen, I will kill you. You cheap, characterless girl. You are the one who is cheap
and characterless, in fact, this is not your complete definition. You couldn’t be a good father, a good husband or a good human. If you have some shame left, then go die. Take him. Take him. Come on. I will see you. Afreen, you will see. Come on. Remind me day after tomorrow,
I will see it all. Hey, sister… sister, when did you come? How did you get hurt on the hand? I think something happened. Mama, what happened? All ok? why isn’t sister saying anything?
What happened? She is home forever, she got divorced. Divorce? But why. I don’t know the answer to this why, you find out yourself. I was surprised at how she stayed
with her in-laws for so long. She talks so wrong, she should have been
back in a week. Sister… What was the need to say that? Did you not see she was in pain. I was speaking the truth…
Stop this nonsense Shehla. We can also speak the
truth daughter in law, but we don’t embarrass anyone. What do you want to say? I am really good, no matter what, I am good enough to live with
my husband in his house, unlike your daughters, that one came back from the in-laws
and the other one is on another level… Shut your mouth! Do you have any idea you talk a lot. Daughter in law, you are in this home is not your greatness, its my son’s greatness that
you are still here. Yes, you are going to be a mother, I pray that if you have a daughter, she is not like you. She is nice. What do you want to say? I am not nice? I am a characterless woman:? Don’t ask me this, ask yourself, because a person’s own
ego is the best judge. Get it? Did you see. Did you see… For God’s sake be quiet, I don’t get it! Did you not see what your mother said… Talk to her properly. Get lost! Your sisters get a divorce and come home
and I shut up. Shut your mouth Shehla. Your mother pointed
fingers at my character, and you stood there listening, what sort of a husband are you. You started it Shehla, what was the point to talk about sister, she said nothing to you and you… Yes, your cheap sister didn’t say a word for the first time,
so she became nice, and your mother completed the need, what about that? She was insulting me like
she has given birth to naïve and innocent girls. Shehla, I have had enough! For God’s sake be stop it. I am already worried and now my sister’s
home is ruined again. Its good, this should happen, she is worth this. The right thing is happening
to your parents, no child gave them importance.
That is it! Why did you stop. Hit me. Hit me. Hit me. Do this too, so that your mother and
sister get peace. Hit me. Don’t leave me here and go. Don’t leave me, I will die. Shut up. Don’t leave me Take me out of here. Be quiet. Why have you become so quiet? Talk. I have nothing to talk about. You know what happened to Shahvaiz? What? I filed a case on him, to take my and your revenge, but there is no one greater than
God when it comes to revenge. He will spend his whole life in jail. Are you not happy sister? Even I became a sign too, I cheated mama and papa, took away your right, I did a lot too Forget it all sister, and ask God for forgiveness. God forgives the biggest of sins and you just made a mistake. Your prayer will get it washed
from your character. You are really good Affi, really open hearted and smart. Come on kids, get up, you are off. Hey no, where are they going? No come on, what they had to, they have studied,
come on now, go. Sister, why? Come on, well done. What wow? You come tired everyday and
start teaching in the evening, look at yourself, you have become so weak,
take care of yourself. You are here to care for me. Okay, come on sit,
I will get you something to eat. Qasim, did you give the
details to the accountant. Sir… Please don’t stand up every
time you see me. You are respectable. Don’t praise me, I will get proud. The client really
praised your new project report. Very well done. Thank you sir. Thank you for being part of my office, work hard like this. I will never disappoint you. Okay. Stop it you will get tired. I think when will
my Afreen get a good fate. Will she earn all her life, bring her up. You talk to sister Jameela for a proposal. How do I? if someone asks about you,
what will I say? Hello. Hello. Wow, mother and daughter are
becoming good friends. Hey child, when can a mother
get upset with a child, she gives up at the hand of love. What were you talking about? About your wedding. She is worried. Mama, how many times have I told you,
I don’t want to. Why not? What do you mean? You think about sister. Don’t think about me, you get married, go to your home, I want to stay and care for
mama and papa. No, I don’t want either one
of you to care for me. We just want that you
two get married and then stay happy. Mama, brother Rasheed is really good, he comes over often. End this Afreen. I don’t want to do a new experiment. Hey, Tamkeen… see, she got upset and left. Mama, I feel that brother Rasheed would be a
good husband for sister. He really likes sister. Child, I just want that
Tamkeen gets married, so there is no hindrance in your wedding. OK, tell me what is for food, I am hungry. Tamkeen cooked, go have it. Hello mama. Hello. mama, can I have something to eat,
I am really hungry. Yes, I will just get it.
Did Shehla not cook? I mean you should have called her too,
you could eat together. She left the home and went. What? Okay, I will get you food, then you go convince her
and bring her back. Hello. What? Where? How? Okay, fine, I am coming right now.
Coming. What happened? Mama, Shehla fell she is in the hospital. God have mercy. Go fast, may God protect her and the child.
God have mercy. Excuse me. The case became really complicated and the patients BP was really high, we couldn’t save the child and your wife can never be a mother. I am sorry. I want to see my child. Azhar, what happened? Sister… Azhar. Azhar, what happened?
