hey everybody if your friend and your
guy and your favorite bloatware gardener so I like memes who doesn’t right memes
are fricking sick so I decided guys let’s do some let’s do some meme video
review meme review stuff because I like memes and you guys seem to like means to
cuz you sent me a whole bunch of I want to thank everyone who sent me make memes
the people on our / Linux memes I don’t typically use reddit but when I do it’s
for mining content let’s get a piss of people off actually I asked for memes on
Twitter and on YouTube community tab and people delivered and then people were
telling me go to our / Linux memes and when I did I found that most of the
stuff that was submitted to me was from our / Linux memes so yea ye so let’s
just jump into into the memes shall we where the heckin’ frick are all the
Linux memes you know what if I told you Linux computers don’t get viruses one
does not simply convince Windows users to switch using bat-logic
installs Linux to avoid viruses gets an STD because Linux users are so
attractive I think we have exhibit a of that being the truth this is like a
combo mean this is like three old memes like three boomer memes sneaking up from
behind and just making a making a combo of I was looking to say 3-way but this
is a family show Linux evangelists wanting people to use Linux normal
people yes I would have to say I’ve experienced that before where I act like
terminator and people are scared anime girls in my presence but I’ll give that
a nine out of ten that’s that’s pretty stupid I love it my actual criteria for
a good meme is how dumb it is I like dumb memes so dumb memes are good memes
Linkin Park nom DXE you call it numb by Linkin Park despite
the fact it’s obviously an exe and yes LimeWire I don’t know why this is a
Linux meme someone sent this to me thank you for sending it to me I didn’t write
down who sent me these memes but people on discord people on Twitter
you guys are rad oh and let me just say thank you to my patrons including the
support of web freak web freak my dude your support is truly appreciated and if
you want to get all the latest content starting I think next week I’m going to
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videos first head over to library lbr wide on TV slash @thelinuxgamer let’s
continue with the memes though trying to remove a 24-pin ATX cable from the
motherboard yeah that’s a struggle we’ve all faced as Linux users right a noob
Linux user versus windows here’s the thing
I really really don’t like comic book movies like I think the only comic book
movie that I actually liked was spider-man into the spider verse because
it was like artistic but most of these like freaking Marvel movies just blow
chunks I do not like Marvel movies or DC movies I don’t like I’m like movies
really I like weird movies like cloud Alice I don’t know these status memes
not really my jam I think there’s like a whole bunch more
to arch wiki gets deleted and all the die-hard hardcore Linux users the sacred
texts yeah that movie sucked too Blizzard Entertainment is an American
video game developer well yes but actually no see this isn’t a Linux meme
a bunch of people sent me like non linux memes but yeah blizzard getting King
goes straight to China by China type a simple command into the console
nah press up key dozens of times until you find the command you’re looking for
yeah that’s that is shockingly accurate actually is that like an actual webcomic
because I would because I would definitely like to read that run CMD we
had a deep-fried classic here Frick Windows 10 all my homies use Linux I mean all my homies use Linux except for
Carl Carl Jose is Linux noob although actually I have been working on a
project with him and it has required him to log into my server and run commands
in the shell and he says he feels like a hacker so that has been a nice feeling
to get him involved in using Linux through SSH which I was actually
pleasantly surprised to find that there’s an integrated SSH client built
into Windows 10 and that was pretty cool so I was like here just login with SSH
here’s your password your username go go bananas and run the run the command line
script that I made for you so you can import data into the database
yeah that’s a lot of fun getting people involved in in Linux in the in the
terminal Louis and having it be fun for someone who is really not even a
computer guy really he’s more of just a nerd in a nerdy way I don’t know what
I’m talking about anymore oh here we go here’s another one when you use Linux
and you haven’t told anyone in five minutes yeah it’s like holding your
breath by the way I’m a narc user by proxy I use me ajar oh that’s such a
dumb meme but if people say it all the time so I guess that’s why it’s still
funny and relevant is it relevant let me know in the comments I have no idea if
that’s even like that’s just a tired meme at this point isn’t it my reaction
when I can’t find the solution to a Linux problem in arch wiki impossible I
don’t know what that guy says Dennis I don’t know he says again would with the
Oh memes not it not a huge fan I don’t know where your PC is but I will find it
and I will Linux it now I am on board with the Liam Neeson memes I can
remember that’s from a movie I’m not a movie guy more of a of a console guy I’d
rather play games or watch YouTube next oh I guess that’s it is that it that’s
not that can’t be it there’s more than 14 oh here we go this one is a good one
I like this one red hat lawful good Debian neutral good Ubuntu chaotic good
clear Linux lawful neutral FreeBSD although all the BS B’s is just neutral
straight-up reactant illumise or chaotic neutral
oracle is lawful evil yes they very much are okay chrome OS is neutral evil and
Android is chaotic evil I would say that that is a as a broad and appropriate
overview of the open-source operating system world at this point that is
pretty good I’ve never heard of illumise I’m gonna look that up it’s based on
open Solaris which was based on system of V release 4 and the berkeley software
distribution illumise comprises a kernel device driver system libraries one was
it originally released 2010 which was 10 years ago Wow ok what are the features
ZFS solaris containers dtrace kernel based virt okay we’ve gone off the rails
here let’s get back to the show linux on family computer this version of windows
looks funny yeah that one doesn’t really do much for me uses Linux just so he
can’t help you with your windows problems originally that’s one of the
things that I liked so much about Linux was that I didn’t have to I’d be like I
don’t I don’t know Windows I but eventually I got a job doing IT and I
had to like know about Windows and how to fix problems with Windows mostly I
needed to know how to hold down the power button until it forcibly shut off
and then restart this thing that’s really how you fix just about
every problem on on on windows and if the problem can’t be solved with the
power button nuke and pave that’s that’s really the only two
solutions there are on Windows it’s pretty pathetic no I will not fix your
computer again use Linux I have a shirt that says this actually I or maybe it’s
a maybe it’s a sweatshirt you know what I’m gonna grab it alright here it is
this is my sweatshirt no I won’t fix your computer again get Linux it’s
almost it’s almost marked down isn’t it asterisks
I love the impact font it’s so cheesy I get that as a Christmas present I’ve had
Arch installed for a week no gain in weight or facial hair can’t say that
that was the case for me when I started using Manjaro I’m saying I’m conflating
Manjaro and Ark literally just to piss off they are choosers out there so if
you’re pissed off hi I know shell script show me alright I saved my favorite one
for last here it is Wow all Linux gamers are actually playing Triple A games and
I’m still here retro gaming dude me too I have like a whole set up over here of
or it’s not set up yet I need I need like a stand for my TV but once I get
the stand for my TV I have a whole retro gaming setup I have like just about
every retro gaming console and it’s gonna be rad when it’s done but it’s not
done yet retro gaming is awesome it’s like my
favorite way to game I’m not a huge fan of a bunch of modern games I like the
indie games and the old-school Triple A games but everything else is kind of
crap halo original halo halo – that’s retro gaming at this point which blows
my mind alright guys well that’s gonna do it for this video if you believe in
the work that I do you can support this show on patreon you can hit that like
button hit that subscribe button it really helps to show at but that’s gonna
do it thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you
next time


