Director Garret Storms talks about DEER

There is a psychological break that happens that we witness in the show that is sort of absurd and it’s odd and strange and whimsical and funny and kind of charming but also off-putting. You know when someone’s like going crazy on like a Thursday because they’re just too busy at work or whatever, and you laugh at them because they don’t know where they left their coffee, you know, and you’re like “calm down”. This is THAT on a bigger scale. And what happens when you not being able to find your coffee means that you’re going to burn this building down but for real because you’ve had enough, and the jump from that to THAT, I think is where the comedy lies in this. And the reason I think it is black comedy is because we are seeing that in the news every day. This deer is a metaphor – although it is a literal deer in the play – it is obviously a symbol for these people’s marriage and their relationship and what goes into saving something or putting something out of this misery. And how are those two things the same and how are they different and which one of those choices makes you the better person.

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