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Jai Jinendra! Welcome back to Unveil Jainism with Smiley I hope you all are doing great. Before we proceed to our today’s topic. I have something for you in my bag Recently we have launched an open-source website related to Jainism www.JinSwara.com It includes everything related to Jainism from bhakti to pujan So friends do check it and share it with everyone you know We are going to discuss about the daslakshan mahaparv. The festival of Jains Known as the daslakshan mahaparv has already started. It is celebrated for 10 days Starting from Bhadrapada Shukla panchmi to Bhadrapada Shukla Chaturthi followed with kshamavani parv. Have you ever wondered why these 10 days Jains become so conscious about their food habit? Why do the not eat root vegetables like potato onion or garlic? Why do they actively involve in religious activities in these particular days What is so special about these days? don’t worry I will answer all these questions in this video So buckle up and let’s ride on this roller- coaster of knowledge Festivals can be divided into two categories eternal and periodical periodical festivals can be further divided into two more categories those related to particular person and Festivals those are related to some specific event. For example, mahavira Jayanti, Deepavali, or Ram navmi are the festivals related to persons while Raksha Bandhan or Akshay tritiya are the festivals related to specific events The Eternal festivals are not related to any person or event. They are related to spiritual thoughts. The Great festival of ten virtues Or daslakshan Mahaprav is such an eternal festival which is related to soul’s natural traits Every festival is related to partying eating or drinking but daslakshan parv is related to the abandonment of Worldly pleasures of eating drinking or enjoying. This is the festival of self-control and not of enjoyment Hence, it is a great festival. The greatness lies in abstinence and not in amusement Das Lakshan means 10 characteristics of religion. The religion is only one and its Characteristics are ten. these virtues take birth simultaneously in our life on attaining right faith, you can also close up with religion by following these 10 characteristics or virtues of religion. The festival of daslakshan helps us realizing the importance of the good qualities in life. The qualities of supreme forbearance Uttam KShama Supreme modesty Uttam Mardava supreme straightforwardness Uttam Arjava supreme contentment Uttam Saunch Supreme truth Uttam Satya supreme self restraint Uttam Sanyam Supreme austerity Uttam tap Supreme renunciation Uttam tyag supreme possession lessness Uttam Akinchan and supreme celibacy Uttam Brahmacharya These emerge as a consequence of the termination of Impure contrary Modes like Anger, pride, etc. Why is this festival celebrated in these 10 days only? this festival falls thrice in a year according to Hindi months of Bhadrapada, Magha and chaitra. Yet, it is celebrated splendidly in the whole country only in the month of Bhadrapada. The remaining two are not even known to many Jains The reason behind this is very scientific. In the ancient times during rainy season Business used to become dull naturally due to the in efficiency of means of communication. Moreover, the Growth of the small living beings (Jeev) during Rainy season increases Jain monks, being nonviolent Stop moving from One Village to another during these four months of rainy season and stay at one place only Shravak or the householders also move very rarely. The presence of a virtuous person and the availability of Ample time seemed to be the main reason for celebrating this festival on a greater scale in the month of Bhadrapada only. Who can celebrate this festival? This great festival is not of a particular sect or Jains. It is meant for all Maybe it is celebrated by the people of a particular sect. Yet, it is certainly not a sectarian Festival because it is not based on any sectarian thoughts it has a universal base relinquishing the evil thoughts and Accepting the Generous thoughts form its basis which is equally beneficial to all. Well, Who other than the supporters of al-Qaeda and ISIS don’t want the peace in this world? Now you may ask how can we celebrate this festival? Living in City or far away from any temple. So here are a few tips to celebrate this festival Avoid eating root vegetables like potato, onion, Garlic or bakery products like bread, cake, Pizza and Drinks like cold drinks. Avoid eating after sunset. Avoid getting involved in unnecessary worldly activities like watching serials or movies Don’t tease or hurt anyone. Don’t curse anyone or waste your time. Avoid anything that Involves violence. Try reading bhakti, stuti or strota. Try going to temple and doing pujan. Try fasting according to your Capability. Try having good thoughts such as forgiving others Donating something to the needy, speaking truth,etc try making all this your habit Remember this is not a festival of ten days but whole life. So continue celebrating it lifelong by doing these activities For the whole year. This festival has come to show you your real capabilities in terms of Spirituality and religion. So friends, that’s all for today I am sure that you must have understood the concept behind Celebrating this festival of daslakshan and what you must be doing during these 10 days Don’t forget to like share and comment on the video. See you soon till then happy das lakshan! Bye!!

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