    It's pronounced system 5. The V is 5, get it ? A Unix standard/flavour like BSD. Haha (I guess I am showing my age now. I used AIX, HPUX IBMs with whatever flavour they ran. Irix (SGI) and Solaris (Sunos) back in the day. My OS history is reasonably in tact.

    Sorry, but I had to laugh, but your videos are always entertaining 🙂

  2. When I speak the truth about Windows,
    they call me '' Linux Fanboy ''…
    Winboys do NOT like to hear about the truth…

  3. I installed linux (kubuntu) on my family's computer and no one is complaining, because everything is so much faster. (Its a old all in one so the bloated mess of windows 10 doesn't run well)

  4. Any suggestions for someone who daily drives Linux with dwm at my current job, who will be starting a new job in a Microsoft development environment?

  5. Not really a meme, but after many MANY years, today I played xbill, which if you don't know what it is you need to look it up (yes, it's that old).
    And if you know it, play it for nostalgia.


  6. The Terminator meme is funny: the moment I tell Windows victims I use Manjaro and get a bit eloquent (read: chatty and evangelical), they look at me like I'm some kind of "hacker".😉

  7. I think the reason why Arch users say "I use Arch BTW" is probably due to how hard it is to set it up your first time.
    By the time the user has finally installed Arch properly and consistently, they'll probably be overjoyed by this "Amazing" feat they have done that they will exclaim it to everyone.

    I would know. I'm installing Arch BTW.

  8. I am giving this one a thumbs up just for the "Cloud Atlas" reference ;o) Our OpenRA on your live stream game night was fun ;o)

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