Deon Cole: Cole Hearted | Official Trailer | Netflix

See, some of y’all got stuck
in relationships. You marry on a level you
should have been passing in life. What you should’ve done
was told him: “Boy, you are amazing… but I’ll be back.” And then go through
the rest of these levels. Yo, I wrote some jokes down,
see if they work or not. Is Arby’s… actually another way
of saying RB, which is short for roast beef? I apologize for fucking y’all up
on that right there. I’ll take that off as well. Yes, he will! I love 90s R&B music,
that’s my shit. They had this one song,
the lyrics went “I give you the sun,
the rain, the moon, the stars, and the mountains.” Shit! Ain’t nobody writing songs
like that no more. These young dudes nowadays, they like,
“I give you this dick.”

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    Ps j'aimerais avoir les 1k abonnements hésiter pas a aller regarder ma chaîne

  3. I don’t believe he’s still doing that note taking joke. I remember seeing him tell that on ComicView back in the day.

  4. That’s crazy how far he came lol I remember I first saw him in 2008 on Martin Lawrence stand up he still doing that notepad thing that shit be funny but very good idea tbh

  5. Great job Deon wit ur fine self😋💋💖
    That S-L-A-P phrase from ur gay cousin definitely gonna be used😂🤣
    I agree with u on that level thing, I'm on my next level after 25 years… 💯
    Want he do it 🛐 ✝ 🌷

  6. I'm watching this right now, going by minute 35 and it turned into a sermon against social media and shit.. (eye roll). If you are asking people to be themselves than stop criticizing them so much maybe they are being themselves.

  7. This was one of the funniest Netflix specials. Deon Cole was amazing, I laughed uncontrollably throughout the whole show. Ive been watching his work since B.E.T comic view and Im much more of a fan now. And when did this man become so fiineee😍😍. Heeyyy professor!!👋🏿 …love from a big girl😏

  8. It's about time dude came out the closet….ijs, it's obvious, he ain't really fooling nobody🤦🏾‍♂️

  9. Just watched that. Absolutely fuckin' hilarious! The bit about that guy trying to talk his old lady into bringing another bitch into picture, to "chip in" , killed me😂

  10. That part about "being honest with yourself" is awesome. Ppl need to STOP wasting their lives with someone who isnt going anywhere. Know you deserve better. Some of you have only 25 summers are you gonna spend it being miserable?

  11. Man I watch his special last night on Netflix he is so funny… Deon Cole just jumped up number 1.. Dave Chappelle is number 2

  12. …Ouch, that shit is hot!
    I swear I could smell his aftershave from Sydney Australia!! I'm hooked!
    "Mummy…I want a Dion Cole "

  13. Does anybody know the opening Funk Disco music from this stand up special? I loved that music!

    That was a very good comedy special by the way.

  14. His comedy was HILARIOUS as hell!! The ❤ urself part & being honest was on point!! U only live once, so live ur LIFE!! 😚 stay blessed 💙

  15. Yo this shit was FUNNY AF!!! I’ve always liked Deon Cole way back from the Comic View days, but even I was expecting the special to be as funny as it was. There were parts that legit had my stomach hurtin.

  16. Seen this 3x now and I still crack up at certain jokes like its first time hearing it. Usually not a fan of his but he was actually really funny on this!

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