Discovering KOREAN DRAMA

so uh so I discovered this thing called Korean drama if you don’t know what Korean dramas are they’re kind of like American TV shows but a hundred times better since I’ve made this discovery I’ve been sleeping um not at all really I can’t sleep okay just one more episode to be honest I never really paid attention to these Asian drama TV shows every time my friends told me about these Korean dramas my reaction would be like hey you should watch Korean dramas watch Korean dramas that is so Asian of you to do all right you say that right now but trust me once you go in that there is no returning back you’ll become addicted and it will suck your soul this is so asian of you to say but then I got curious and that’s when I learned that even my brown black and white friends are watching them so the only question that popped into my head was how come everyone understands Korean but me and that’s when I discovered a revolutionary technology that’s known to only the wealthiest of the wealthy is called subtitles see my parents always tell me Geoffrey you being with your computer for three hours educate yourself you should read more yeah and now I can by just watching these asian dramas most of the time they’re subtitles are pretty accurate I a lot like you you are the beautiful the more special earth behind that is the most beautiful cup of it I’ve ever sleep there may be some mistakes from time to time though anyways one of the reason I got addicted to these asian dramas is that they make you fall in love with the characters so easily and then they make them suffer and die kinda you have betrayed my family therefore I have no choice but to kill you I’m innocent but if this is gonna say Sookie’s life then kill me I’m sorry watch oh no I’m sorry Sookie he was innocent I got the papers here to prove it what it was your father who betrayed you what did you say ha I’m alive wait what was that pant doing in your jacket oh I was cooking earlier and I saw it was a pretty good pan so I stole it wait I should have known make sure yours never died in dramas oh yeah true I forgot I’ve shiny dad I was just acting fake tears you were nice that was pretty good oh thanks you’re free to get active too so then where’s the camera oh there it is hi mom hi dad I forget they’re just TV show sometimes also it’s not like they make you watch only one episode no there’s like a million and they make you continue watching because every ending of each episode always ends with the most suspenseful crazy moment Sookie I can’t do without you Punk you my cool to see two people with relationship goals about the kiss but gets stop now stop actually gets paused while there are two centimetres from each others face that is cruel they do it on purpose and it’s like the TV shows laughing at me hahahahaha no we were gonna kiss haha we might but you have to watch the other episode Oh losers Eddy also most of these characters have awful and perfect yet realistic life that sometimes I legitimately want to become them but I think I take it too far sometimes though I was an orphan at the age of 8 my dad was killed in front of me by the same assassins that killed my mom I will house I rivet can you help me to take the trash out ma gonna be home soon from work wait didn’t you say he ah dad you’re alive ma – come on I don’t have all day yeah a little tiny bit too far do you guys also easily get addicted to these TV shows once you start them please tell me in the comments I know I’m not the only one anyways I’m off to watch some more Korean dramas I’ll see you next time this is Jeffrey fever and I’m pressing the record button now peace oh what’s this Taiwanese and japanese dramas huh let’s see Hey Oh

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  2. Hi brother i totally agree with you!!! This is like so god damn true and trust me its not just u alone😂😂😂 md ny the way Taiwanese Chinese thai nd turkey shows too rockkkk 😎😎😎

  3. First drama 2 weeks back – legend of the blue sea and I'm obsessed! I've been searching a watching new dramas every 5 days..

  4. Descendants of the Sun is almost like watching a dynamic full screen movie 😎 Goblin has many beautiful thoughts and the soundtrack is amazing! Koreans are incredible writers 🌹 Sometimes you'd even have a favorite actor, like Park Bo Gum or Lee Joong Ki 😘

  5. I have a Korean drama recommendation it's called Legend Of The Blue Sea I won't spoil it but still watch it

  6. Hey jeffery, where do you watch your dramas on, because I've been watching them on YouTube and we'll 😢 sometimes they don't have all the episodes or even worse they don't have subtitles 😭 please help!!!

  7. so damn true.. your each and every line , I can so correlate with them… getting addicted, sleeping at 5 in the morning and everything… loved your reaction…

  8. I'm doing research on subs of Korean Dramas. Can anyone give me links of video or screenshots of poorly translated subs please?

  9. Why is it the best looking asians aren't american? They are either canadian, Australian, british or from continental asia? What is it about america that produces unattractive asians?!

  10. I’m currently rewatching Falling For Innocence/Beating Again for the 2nd time. I’m a sucker for the main-characters-dislike-each-other-at-first-but-then-they-fall-in-love plot. It’s so good that my Mexican mom forgo the Mexican telenovelas for awhile and watches 2 episodes of this K Drama every day! It’s seriously addicting!

  11. Jeffrey!! The "one more episode" syndrome only gets worse!! You've been warned😂🤣😂🤣
    There might also come a time when you skip certain scenes because you know exactly what's going to happen😂😂

  12. Better than American shows!!! Damnnn i also can't sleep 😂😂😭 this is soooooo meeee😂💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  13. yessss yesss Yesss…. They are so addictive……. I finish one season in like 1 day….
    My most favorite and also the first Korean drama I've ever watched is BIYS OVER FLOWERS.. This drama is lit!! You should really check this out

  14. Yes lol 😂 read more, I read subtitles from shows or films. I'm going to use that as a point when my parents tell me I don't read.

  15. hai jeffrey,me too addicted to korean dramas😆😆,but now i discovered how addicted i'am with china drama called ten miles of peach blossom,you must try to watch,its really good and addicting!!!!(omg neverrrr tought i will like china drama before)

  16. When i first started watching Korean dramas in 2005 i thought protagonists didn't die but then i watched a stairway to heaven and this other drama where the main character developed cancer and died 😮 i was not prepared for this at all…

  17. Yeah me too..I love to watch korean drama, especially if the actoractrees Is pretty famous…or if the actoractrees had ever played in other drama.

  18. OMG I know korean dramAS ! AND THATS ME NOT SLEEPING GOD! BTW i speak urdu .-. not korean and I LOVE BTS A KOREAN BAND! Check it out also check out school 2015 good luck. Ofcourse i did get edicted to them ;-;

  19. This korean dramas can be so addicted! Ahh im to addicted n one to be as good looking n cool as the characters and i make comparison to my life! And it got me depressed all thr time.. Everyday i think sad! Why? Ufff

  20. I highly suggest that you learn more languages, useing the app " memrise" I use it to learn Korean and Japanese so far, up next! Mandarin and Cantonese! The order in which the sentences are said are S.O.V. ( SUBJECT, OBJECT, VERB ) sentences, keep that in mind when learning languages from aisa. :3! :D!

  21. My favorite k drama is Scarlet heart :Ryeo ,,I cried so much like I lost a family member or something…. what's you guys' favourite?

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