David Letter Apologizes to Comedy Writer for Sexual Favoritism | THR News

– David Letterman is now apologizing to a woman who accused
him of sexual favoritism nearly 10 years ago. Comedy writer Nell Scovell wrote a followup piece in Vanity Fair to her viral 2009 story, Letterman and Me, where she discussed Letterman’s treatment of women on Late Night, now revealing that she
recently met with the host where he apologized for his behavior. Scovell says Letterman
expressed his regret for how female writers and other staffers were treated on the show, telling Scovell, “It was sloppiness.” According to the writer, Letterman admitted that he
didn’t read Letterman and Me when it was initially published, which he says is because he was working to keep his marriage from falling apart. But according to Scovell,
the host told her, when he did finally read the article, he was shocked, saying, quote, “The other night I read the piece “that you wrote 10 years ago, “and I thought, holy shit, “this is so disturbing and, sadly, “a perspective that I did not have “because the only perspective
I had was in here,” gesturing to himself. In Letterman and Me, the
comedy writer said that, as the second ever woman hired to Late Night’s writing staff, she experienced a hostile
work environment for women. She recalls rumors that Letterman was having relationships
with female staffers, and that those female staffers accumulated extra power in the office, and that she was paid extra
attention as a woman on staff. In her recent conversation with Letterman, Scovell shared with him that she believed her comedy career suffered because of writing Letterman and Me, and that in the last 10 years has been viewed as a
prig in writer’s rooms. After their conversation, Scovell reports Letterman
reached out to two women who should’ve been writers on the show and apologized to them as well. For more on the story, head to THR.com. For The Hollywood Reporter News, I’m Neha Joy.

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