“Daylight Savings Time” – Green Day Parody

(mellow acoustic music) – Hey, Alexa, what time is it? – It’s 3:55 p.m. – What time is it if
it’s Daylight Savings? – Sorry, I don’t know that. – Me either. (recorder music) – Wait, why are we leaving so early? – It’s not early. We’re actually late. I know it says three
but I think it’s four. I actually don’t know what time it is. It’s a weird space. (recorder music) So true story, instead of
changing the clock in my car, what I actually do is just let it ride, and then only, like, half
the year is it right, and you just never really
know what time it is. I like to keep it fast
and loose like that. You just kind of, like, roll the dice whether I’m gonna be on time. But let’s just try, let’s just try, ready? Well, there you go, that was super easy. This whole time, I just seemed, like, really intimidated by this process. Hold on, look. – [Penn] You’ve had this
car for six years now, and this is the first time you
learned how to use the clock. – [Kim] But now I’ve adjusted the minutes and that’s just a pain, but I don’t know– – [Penn] I think you gotta
go all the way around. Or zero it out, that’s
what the zero’s for. – [Kim] Really? – [Penn] I don’t know, hit it, there, see? – [Kim] Oh, you guys! – [Penn] So, like, that says five o’clock. What time is it right now? – [Kim] 3:39. – [Penn] So just always,
you’re fine, now, stop there, and then you just have
to always add two hours and 21 minutes to your time. Mom does that, right,
like, legit, she does not– – And they’re like, “What time is it?” I’m like, “Guys, I know my clock says 4:27 “but you should know it’s 3:15.” ‘Cause I like to also
keep it 10 minutes fast. – [Penn] So it’s an hour and 10 minutes– – There’s a lot of math that
goes into knowing the time in my car. Alexa, are we in Daylight Savings or after Daylight Savings or, like, where are we in space and time? – Hmm, I’m not sure. – Me either, I know
that’s why this whole time is very confusing for me,
Alexa, it’s very trying. Hey, Alexa, why do we
have Daylight Savings? – Starting on April 30th 1916, the German Empire meets World War I ally, Austria-Hungary were the first
to use Daylight Savings Time as a way to conserve
coal during war time…

100 Replies to ““Daylight Savings Time” – Green Day Parody”

  1. Haha, I just quit changing the clock in my car. It is daylight savings eight months of the time anyway. No pun intended. And don’t correct me I know it is “saving”, it just isn’t happening!

  2. I adjust my time but i always have it at least 35 minutes ahead so when i am tired i have to work my brain to figure out the time. 🤣😆❤. Have you done a song on autocorrect on the phone yet or big texting thumbs? Lol

  3. I had a 2002 Tahoe with an aftermarket stereo. The clock was only right during Daylight Saving Time. I had that car for 14 years. I used to celebrate the time change every year, because my clock would be right. Love this channel…

  4. 😂 I never change one clock, I have to do the math in my head half the year. I do enough clocks! Your videos always have me smiling & laughing. And the ridiculous recorder & the seriousness of it😂👍🏼.

  5. Speaking of ALEXA…you guys wanna [email protected]@ something funny?? Tell the voice command on your TV remove to 'Watch the Clinton News Network'. Your TV will switch to CNN. S T Godddd. It's Ha-Larious. By the way Kim, 14 of us were in Athens last night to watch The Gators crush them Dawggies in Basketball = ) *Athens is a Great College town though ; )

  6. watching this before my daughter , Hi Katie! I used to sing to the original as a teen. You probably recognise the tune lol x x

  7. If we stop changing the clocks, I want to leave it at DST — I LURVE how it's lighter later, especially in the depth of summer — dusk at 9? Fantastic!

  8. And Kim, the segment starting at 3:20 is totally me — you have to do math to know the time in my car too! I would be really messed up if someone fixed it!

  9. please do not block me i love your videos. i will only post this once. delete if not allowed https://www.gofundme.com/f/4362s-help-with-medical-bills?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1

  10. So basically, the Germans thought, hey World War One is such a great thing, let's mess with time also. And the rest of the world thought that was a good idea?!? What could possibly go wrong?! (Insert huge eye roll here)

  11. I do the same thing with my bedroom clock for like months into each time change. Changing the car always takes me a week or so. And my car is always about 5 minutes fast on purpose, the clocks in my kitchen more like 10 minutes. This woman in the video is me.

  12. Although, I live in Arizona and we do not observe DAYLIGHT SAVING time, there is no 's' at the end. tada

  13. My watch has been 3 minutes fast for the past three months, so every time someone asks what time it is I can’t say or else someone else with a watch will battle me for “who has the correct time”

  14. Time change sucks. No matter which way it’s going! Can we all just choose ONE time and stay there please?!? PLEASE!!!

  15. Just move to Arizona where we don’t “do” daylight savings! Then you just have to change ALL the times on your DVR…..

  16. I write our elected officials every time we change our clocks to ask if we could stop the madness with changing our clocks twice a year. I say I don't care if its standard time or day light saving time just keep it the same time. STOP CHANGING OF OUR CLOCKS. Every time I do it I get a canned response and a history lesson about day light saving time.

  17. Penn's hair is vibing Billy Joel Armstrong ✌😂😉 awesome parady!!💚 I hope they stop daylights savings time, soon!

  18. we should definitely remove the dst switch, we should just operate in DST all the time, ignore the standard time much of the rest of the world are using.

  19. Kim…….. I DO THE SAME EXACT THING….. I have NEVER met anyone like me….. Oh my God….. I always run late…. So by having my car clock I am running but end up early….. Everyone is like is that time right….. No it is an hour and something….. I love you so

  20. Daylight savings actively hurts people. Hospitals report a 24 percent spike in heart attack. Researchers estimate that car crashes in the US caused by sleepy daylight-saving drivers likely cost 30 extra people their lives. DST also causes more reports of injuries at work, more strokes, and may lead to a temporary bump in suicides at this time of year, too. Daylight savings started to save electricity, but it actually doesn't. It's just another way for the government to exert control over peoples lives. SOURCE: https://www.sciencealert.com/daylight-savings-time-change-kills-people

  21. So.. I'm not alone. I keep my car 20 fast, so I'm always early.. Then it'll be a hour and 20 behind after Sunday. On second thought, I'll just fix it. Smh. 😭

  22. I'm currentky living in a country without DST. Half the year I'm 12 hours ahead of my hometown (and my parents) and the other half it's 13 hours.

  23. Old Indian proverb: Only white man would cut off end of blanket, sew it to other end and tell you it's longer.

  24. ❤️❤️Love!! Always makes me laugh. 🤣😂😆

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