Be strong. Azhar. Fauzia, you remember Afreen. The one that used to work in your office. Yes, the same one. We went to their place
for Furqan’s proposal. Yeah, I gave her a job in my office. She is a hard working girl. I also liked her a lot, but her family and the
environment of her home, did you see how her brother suddenly
came home with his wife, it was weird. We too were hasty. We ended the proposal, although in this whole thing
Afreen had no fault. I felt bad, we rejected a good girl. What do you want? I want the same, our Furqan, our brother in law, he is still single.
If I had a younger brother, I would have gotten Afreen married to him
and made her my sister in law. I think you should think about
Afreen seriously too. Afreen will be a good wife with Furqan. Afreen is really educated, she will stand shoulder to shoulder with Furqan
and then she is religious too, so she will also care for our
religious standards, that is important for a good generation. I feel you really like Afreen for Furqan, fine, I will talk to him. Yes, I am really impressed by her, you talk to him. Yes, I will talk to him when he comes. I too am worried for Furqan. After mama and papa’s death
he has become alone, we have some responsibility towards him. He has to come in his vacations, you talk to him, maybe we can
talk to Afreen’s parents then. But Junaid, its also possible that Afreen’s proposal and wedding
may be fixed with someone else. I don’t think there is something like that, still I will find out. Junaid, they might not like it, we went earlier and stepped back. They understood we took a proposal, we will see when we go again. Yes, I will do one thing,
I will talk to Afreen clearly, we will know what is the scene. Yes, that is right. Can I get a cup of tea on this? I will open a tea hotel. You always want tea.
I will just get it. Oh God, the bed sheet
needs to be fixed. What will happen now? I am all alone and wont be able
to give Azhar a child, all this is my fault, I hurt my mother and father in law. Had I been friends with them, I wouldn’t be alone like this. How will I face them? I am an incomplete woman,
how will I face them? Maybe after some time
Azhar will leave me. Shehla, have soup. I don’t want it. have it come on, mama sent it. She couldn’t come upstairs herself,
so she sent me, or else she would have come. She has said that I make
you have this soup. Come on, have it. Stop crying Shehla. Accept God’s decision, you will be at peace. I don’t get peace Afreen, I don’t! I have spent each day counting, God has taken away my child, there will be no one who
will call me mother, I cannot give Azhar a child, never. I am forever not going to be a mother. Shehla, don’t say that,
you will get sad further. You see Afreen, Azhar wants a child, he wants kids, he wants someone who can call him father, you will see Azhar will get married again, he will bring someone in his life. You will see. Shehla, child, take this thought out of your heart that
Azhar will get married again. If he thinks that we wont let him. Why did you come? Your knee had pain. Hey child, what could I do? I thought Shehla is sad and in pain, thought I would come and talk to her. Come on my child, stop it. Be strong, God is with the ones who are patient. Look child. Azhar married you, in good families you brings
daughter to the home, don’t drag them out. Stop now. Stop. As far as the child is concerned, its God’s will. If the child was born we would
have been happy, but if God didn’t will this, then it was surely something
that had a reason. Its something we cannot think of, think like this and you will be at peace. If you complain, you will never be at peace. Child, just be happy in God’s happiness, give yourself up to Him. Come on,
stop crying. Stop now. Stop my child. Stop. Don’t cry like this. Stop. Forgive me, I have really
hurt you people. Stop it, don’t say that. Hey, sir, you could have asked me… Hey, it doesn’t look nice. You still consider me a stranger. No, nothing like that, a lot of burden makes a person stranger, I don’t want that any selfishness of mine
ends the love we have. I get it. What? You think I am illiterate. No Rasheed, nothing like that, I just don’t want to lose you. I am not going anywhere,
I will come when you ask me to. Okay then, come over for dinner tomorrow,
come home. Me? Have food with you?
At your home? Yes you just said you
will come when I ask you to. That if you have some work.
I will come. Yes, when you come,
we will eat together, will tell you if there is any work. I will drop you. No,
thank you, live long. Affi, tea. No sister, I don’t have time,
I am getting late. Fine. This..this picture? Rip it and throw it. If you had to rip it,
then why did you keep it safe till now? To be honest sister, I have never been able to
forget this engagement, for the first time in my life
I was in a relation and my name was added to another, I couldn’t take away this pain from my heart,
but I want to forget it now. We did wrong with you. Why are you keeping it back? Please tear it and throw it. I don’t have the courage, but I know that a great man
will come for my sister, who will pay for all that
was lacking in your life. Sister, you are talking like mama. Its not necessary that all girls
get married in this world. A lot of girls are living
without getting married, I want to live with mama and papa. I want to care for them, make my career, I have no interest in all this. Afreen , I am a hurdle in your wedding. What are you saying sister? Mama is right, a woman who’s elder sister
got divorced twice, where will she get a good
proposal from? Oh God, your sister doesn’t want a
good or bad proposal. I just want you people,
you, mama and papa. I am getting really late.

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