100 Replies to “Demolition Fails (Deadly and dramatic)”

  1. The pancake theory is always used to explain the World Trade Center towers falling so completely. Why don't all buildings collapse in their own footprint when floors are taken out ?

  2. Hate to break it to you but 0:53 is animated, since it never showed in the history books for causing a car explosion.

  3. Wow, that's really cool!  Of course, these guys are going to a lot of unnecessary work here.  Today, we know that a small amount of jet fuel, randomly placed, does the job at a fraction of the cost; concrete pulverizes and steel is reduced to silly putty; no need to use shape charges, electronics or engineers. The entire demolition industry is suffering from "do it yourselfers" employing the methods used on 911.

  4. Anyone know where the building at 1:00 was located? What about the building that rolled upside down at 2:08? Someone please tell me!

  5. Why would you ever try and do this without explosives? Yeah, demolish a building by smashing it while being right under it…real smart

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  7. Wanna know the best way to demo a house real quick?
    Just build a railroad right in front of your house and have a train barrel right into it.

  8. The 4th clip, if real, was in the shadow of the World Trade Center just a few months before 9-11. Talk about a harbinger of things to come.

  9. Some of those are really funny. There was a building in Calexico CA about 35 or 40 years ago that was deemed to dangerous to be left standing after an earthquake and so the demo people put in their explosives and set them off and the bottom floor disintegrated and the rest just sat there after dropping 15 feet or so.


  11. These fucking idiots who think that tapping out some last supporting beam? And the structure is going to do what? Fall the other direction. Eye roll.

  12. Oh my word I'm laughing my ass off with the chimney those morons were pulling instead of pushing. LOL . I do hope they were okay and a little bit smarter afterwards

  13. Well….the buildings that didn't implode correctly….we are safe from those company employees becoming effective terrorists…lol. Can you imagine how bad they are in the bedroom…lol. A climatic situation turns into a dud…lol

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