DICK CHENEY SATIRE – Harry Shearer: Politics

He was the soul of loyalty. Wouldn’t look at a drink. Now, it’s the reward of royalty,
Scooter’s skating past the clink. He was my personal
Dick Cheney, more secret than you’d think. Mm, how brawny was his
brainy, Scooter’s scooting by the clink. Scooter’s sliding
by the clink. Irvin’s hoofing by
the hoosegow, parading past the pokey. Libby almost ended
up like Liddy– moral clarity, almost jokey. No cooler for the Scooter
thanks to him whom he’d anoint. Oh, he’s still free
to bend over. Scooter’s rescued
from the joint. Scooter’s rescued
from the joint. He was the poobah
of discretion. His pee wouldn’t make a plink. Going to make his best
impression as he walks straight by the clink. He was an agent’s outer just
tasked to make a stink. He was a rumor’s router,
but he won’t be leaking in the clink. No leaking in the clink. Irvin could have ended
up a rapper, trousers getting looser. Surveilled within the crapper,
maybe even going poo, sir. No cooler for the Scooter– the fall guy didn’t
disappoint. But thank god we were
there to catch him. Scooter’s sliding
by the joint. Scooter’s skating
past the joint. Scooter’s rescued
from the joint.

9 Replies to “DICK CHENEY SATIRE – Harry Shearer: Politics”

  1. this is retardedly good. i didnt know dick cheney had any abilities besides his scowl from hell and talking about pointless things and denying everything.

  2. What does it say that a song this politically salient with Shearer in incredible guise singing about outing Valerie Plame doesn't even have 10K hits on Youtube??? The album was nominated for Best Comedy Album that year, Flight of the Conchords won instead, kind of like Olivia Newton John taking the Grammy from Joni Mitchell, but that's another matter. I see there hasn't been a comment for 11 years!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? Well, I'm playing this song on my radio show tonight, followed by Valerie Plame by The Decemberists. I've never forgotten Shearer pulling off this costume, the mannerisms, the sweet jazz arrangement or the politically salient subject matter.

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